1 Carat D VVS1 18k Yellow Gold Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Do you know your carats from your carrots? Both allow you to see in the dark but with one you need a torch too. Have some humour, you wish to get married after all! But how do you pull off that all mighty proposal and where do you begin in your search for that all important 18k diamond engagement ring?

Well for most of us, it comes down to the size of our pocket and how much we take home on a monthly basis. Taking a mortgage out on a marriage proposal is probably best not advised. The majority of us wish to not be cheap but at the same time, we would love to save Squillions.

When you buy into these rings you can actually do both. “How can I buy a cheap diamond engagement ring without being cheap?” I hear you ask. It’s simple, you avoid the high street shops and go direct to the diamond trader or as near as is possible to do so.

Which is where this 1 carat D VVS1 diamond engagement ring comes into play. Now I know what most men and women are thinking when it comes to buying the ring, the cost. However you know your woman or man better than anyone else. If you’ve managed to settle for one who wants you to spend a million with just a quid in the bank then I’ll probably have to direct your attention elsewhere.

However if you’ve got a gal who knows what love is, then she will be ecstatic to hear that you managed to find a 1 carat VVS1 18k yellow gold diamond engagement ring which offered a saving against high street retailers of almost £15,000. “How much?” It’s true. A saving of up to fifteen grand. All because the costs of the chain of sale have been narrowed as much as possible.

Take a look at the images above and below and tell me they’re not wonderful pieces of metal crafting. This 1 carat VVS1 18k yellow gold diamond engagement ring retails at around £6000. Similar 18k yellow gold engagement rings on the high street sell for approximately £21,000.

Now I know you’re not unwise to the offering, you’ve been seeking out a 1 carat VVS1 pear cut diamond engagement ring for a while. The difference between this ring and the aforementioned higher priced jewellery piece is two fold.

Firstly, the online retailer deals directly with the traders and has no high street or staffing costs to add, secondly, yes the rings are possibly a little thinner and less crafted. As with any purchase it’s about personal choice. You do need to consider the shoulder, shank, prong and setting when buying into a diamond engagement ring.

The ring isn’t the only part to cast your eyes over. As an example this particular 18k Yellow Gold diamond engagement ring has more that you should scrutinise. The cut, the clarity, colour, carat (the four c’s) and the shape. As the title of the page suggests, for £6k you will be rewarded with a 1 carat D VVS1 18k Yellow Gold pear cut diamond engagement ring.

Starting with the top and the diamond itself. Worth: this is a 1 carat diamond. Its colour is designated D, the best class of diamond colour – there is no, A, B or C in the GIA grading system. The 1 carat diamond is of VVS1 clarity, this indicates that it is Very Very Slightly Included, but to the naked eye that is very indiscernible.

You could opt for a 0.90 carat diamond which would bring the cost down by about 30% and also choose a slightly included diamond which would bring down the spend even further. However take note, that because you are already buying almost directly with a diamond trader, you are already saving yourself nearly £15,000 in comparison to others on the market when buying this 1 carat D VVS1 diamond engagement ring.

In all respects the Vashi 1 carat VVS1 pear cut diamond engagement ring in 18k yellow gold represents a tremendous saving while at the same time offering a top quality hand crafted product. But then I would say that. Yet the reviews and customer feedback and their growing reputation for being quality diamond ring manufactures tell that story well in advance of my nod in their direction.

The 1 carat VVS1 diamond with a clarity of D  is of pear cut placed in a bevel setting and fixed by six prongs not much higher than the shoulder itself and has an embedded mounting. Which is good if you will be wearing it often. If a pear cut is not to your suiting, you can actually choose your on engagement ring if Asscher, Marquise or a Princess cut is more to your liking but different cuts do have different values.

Buying a 1 carat VVS1 diamond engagement ring of this stature with an approximate saving of £15,000 is not the only good decision you would be making. It is stylish and the pear cut gives it that much more sparkle with 58 facets bouncing around the light. Thanks also to the bezel setting, the numerous lower facets can also be viewed.

Do you think your betrothed will like the 1 carat VVS1 diamond engagement ring? To be honest with you, it’s a difficult decision. If this style or pricing or even the ring itself is not suitable, you can still choose from a vast range of settings, diamonds and rings. Either way, find out more about this 1 carat D VVS1 18k yellow gold pear cut diamond engagement ring here. Why not seek out some of the latest Diamond Heaven offers for additional savings.