The 25 Years Collection Links Of London Anniversary

When you make the City of London a founding principle of your brand name, much like Links of London did, you are doing so in the knowledge that it’s pretty much success or bust. If we take the accountant’s view that this company exceeded expectations by raking in an additional £85 million in a recessionary year, who could argue that achievement wasn’t above and beyond from the very outset.

The month of April 2020 sees the Links of London company celebrate its 25th anniversary with the launch of the Links of London 25 Years Collection. An ensemble of jewellery pieces that not only represents the past but the future also. Over the years Links have had numerous collections but through careful colour choice and nods to various design entities that have come before, this is one hell of a 25 Years Collection to adore.

If we take a closer look at what is proffered, our journey begins in 1990 where two entrepreneurs and jewellery designers  John Ayton and Annoushka Ducas were commissioned by a restaurant to devise a pair of fish cufflinks. This design is remembered and exemplified in the first of the two attractive designs in the 25 Years Collections. Seen below, two Salmon cufflinks.

25 Years Collection Sterling Silver White Diamond Tsavorite Fish Cufflinks 25 Years Collection Ruthenium Black Diamond Salmon Cufflinks LinksOfLondon

Shown above: The 25 Years Collection Sterling Silver White Diamond Tsavorite Fish Cufflinks 2516.0388 and Ruthenium Black Diamond Salmon Cufflinks 2516.0389

Fashioned from over 13g of sterling silver and in two colours, silver and black, these Salmon cufflinks are emblematic of the company and could well have become the initial logo conception for the company. However knowing growth would come opted for the infamous chain of links the world has come to know all too well.

Two stones feature as the fish eyes in each, the silver with 0.05ct Tsavorite gems and latterly the Ruthenium plated black sterling silver embedded with 0.08ct black diamonds in the eye and featured on the tail. These truly kick off the Links of London 25 Years Collection and will undoubtedly be collectors items in the long term. For little under £300 you can have you very own piece of Links of London history.

These fish cufflinks were just the beginning of a story of collections which have been leaders in the jewellery catwalk as each season has been unveiled. With the company winning a variety of awards from Gift Retailer of the Year, Best British Brand Overseas and Jewellery Brand of The Year. A tale which also includes a dedication to sponsoring one of Britain’s most famous sports and Wimbledon. A relationship which spurned the development of a variety of related tennis jewellery pieces which can be viewed in the Official Wimbledon jewellery collection.

One can quite imagine the hours of thought that went into deliberating which diamonds and precious metals to utilise in the 25 Years Collections. There is of course a dominance of Silver to celebrate the 25th anniversary, coupled with gold which is a nod to the very 1st year of being founded. You’ll notice below that two other collections are represented, those being Timeless and Hope. With that tangent in mind, you can understand more why green Tsavorite gems were chosen, the colour for the next and 30th anniversary.

Hope 25 Years Collection LinksOfLondon 18ct Yellow Gold Tsavorite Earrings Hope 25 Years 18ct Yellow Gold Tsavorite Necklace Links Of London VIP

Show above: Links Of London 25 Years Collection Hope 18ct Yellow Gold Tsavorite Earrings 5040.2569 and Hope 25 Years 18ct Yellow Gold Tsavorite Necklace 5020.2992

Hope is one of their more traditional encapsulations offering diamond pave and luxury gold jewellery pieces to represent style and sophistication. They could of course have developed an entirely new collection but it was quite correct to celebrate current collections with Links of London 25 Years collection celebratory pieces. The two new additions feature gold and Tsavorite gems entwined with each other.

The 25 Year Hope earrings are a dazzling pair of 18ct Yellow Gold containing a total weight of 46.68g. There are three design elements that will not only captivate you but any nearby audience too. Featuring geometric egg shapes with a three chandelier drop, each having pear cut Tsavorite gemstones totalling 1.88ct. The matching 45cm wide 10.02g with 18ct  gold and Tsavorite necklace has the birth of Links of London egg shape continuity with pave set individual Tsavorite gems throughout.

