10 Things To Do During Coronavirus Lockdown

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Creative Quarantine During The Coronavirus Lockdown

What are the many things to do during a Coronovirus Lockdown? Panic? Nah, sit down bruv you’re embarrassing yourself. COVID19 London. It should have been a film but instead reality has us house bound, billions of people restricted to their own land or flat for an unknown amount of time. From Hartlepool to Dunfermline, Ireland to Australia to New York. Moscow is locking it all down now too. Hundreds of millions of people having their movement restricted to essential journeys only. Britney Spears is releasing a new song, ‘Quarantine baby, one more time.’ For £69 you could have previously partaken in a Zombie Lockdown and helped deliver a new quarantine area but right now it’s free to do in your own town and city.

The Purge, Dustin Hoffman’s Outbreak, 1984 and Assault on Precinct 13 (1976), all these scenarios with lockdowns, curfews, police watching your every move via CCTV, drone and masked up bobby. The world saw what was happening in Wuhan, China in January 2020. Some laughed, a minority took it seriously and began to prepare. While preppers would have their stocks ready, others more calmly started buying a few more essentials than they actually needed each week. Because they know some people will panic and buy much more food and toilet roll than necessary a few weeks later.

Divorce Online After Coronovirus Lockdown Quarantine

During A Coronavirus Lockdown You Really Find Out About Your Partner. Divorce Online.

It’s Coronovirus Lockdown Time – Can I Have A Pee Please Bob?

First the question has to be asked, why would you do anything different during Lockdown that you wouldn’t normally at the weekend or in the evenings after you settle down after work? Until you have been in a lockdown situation you don’t know how boring it can get. How important it is to have some sort of plan, a regime (not a dictatorship, a schedule). Long hours with the same person or alone gets difficult. It’s been reported that divorce online sky rocketed in Wuhan after their CoVID19 lockdown was relaxed. You need to spruce it up a little with new and exciting things to do during a Coronovirus lockdown that you perhaps haven’t done for years or ever before.

This week I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of seeing Madonna sitting naked in a bath being darkly poetic, watched a dozen supposedly famous people sing a Beatles song and witnessed several communities around the world believing they are the first to sing from their balconies in harmony. Clearly mental health problems are going to arise if you don’t sit down and talk to yourself about how you’re going to handle the brown stuff that is about to hit Greta Thunberg’s wind turbine.

China, Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK, America, France, Romania, Germany, almost every country and region is getting hit with the Coronavirus quarantine lockdown, what we want to to know… is there a fantastic new alcoholic drink that hasn’t been tasted before? Is it possible to get disinterested in sex after six weeks with the same person continually 24 hours a day and will you ever have the guts to go on a Cruise Holiday ever again? Oh, what if we can only ever leave the house again in hazmat suits, will we be able to order pretty patterns like we can with a onsey?

Cooking During Coronovirus Lockdown SpiceNtice Quarantine

It’s Not Quite The End Of The World If You Can Still Cook A Banquet.

Cook: The Covid19 Lockdown Cooking Conquest – Masterchefs Watch Out!

For most people of working age, stuck in the metropolitan cities of London, Birmingham and Manchester, cooking is something someone else does to provide your hungry stomach with food. If you’re lucky you still have a gas or electric cooker in your home and not just a microwave in your 3 metre square flat in Holborn that cost you £950,000. Have you drawn a new window on your wall? Talking of appliances, did you know in the mad rush to buy food that would last six months, freezer unit sales increased 50 fold the week during the raid on supermarkets. Nutters. Run out of eggs? The UK exports them darling!

Cooking, however you do it, on a Trangia in the garden, in an open fire pit or chiminea, on a barbecue you bought before B&Q shut its doors or the traditional way, naked in the kitchen scolding your willy as you’re not quite used to the dangling when you take the pan out of the oven. Coronavirus Lockdown 2020, it’s time to live a little – we may not have much time left. Go wash your hands twenty times, tell your missus it’s something french and long. Everyone can cook these days, either you watch on YouTube to some clever sausage or get these fresh ingredients delivered with recipe card from SpiceNtice.

Food: There’s plenty in the shop but you need not live it up like a Lord. Remember and read the last section, this isn’t a Zombie lockdown, a nuclear war lockdown, an alien invasion lockdown neither have the cartoon characters escaped Toontown with Jessica Rabbit invading our reality. Unfortunately, phwoar what a sort! This is a ten things to do during Coronavirus Lockdown. More than ten things. Imagine how many restaurant staff who are not allowed to work, are busy rustling something up for their partners and loved ones. I must get me one of them for the next quarantine period in around the year 2119.

On A Boat In The Middle Of The Ocean With No Crew Might Be The Safest Option.

