Hedgie iPad Wall Mount

Presenting the market’s No1 iPad wall mount from Hedgie, and a solution for any other tablet wall mount. The incredible Hedgie iPad wall mount can solve your mounting solutions in an instance. Use on almost any clean surface from ceilings and walls to glass, tiles, wood, plastic and metal. The Hedgie iPad wall mount requires no tools to set up, no screws, brackets, nails or banging and is based on a patented hook and loop self adhesive which when in place stays in place until the two piece are pulled apart firmly.

No need to sell your iPads or iPhones anymore, proudly display your Apple affection in every room, this Hedgie wall mount will safely stick iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPad 3 to almost any clean surface. Have one in every room, fix the Hedgie mount to the fridge, opposite the toilet for those really long sittings, the ceiling above your child’s bunk bed, the back of the shed door, on a kitchen unit for recipes and cooking, also perfect as an iPad dashboard mount. This little hedgehog is taking care of your iPad securely and safely using amazing self adhesive technology that withstands shakes, topples and other movements.

There’s no need to hedge your bets when wishing to secure your iPad with this easy to use Hedgie wall mount, we have the perfect mounting solution for your ever increasing collection of iPads and other pc tablets. It’s claimed to be the most practical tablet pc wall mount on the market and with the Hedgie wall mounting solution, that’s probably close to the truth.

The Hedgie wall mount includes three self adhesive easy to fix mounts, one Hedgie mount for your device, an iPad or other tablet pc and two other Hedgie wall mounts which your can place almost anywhere you find necessary.

For dad when he’s on the toilet (Hedgie doesn’t include air freshener), for Dad when he’s in the kitchen cooking and for mum when she has her feet up in the conservatory, demount, mount, demount, mount, demount, mount, the Hedgie wall mounts are addictive, move from room to room, buy several Hedgie wall mounts and drive the family crazy, before you know it you’ll be inventing new rooms and places to mount your iPad and with the Hedgie iPad wall mounting solution you’ll be going Hedgehog crazy.

This wall mount is extra special, not bulky but thin so will still enable you to fit your iPad in cases, when fixed to your iPad, a hole in the middle allows for the signature Apple logo to be centre-piece and the Hedgie wall mount is round also, enabling iPad to become art, landscape, portrait and 45 degree slants are all possible.

The Hedgie wall mount is new, it’s exciting but most importantly it does the job simply and easily, create an Hedgie home and make your iPad viewing more healthy, no more crouching over your lap, let the strain of your hands, back and neck relax with these brand spanking wicked Hedgie wallmounts for any tablet pc.

*To remove Hedgie, heat surface and peel, it’s probably not advisable to place on Dad’s bottom or a friends bald head but hey we’re not the fun police! The Hedgie wall mount for iPad or any other table pc, is available here and with fast next day delivery.