10% Vashi Discount Codes Voucher Jewellery Promotion


Vashi has fast become synonymous with cheap diamonds that don’t negate on quality. In tandem with the reputation that has swept the UK nation at large.

They are offering a 10% Vashi discount codes in the latest voucher jewellery promotion which enables you to get an amazing ten percent off your online purchases of fashionable gold and diamond jewellery for a limited time.

Let’s take a closer look at what this retailer offers and how they actually enable the cheapest diamonds available aside from any voucher jewellery promotion. In what is an incredible story of achievement. The owner and entrepreneur of this diamond jewellery retailer, Vashi Dominguez, spent years trying to break into the diamond trade to offer cheap diamonds and adds further discounts with Vashi voucher codes.

He saw an opportunity to offer the highest quality diamond jewellery by cutting out the option of a High Street shop, not dealing with middle men or wholesalers – who each take a percentage on the diamond resale, and instead deal directly with the diamond mines and traders themselves. This cuts out a whole menagerie of pricing structures in one fell swoop.

Exclusive 10% Vashi Discount Codes And Voucher Jewellery Promotion

In doing so, Vashi are able to source diamonds at a lower cost and pass this discount on to their customer. From several years of successful trading as Diamond Manufacturers, they re-branded in 2013 and changed their trading name to Vashi. After their owner’s first name.

This was simply a move to capitalise on the amount of air time and press attention that their owner receives on television and in the national newspapers, from being a type of go to celebrity for diamond evaluations. A so called “TV diamond expert.”

For a limited time you can get to purchase these low cost diamond rings, engagement rings and loose diamonds with 10% Vashi discount codes throughout December 2013 and January 2014. This brings, what in comparison already saves you several thousands of pounds on each diamond offering, a significant further saving on the jewellery you wish to buy.

Before we take a gander at what their different wares entail and how you can use the 10% Vashi discount codes, let’s look at how they have achieved their success and reputation. During 2013 alone, the online shop won several awards based around customer service and their position in the UK as a retailer.

It’s not just the awards they have won in the last year but the long list of nominations which stand them in good stead also. They have an incredible chance at winning the Best Customer Service category as judged by Paypal. Awards under their belt include Best Independent Retailer : Online Retail Awards 2013 , Best Mobile Site : ECMOD 2013 and a listing in the Europe’s Top 500 by the Internet Retailer magazine.

Why would this retailer win best customer service over another I hear you ask? Well their historic offer of a 10% Vashi discount code would put them in the running but looking at their offerings before you buy. They offer next day delivery and detail exactly when that is possible and by which time.

There is also an industry leading offer – no one else comes close – of free returns within three months of purchase. Should you be buying an engagement ring, wedding ring or normal gold jewellery, whether you use a Vashi voucher code in the latest voucher jewellery promotion or not, you are able to return the item for a full refund in cash. No coupons or gift certificates in response.

That is probably the main reason they will win best customer service in an awards ceremony two years on the trot. It instils confidence and trust in customers by having such a lengthy returns period. No less that it is free of charge and in their words ‘100% risk free shopping.’

Furthermore, the company offers free ring sizing, forever and a lifetime warranty guarantee. This means, again even if you use any Vashi discount codes that if you wish to upgrade the diamond you originally bought, you can simply hand it back and receive the difference off a new diamond. Just as long as the margin of difference is £500.

Using Vashi Discount Codes When Comparing Their High Street Valuations

Every retailer wishes to be able to look like they offer the best prices online. This internet jewellery shop not only looks like they do, they show you they are. By comparing a range of like for like products based on the 4 C’s, Carat, cut, colour and clarity as well as the distinction between round cut diamonds and all the different shapes and brilliance either side.

Every few months in their High Street Comparison Section you will find a range of jewellery items that have been compared to their rivals, offering you the chance to discern the price and quality difference for yourself. Even with that discount evident, you can take further advantage of the pricing structure with the current voucher jewellery promotion.

This diamond jewellery brand relies on the fact that its diamonds are up to 70% cheaper than those traded elsewhere. Without the use of Vashi discount codes for your purchase or cashback or any other offer that is sent live to capture your attention.

Simply view the assembled bag of already compared diamond engagement rings, diamond stud earrings, diamond pendants and diamond wedding rings and you’ll see how much you can save even when not taking advantage of a 10% Vashi discount code.

Fantastic customer service, option on three months returns, lifetime guarantee with free diamond upgrade, free ring sizing. Deep breath. Diamonds and diamond jewellery which are up to 70% cheaper than their rival retailers and on top of this seasonal and year round Vashi voucher codes to use as you please.

Buying Diamonds With The 10% Vashi Discount Code Online

I’m a fan of loose diamonds, but there’s not much you can do with them unless you place them in or on a variety of objects yourself. However that’s not the point of the loose diamond search on their website. aside from enabling the selling of cheaper diamonds to rival retailers.

This section simply enables you to create your own diamond wedding ring or create your own anything even when having a Vashi discount code to hand. You don’t have to buy preset engagement rings or jewellery, choose the value of a diamond that fits your pocket and the style of ring or earring or pendant that suits your desires.

The jewellery on the website is quite extensive, should you wish for a more custom ring or piece of jewellery you need only call them to ask. That’s another thing, while they have no actual High street presence, one call and you can visit their offices to view a range of rings or diamonds that you may wish to purchase.

The current offer of unlimited 10% Vashi discount codes March 2020 is quite incredible. It is only offered once or twice a year, so now is the time to take real advantage of the offer. The voucher code will possibly drop back down to 5% in the New Year. It really is a phenomenal jewellery promotion. Unfortunately we no longer work with this retailer, you could check for deals with QP Jewellers voucher codes instead.