14% Beaverbrooks Valentines Day Gifts Offer Discount

National holidays and events are a great time to pick up a bargain, although these days it does appear that retailers are stuck in a never ending cycle of discounting. Jewellers and Valentine’s Day gifts offers do tend to go hand in hand though.

Which is why this week you can pick up a staggering 14% discount on Beaverbrooks jewellery, across at least three hundred separate jewellery and watch pieces. While not a Beaverbrooks discount code it is time limited and the new reductions can be found in the Savings sections of the website here.

People have different opinions on Valentine’s Day gifts. Some do not believe in the event at all. I would tend to agree, if you are really in love you don’t need one single day to announce it or make your relationship special. It is something you should wish to do every day. And you certainly don’t need to spend thousands to show it.

That said, show me a woman who doesn’t like a gift around this lovely day? That’s why the Beaverbrooks discount of 14% is so very welcome. Whether you are spending £100 or £2000, you can save a little amount of money and buy something a little more valuable.and perhaps desirable.

With nearly 400 items to select from, they have gone all out with an array of popular products to whet the Valentine’s Day appetite. Just the watches alone with make your loved one’s heart beat a little faster. The Ebel Brasilia Diamond Ladies Watch with 34 diamonds and Swiss quartz movement has been discounted from £3000 to £2580.

These savings are replicated within the whole department. The Michael Kors Gold Plated Crystal Bangle which was originally priced at £135 is now £116. A band of clear pave glass crystals bring this bangle alive and in a single moment could make your girlfriend’s eyes dazzle just that little bit brighter.

Valentine’s Day gifts offers are especially helpful if you have already budgeted for the great day. By saving several hundred pound on a nice jewellery piece, all covered in gold and diamonds. You could afford to book an hotel, take a short excursion to Europe or have an expensive meal at a top restaurant in good old London Town.

While the Beaverbrooks discount codes are available all year round, you have to be very attentive when it comes to sale periods. If in the past year you have walked into a high street shop and admired a watch but it was a little too much, these Valentine’s Day sales periods can see hefty discounting, making the items you desire much more affordable.

For what was £2500 before the discount, the Platinum Diamond Cluster Ring will be heartily welcomed as a Valentine’s Day gift. Bright and full or shiny diamonds with a diamond carat weight of at least 0.53CT. Why opt for one single diamond, when a cluster can make the difference instead?

Rings, watches and earrings are all up for grabs in the Valentine’s Day gifts offers section. The 9ct White Gold Cubic Zirconia Hoop Earrings are a woman’s best friend, matching almost any outfit and any occasions. White gold never goes out of fashion and with a discount of £9.50 you could probably tip towards investing in another piece too.

We particularly enjoy the glamour of the Silver Cubic Zirconia Heart Pendant which could match those earrings. Dangling from a 45cm sterling silver curb chain the two glittering heart shapes tell its own story of love and will be worn willingly by your loving participant. And yours for only an additional £43 – well you’ve already saved £9.50.

For another matchable pair in the Beaverbrooks Valentine’s Day gifts offers section, you can’t really go wrong if only wishing to spend around £500. A stand out piece is the very delectable Gucci Horsebit Ladies Watch, a polish stainless steel bangle styled strap with a watch piece offset by a black mother of pearl dial.

Combine this loving gift with the Silver Ball Stud Earrings (£13) and your total spend will be £507. A huge saving of £82. OK, I don’t believe any woman will be lifted off their feet and enamoured by being told “I got this cheaper in the Beaverbrooks voucher code sale so we can grab dinner too.”

The whole idea of these sales events is to make the money go further but to keep the secret to yourself. Remember love is not shown by the amount you spend. It is the being there every day, doing the washing up, taking care of your partner while ill and being supportive. BUT, which woman doesn’t enjoy the thrill of a Valentine’s Day gifts offers?

If you’re concerned about buying a high priced item and being told off after the fact. Then don’t be too concerned. You can still benefit from these Beaverbrooks discount codes by taking up the offer of 0% interest free credit. Spreading the cost of payments over a number of months. then you can return and do the same again at Christmas.

Visit the Beaverbrooks Valentines Day Gifts Offer department and view four hundred specially discounted jewellery items and watches. With 14% off we’re sure you’ll find a gift that is suitable. View the limited time discounted range here.