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Coronavirus / Covid19 Lockdown Notice

At Squillions we are currently putting together a list of retailers that are still open for business. You may also notice a few on topic articles suggesting which retailers could help you best pass the time. i.e. in the garden, start talking to people online on dating sites so you’re not lonely. Watch streaming services and play online games or rent video games. Even study online and start a new career after. Pet shops are still allowed to be open. Stay safe, stay home, it’s not easy for anybody. Let’s get through this.


Squillions of gifts available to present to friends and family. Whether it is Christmas or a Birthday we just loving giving people something that will brighten up their day. While here at Squillions we really love the expensive prezzies, glamorous crystal and ornaments, fantastic experience days in racing cars, there is the cheap yet grateful way to personalise on occasion too. Find new gift ideas.

Top Ten

There is something deeply disturbing about people who browse the most expensive sections of a shop online. Knowing full well you’d need a small mortgage to buy a top of the range bicycle or a dream of that getaway in a Caribbean villa that is a snip about 85k a week. Browse the top ten most expensive of everything with Squillions and dream that you had a squillion too.


There ain’t no Del Boy knock offs in this section Geezer. Proper merchandise direct from the manufacturers. A £20,000 Rolex, no problem. A £50,000 diamond ring… yes mate I’ll have two. A £99 charm bracelet, sure I’ll have one of each. Jewellery is as personal an item you can buy. Whether you’re loaded or lagging, get an eye full of the jewels, gems and precious metals and invest your millions, billions and squillions.


Are you a catwalk King or Queen? A bit of a fashion diva? Wearing red when you should be in black darling? Oh you terrorist you! At Squillions we love fashion that is useful and affordable but show us an handbag costing £4000, a pair of ones and twos that rock in at a phenomenal £1200 or branded sportswear that takes the sweat away from all this hot clothing property. It’s fashion, it expensive and it is here at Squillions, so get your wallet out… please.


What a quirky little magazine Squillions is eh? Confused!?! Well yes, we love writing about expensive stuff and I mean the unattainable for the majority. Shouting about diamond jewellery, luxury goods and screaming haute couture fashion. But we are dangerous and extreme and like both ends of the spectrum. Getting cheap and nasty with our retail partners, getting down and dirty with the discount codes and vouchers delivering savings that you deserve!! After all, you worked all week, right? Save Squillions, spend Squillions or vice versa.

Squillions - The Magazine With Voucher Codes Built In

Squillions loves to tell you about expensive and cheap stuff all at the same time. We work with 3000 online shops with well over 100,000 shopping voucher codes and offers on products and services including no deposit bingo. Search by brand and retailer in our directory in the menu above or simply enter a keyword such as retailer, product, brand or category in the search box. We have assembled popular search results in the drop down menu above to make this easier for you.

For example: Chocolates and Watches for presents, Hotels or Leaflets for business. Or find the latest voucher codes. Our discount codes are updated more than once a day. In search you can find hundreds of articles related to the products and coupon code offers you are seeking. Such as Broadband offers or furniture. Click above for a list of retailers or brands and side for categorised live promo codes. Now you can read about products and destinations and find a voucher without ever leaving.


Travelling the world is one of the easiest past times, what with short breaks and jaunts to the European mainland. That doesn’t mean we should forgo the luxuries of life though. Delve into a world of holiday destinations whose hotels, apartments and villas put service and comfort at the forefront. Save money and spend Squillions on a villa holiday of a lifetime or enjoy one night in that lavish Penthouse Suite, Mr President.

New Retailers

Your favourite retailers love us writing about them, so much so that their competitors get extremely jealous and wish to join in. This is where you will find the latest additions to the Squillions Family. From trainers to garden sheds, holidays, meals delivered and gifts, with discounts or just the stinking rich, stupidly expensive products you love looking at but can never have. As you await the inevitable 99% off discount codes and vouchers.