Games: While Coronavirus Plays Hide And Seek Azazel Style

No matter which decade you grew up in, there must have been at least one absurdly memorable occasion where the family or friends turned to Boardgames or cards for fun. Yahtzee, Monopoly, perhaps a game of Chess. What’s you Poker face like in the candle light, I bet every time you bluff you silently sigh, you’ve done it for years but now they only noticed because the candle light flickers. Mate you’re done, go back to Go Fish!

In the age of home entertainment and the Internet it may feel a little 1980s to order a boardgame online. Though the Post Office is busier than ever trying to clear packages, your new game will arrive this week and even if it only lasts the Coronavirus Lockdown it will have been money well spent. Have you ever played a computer game non stop all day long? Hands up, there’s more of you. Sid Meyer’s Civilization has kept people fixated to their computer screens for 15 hours or more. Rent a video game with free delivery as part of an initial free subscription and it will be July 2020 before you know it. Or play World Of Warships in an instant.

There’s an old fashioned game Humans and other species have been playing since the dawn of time. How’s your Father? No I’m not asking if he is well, I mean have some how’s your father! Have a lot of sex, Let’s do it, do it, do it, (Cole Porter, 1928) as Victoria Wood would have declared had she been Prime Minister of the UK as the out break got underway.

Unless you’re Catholic and seeking to raise a new island of Ireland, one would suggest adult toys and condoms to keep the nuclear deterrent at bay. If you’re a bit of Freda and Barry, lock yourself in the wardrobe, jump in the bath, climb the tree in the garden – just don’t go over the fence or the old bill will nick you for canoodling on the next door neighbour’s cabbage patch… kids – oh that’s how they were made!

10 Things To Do During Coronovirus Lockdown Containment Sheds

A Self Containment Coronavirus Shed From Garden Buildings Direct.

Do It Yourself – Well You Have To In A Coronavirus Lockdown

B&Q may well have shut its door like most business premises, to protect their staff from being infected from the disease but most online shops are still available to home deliver. Although more and more are shutting down. The basic understanding of the lockdown pattern is two weeks after first deaths, a further four to six weeks of a quarantine and staying at home, stage 3 / 4, with another 12 week cool down. Sporadic Coronavirus lockdown in certain regions where necessary. In short, you may have six to twelve weeks where you are stuck at home either inbetween work or full time.

This leaves plenty of opportunity to not nag but politely point out to your other half that a few things around the house need fixing, updating, upgrading and the garden could use a refresh too. Maybe some weeding, a new spa, pond and shed. How’s about a Coronavirus Crazy paving project, go slightly mad in your own garden and have proof for years to come. One of the largest UK DIY superstores is still open to dispatch packages of seeds, tools and garden furniture to your door. Well not exactly to you, to your door and then they run away fast. There is now no excuse not to get some DIY and gardening done, if there is please email as I would like to try it.

Things To Do During Coronavirus Lockdown Study Protect BusinessNot Another Virus: Protect Business From Cyber Attack – Staff Training Online With ITGovernance.

Study A New Career During Coronavirus Lockdown – Protect Your Business 

Leaving school at the age of sixteen as I did was an adventure, if in hindsight a little bit daft. While there are parents and children reading this, having been under a Coronavirus Lockdown for 16 weeks and counting, watching the tumbleweeds roll past outside after completing the Squillions ten things to do during a Coronavirus lockdown in the first seven days. You have now realised that home tutoring is not a bad idea, and it’s something parents / adults can actually benefit from also.

So called distance learning has been picking up apace for several years, online learning with the correct guidance and with the best grade possible could change your career path after Covid19 sees the local Town Crier walk outside, ring his bell and declare all is well. Would you like to teach? Be an engineer? Open a barber shop or become the next IT entrepreneur. Anything is possible and learning online doesn’t need to be restricted to courses for a career change. It could be an hobby, a musical instrument, learn astronomy or become the next Dale Winton, tell jokes and stand in a supermarket all day.

How good am I with my internet penship? Watch this seamless connection between topics… You could learn the minutiae of a foreign language, just one of ten things to do during a Coronavirus lockdown. Spend a few hours a day learning Russian, French, Portuguese or Italian. Get the basics linguistically, then cunningly sign up to a dating site and get that awesomely attractive woman you’ve always wanted to be with. But be careful Italian women are not easy to handle!

Things To Do During Coronovirus Lockdown VOIP Remote Working

VOIP And Internet Based Communications Make Remote Working Easy During Lockdown.

Stay Sane During The Coronavirus Lockdown – Talking Everywhere Is Free

Talking. “Do you mean, just talking? No funny business? Just straight talking” That’s right. Being lonely isn’t always recognisable but it changes your state of mind, been there done that. If you have friends call them when you’re sat on the loo and fart and giggle. “Yeah, that’s what I think of Coronavirus Lockdown” and fart again. Or get your Mum on Skype – do not fart, ask her how the online food delivery went, did she cook naked yet and scold Dad’s willy on the oven pan… As Bobby Hoskins used to say, it’s good to talk. It’s even better to rob banks and get away with it but that was a different film that he was in. Talking comes in many forms.

