18,267 Vashi Loose Diamonds For Sale In UK

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I have become fascinated by the diamond industry overnight. I have recently discovered that there are 18,267 Vashi loose diamonds for sale in the UK. 13,633 of which are available as matched diamond pairs suitable as Vashi earrings.

For someone who usually buys jewellery out of the box and from glass cabinets that are either preset diamond rings or preset diamond earrings, it’s a whole new world when you can choose your own diamonds and create your own high end jewellery to make as a gift for a loved one.

It’s a journey I wished to expand upon. Here I am faced with several thousand diamonds to choose from but where to start? When you begin a loose diamond search at Vashi you are faced with having to either completely learn about loose diamonds or at the very least, needing to brush up on on the definitions behind the terms.

Now I already know that the Vashi loose diamonds for sale in UK are most likely cheaper than a like for like online jewellery retailer. The message we are sold when we visit Vashi is that because they cut out the middle men, the traders, the wholesalers and the bricks and mortar high street shops. That way I am almost certainly guaranteed to be getting the same precious stone but far cheaper.

It’s fair enough to state that their diamond engagement rings and diamond earrings are mostly 70% cheaper but how should the different values of each diamond be ascertained? Thankfully they solve this problem in the FAQ section with elaborate reasoning behind each cut and grade of clarity.

You can search the loose diamonds for sale in the UK and sort in several ways. The primary adjustment you will probably make is based on budget and how much you can afford. I don’t quite yet have Squillions so as much as I’d dearly love to buy the £1.85 Million 9.95 Carat Vashi Diamond Engagement Ring, I’m left minimising my dreams.

With the price adjusted the task ahead is to figure out what type of loose diamond for sale I can get. Price alone doesn’t tell the whole story. You can purchase a lower grade of diamond carat – which equates to the weight and size but even then, it can get slightly complicated.

Within the diamond industry there is such a term as the ‘magic weight.’ This doesn’t happen when you buy a pound of potatoes or a pint of beer and is unique to precious stones and the diamond market. If you choose an under sized diamond, let’s say at 0.95 carat instead of the nailed on 1 carat, then it’s possible to receive up to 30% off the value just for the small percentage difference.

To the naked eye no one is going to be any the wiser, without the finest measurement tools once the diamond is place, it will be very difficult to state “yes but I can see your diamond is 0.05ct short of a whole one.” So this is where seeking out one of the 18.267 Vashi loose diamonds for sale UK comes in as being very handy.

There is of course the taboo with anything marriage related that you don’t wish to be seen as tight with the money. You obviously wish to lavish your future wife or husband with all they wish and to show that love through spending squillions of pounds.

However reality often hits us when the bills starting mounting up. A £20k honeymoon in the Seychelles, a £15k wedding day bill and then of course the cost of diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings to boot.

So searching for loose diamonds to create your own diamond ring or earrings is a worthwhile project. It is possible to save loads at the Vashi website already but drilling down on precisely the exact loose diamond you want can end up being a pleasing affair. I didn’t say affair – who said you was having an affair…


Search on budget and then on carat. Plump for the magic weight each time or skirt around the edges and find one that’s just shy of the magic weight and an under size loose diamond. Take the following as an example of an opportunity in getting a bargain on diamond under sizes.

A good round cut internally flawless 2.00 carat (G/IF) loose diamond and the LD123933 is priced at £45,789 but choose one just shy of the diamond magic weight and the Good cut Round 1.98 carat diamond of G colour and IF clarity (LD123786) and you’ll be spending £30,259 instead.

I don’t know who thought these rules up initially and I don’t fully understand them but for the sake of 0.02 carats, I’d quite possibly save myself the £15,530 and put it towards the Wedding Day costs, wouldn’t you? Like I said, it’s taboo to agree so I’ll leave it at that!

That’s just one example of the many under sizes within the 18.267 Vashi loose diamonds for sale in the UK and there are many more besides. Simply remember that weight doesn’t equate to size, the carat is related to the actual weight of the diamond itself, it’s quite plausible that the 1.98 carat and the 2 carat appear exactly the same to the naked eye.

I feel a little bad as I’ve started to convince you that saving a shed load on loose diamonds in this manner is a good thing, well that’s probably because it is.

Taboo is a funny thing to live life by but the next time you see an exact 2 carat diamond engagement ring in a glass cabinet, consider going to to Vashi and finding an under size loose diamond at 1.95 carat and see what the pricing outcome is. Perhaps even use this information to get an immediate discount in the shop or head to Vashi regardless.

With budget ascertained, a little more knowledge on the carat and under size you next need to decipher the type of diamond your future misses would like to show the world. UK Vashi loose diamonds for sale are cut in a variety of styles and shapes, some traditional and others unique.

The main styles are round, princess, emerald, heart, marquise, oval, pear, radiant, asscher and cushion. Each come with their own pride of place, either circular, squared, elongated and each with their own number of facets. Some less some greater. These are the clefts in a diamond which reflect the light and allow for more sparkle from less or more angles.

In a similar vein and at the same time as choosing a shape, you need to discern the cut. These range from Super Ideal, to Ideal and Very Good and at the lower end, good and fair. As well as the facets, the cut and how well the precision cut has been made adds to the diamonds reflective capability, that in tandem with the polishing after.

There’s an art to choosing a shape and cut, invariably they suit different hand shapes and finger lengths. There’s a science to it but usually if you are able to trial the different diamond cuts on the ring finger, you’ll find one that best suits.

That just leaves the colour and clarity. These are usually valuation concerns and not visible by the human eye but at microscopic level. Within each diamond there are certain number of inclusions or none at all and these are rated on a GIA scale. From flawless (FL) and internally flawless (IF), very very slightly included (VVS1, VVS2), very slightly included (VS1, VS2), slightly included (SI1, SI2) and included (I1, I2, I3).

Flawless being the highest grade and coming with no inclusions or blemishes and included, not being the worst per se but a diamond that isn’t as clear as others in the GIA scale.

Otherwise known as the 4 C’s; Clarity, Cut, Colour and carat weight, the last C revolves around the colour. The majority of loose diamonds for sale in UK Vashi’s online shop are of grade D to F these are the most rare and fine of loose diamonds and are naturally the most desirable and valuable.

However there are a number of diamonds graded G to J which at Colour J there begins a slight yellowing of the diamond but others up to Colour G there is virtually no colour difference. You’ve just processed the 4 C’s and are now well on your way to satisfying your needs for a bespoke diamond ring or earring.

With 18,267 Vashi loose diamonds for sale in the UK there’s plenty of room to find the diamond you require and fancy. The ultimate prize is matching the diamond to the jewellery and Vashi allow you to create your own diamond engagement ring or create your own earrings via a simple online tool.

Once you have finally selected your diamond, you can choose to add them to a ring or earring. The earrings will need to be chosen through the matched diamond pairs interface.

These are loose diamonds for sale which have been paired as exact a match as possible to the visible size. Which means all the 4 C’s match. Clarity, colour, cut and carat weight are all matching to the visible eye and at a microscopic level also.

The Vashi loose diamonds for sale are just like many others on the market albeit due to the way the company source their diamonds and how Vashi Dominguez has grown his business, they are able to pay less for the diamonds at source and pass on the savings to their customers. Which makes everybody happy.

What are you waiting for? Go play find the easter egg and choose one of the thousands of loose diamonds for sale in the UK Vashi shop and come back and tell us much you think you’ve saved. Squillions I hope. Visit Vashi here and create your own diamond engagement rings and earrings or check for Vashi discount codes. Might we also suggest QP Jewellers offers?