1.50 Carat G/VS1 Platinum Diamond Pendant Necklace

How’s your four C’s fairing on the turbulent seas of the search for that perfect 1.50 carat G VS1 platinum diamond pendant necklace? It’s not an easy task is it? Seeking out a rewarding jewel in the crown which will hang around your loved one’s neck just as you have around her feet since you got married. Alas, we merry men are here to please and present a smile whenever possible and jewellery is the quickest way to do that… until next time.

Of course you don’t need an excuse, apology or an occasion to gift your girlfriend or wife this luscious 1.50 carat G VS1 platinum diamond pendant necklace. The art of giving is doing so when there is no event to herald at all but sheer happiness and love that you’re together and will be the day after next to share the joys of birthdays and christmas.

Depending on your family values and those of the woman in your life. You may not need to lash out on something as lavish as this £11,650 platinum diamond pendant necklace but it is a real beauty. The secret is that compared to others on the market there’s some great savings to be made when you purchase this elegant piece of diamond jewellery.


Sitting on a four prong setting, this 1.50 carat diamond in a platinum diamond pendant necklace is the epitome of desire. Dangle this on an evening night out and eyes will turn that’s a surety. I asked you earlier how your journey with the four C’s was going. This stands for clarity, colour, carat weight and cut.

The diamond in this platinum diamond pendant necklace has an ideal cut which declares it as a diamond of the finest quality. It has been painstakingly cut to exact proportions, has ideal symmetry and polished longer, faster and harder than your best pair of shoes.

The colour of the diamond is classed as G. Though notably lower than, D, E and F. G simply represents that the diamond itself has no discernible colour to anyone who views it unless they’re a professional diamond trader.

The carat weight is where the value comes into play and with that understood, next up is the clarity. At VS1, it is a very good clarity grade with no visible blemishes to the unaided eye, however it does have inclusions at a microscopic level but when set on the prong on this platinum diamond pendant necklace no passer by will ever be the wiser.


The chain that the 1.50 carat platinum diamond pendant will hang from is available in 16 inches / 41 cms and 18 inches / 46.5 cms with the pendant itself being made from platinum. The setting height is 12.2mm and collet depth is 6.4mm, with collet diameter at 6.1mm. There is of course a variety of options with this retailer.

Any of the earrings, necklaces or wedding rings and any of the diamonds within them can be changed or swapped around simply by navigating to the create your own part of the website. There is also a bespoke service so should you need a similar item which is cheaper or more expensive then just ask and your wish is their command.

In respect to this 1.50 carat G VS1 platinum diamond pendant necklace. It is a beautifully hand crafted piece of contemporary jewellery with the pendant sat at a fabulous angle to show off the many facets of the 1.50 carat diamond.


I did suggest earlier that this magnificent piece of diamond jewellery set on a platinum pendant was extra special as it represented a saving alongside other similar pendants on the market. While others may still have a 1.5 carat G VS1 diamond set within, the difference is that Vashi cut out all the middle men.

Bye bye diamond trader, wholesaler and high street retailer. Hello Vashi with their £19,836 saving on this 1.50 carat G VS1 platinum diamond pendant necklace which you can with money off at Diamond Heaven voucher codes.