Dating: It’s still communication in the midst of an emergency lockdown. There seems to be quite a few mobile applications where you can just roll up, have a drink and meet for a little argy bargy. Or as Sly Stallone put it, bumping uglies. That isn’t really possible unless you want a key part in the next verse of Ring a Ring o’ Roses. So it’s general talking, humour, the getting to know you stage, so called internet courting. OK, you can get your kit off and do cybersex or talk dirty, Boris Johnson didn’t say anything about that did he? In fact, as he’s now positive he’s probably doing it right now. As for Prince Charles… “Oh Camilla my Princess” and a short-shrift response “You said I was going to be Queen!!” Get your rock on, get talking.

Psychologists, everyone dislikes them – except Frasier all loved him. No one credits them with anything and everyone fobs the natter off as worthless. But one out of every two of those that do see a shrink once a fortnight, tells them everything that is absurdly private about themselves, they pay top dollar, then go home and tell the wife everything is just fine. Because it really is good to talk. So stop dissing the head docs and go support someone during this quarantine period. Go all Lisa Kudrow on Skype or Facetime and get jiggy with Freud or install a more professional communications system for your business.

Online Casinos During Coronavirus Lockdown Not Affected – Spin That Wheel

Online Casinos Put Coronavirus Lockdown Behind You

To be honest everything online entertainment wise seems free these days, if you wait long enough. It’s understood that the music streaming services can offer more tailored lists, perhaps a better guarantee of sound quality, hence the freemium model and you can dump YouTube for a bit and try out online music streaming. There is also, outside of the BBC on demand service, other film and television series streaming services which you can access on a monthly or per download basis. Better quality than the dodgy cinema copies you’ve been watching and you won’t get arrested for it.

They’ve shut the casinos, the bookies, there is no major sport being played and the opportunity to win some money is getting slimmer by the day. You’d try that dodgy outfit they call the New York Stock Exchange but the DOW for monied up gamblers doesn’t seem to be going in the right direction either. Perhaps it’s the best time to invest in shares and gamble against the trend… or not. The old casino games are still there online, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, arcade machines. Now where’s that Government claim form for the Coronavirus Lockdown monthly payment, I’ll have £250 on 14 red please guv and split a pony on black. Don’t forget good old fashioned online bingo.

Remember, the duration of the lockdown is unknown. The economic ramifications of this worldwide quarantine, us from each other, is also unknown. It might be a good idea to spend your money wisely.

Things To Do During Coronovirus Lockdown NHS Volunteer Responders

Even Stay At Homes Have Volunteered To Be On The Front Line Against Coronavirus.

A Working Class Hero Is Something To Be In A Coronavirus Lockdown!

We have to acknowledge that there are many heroes of the moment that are not on a long enforced holiday. They are working for us, the police, nurses, doctors, cleaners, supermarket and cornershop staff. HEROES, if for one day. They are the equivalent of the army in World War Two, they are risking their lives for us, every minute of the day they face a threat from the invisible Coronavirus enemy so that we can sit at home and read Squillions.com all day.

There are also many employed people and self employed sat in their homes remote working. They too are keeping the British and world economy moving, preventing a total collapse of our society. Everyone is doing their bit, even if you’re playing monopoly, talking to a new friend or have just signed up to become one of the UK’s 750k volunteer force. Everyone is playing their part. Staying home is helping.

Healthy Mind Body During Coronovirus Lockdown

The Cornavirus Lockdown Shouldn’t Make You A Hypochondriac But The Chemist Is Open.

Stay Fit While In LockDown; Exercise, Eat Healthy, Keep Mind Active

I grew up in the 1980’s, I suspect fitness education hadn’t changed much in 100 years as there was no need for it to. Climbing ropes, push ups, sit ups, press ups, running on the spot, holding your arms out, squats, it’s all relatively easy. I don’t know why bicycle shops are still open in a lockdown, perhaps for people who still need to work and travel so that would make sense. Everyone else though is pretty limited as to where they can exercise. The government has stated you can exercise outside for a limited time and take the dogs for a walk. Not in all countries but the UK at least.

There are many ways to stay healthy (take your medications and supplements). With Coronavirus affecting the lungs you are probably more conscious than ever about how what you eat or do on a daily basis could affect your chances of survival. Should you become the infected (said on loudspeaker from the side of the stage, amplified for the entire audience, THE INFECTED, dun dun dun). Perhaps choose a different diet, eat your greens, cut out sweets, forget frozen and eat fresh. “You look a bit ill mate, you got Corona?” Nah, I’m Vegan.

Let’s be fair, this is a drastic change to our lifestyle but there is still freedom to go out in some places. Half an hour’s exercise, walk the dog, change career and go do a vital front line job temporarily. On another serious note…

Stay Safe, Stay Home! And Buy A Self Isolation Mystery Box

Things To Do Coronavirus Lockdown Isolation Mystery Box