Concave 25 Years Sterling Silver White Champagne Diamond Necklace LinksOfLondon 25 Years Timeless 18ct White Gold Diamond Tsavorite Cuff Bracelet VIP

Shown above: Concave 25 Years Sterling Silver White Champagne Diamond Necklace 5020.2993 and LinksOfLondon 25 Years Timeless 18ct White Gold Diamond Tsavorite Cuff Bracelet VIP 5010.3211

Plucked from the Diamond Essentials collection, the idea is to dazzle with a central focal point. There is nothing more mesmerising than the circular maze 0.6 ct white diamond pave with 0.18ct champagne diamonds on a concave necklace. Dangling from a 45cm 2.95g sterling silver chain, your neck line will glisten and sparkle like never before in 25 years.

As with most jewellers there is always the desired personalisation that a customer wishes to have. Something this retailer has understood very well ensuring not only a gift wrap service but personal engraving on all of their pieces should you desire. This idea has been built into three of the Links of London 25 Years collection pieces with a VIP offering.

The first of which is the 18ct white gold cuff. A bracelet which incorporates the intricate design that runs throughout the Timeless Collection and features the inner dial of London’s very own Big Ben clock face on the Elizabeth Tower. A stained glass window effect design which was ushered forth by Augustus Pugin in 1852 and is visibly embedded in many of his architectural displays on buildings across the UK.

The diamond cuff bracelet is an exquisite display that chimes Links of London 25 Year collection precisely with one of London’s most famous landmarks and now it can be on your person.  The centre piece of the Big Ben dial is an incorporation of 25 green Tsavorite gemstones (0.428ct), with an ensemble of 4ct white diamonds strewn across the entirety of this 64.66g luxury 18k white gold piece. A truly desirable limited edition cuff that is made to order and specification.

VIP 25 Years Timeless Collection LinksofLondon 18ct White Gold Diamond Tsavorite Earrings 25 Years Timeless Collection LinksOfLondon White Gold Diamond Tsavorite Necklace

Shown above: VIP 25 Years Timeless Collection 18ct White Gold Diamond Tsavorite Earrings 5040.2568 and LinksofLondon White Gold Diamond Tsavorite Necklace 5020.2991

Like any party, there’s the affordable gift and then there is of course the ability to push the boat out. Links of London have decided in this instance to set sail an entire Armada. No matter whether you’re a Londoner or a tourist from China, the face of Big Ben is an adorable quality which can unmistakably make its home in all of our hearts and that’s where this turn on the Timeless collection comes into play.

This VIP element to the Links of London 25 Year Collection is rich with white diamonds and is one of the most intricate Augustus Pugin Big Ben dial face designs you’ll find on any luxury jewellery piece. Encapsulating the true vigour of a design that has stood aloft of London for almost two centuries. To celebrate the 25 Year Collection from Links of London get this matching heavy weight matching earring and necklace made to order and customised for your personal enjoyment.

The Timeless story begins with diamond encrusted French wire hooks, from which hang discs of alluring gems. No less than 820 3.52 ct white diamonds with 50 Tsavorite gems to denote the central dial and the 12 hours we keep our day in tune with. Made with 31.5g of pure white gold, the seven black diamond bead tassels drop 3.46cm and recreate the look of the Elizabeth Tower. It really is a well thought out piece.

Last but no means the least, the equal to the set features three aspects of Big Ben and is a wonderful treat for any occasion, an important one in any case. The centre piece hangs from a medallion like necklace as if you’ve won first price in a designer jewellery wearing competition. With the black diamond beads atop and hanging below as with the earrings to replicate the tower. This is where the 25 Years Collections by Links of London really takes off however.

Featuring two dial face designs, the uppermost disc is a replica of the Big Ben dial in all its glory,  with stained glass silhouette appearance, finely denoted with white diamonds and Tsavorite gems for acknowledgement to time. “Where are the hands?” I hear you ask, at the ends of your arms, darling. This is a 25 years Timeless collection piece, so no hands required. Asunder as if a photograph has been zoomed in upon, you’ll find additional detail from the surrounds of the real life Big Ben dial.

All in all, this four part necklace contains 4.7ct white diamonds, 89.5ct black diamond beads, a total 18ct white gold weight of 43.29g and 0.43ct Tsavorite gemstones. This 14.5cm drop necklace is like no other. The Big Ben earrings are like no other. Timeless pieces to celebrate the 25 year collection in true style. A London landmark, an historic design, a  global presence much like its creator company. A brand within a brand, within a brand.

I think it’s time to crack open the bubbly and perhaps loosen the lips on our wallets as well as our mouths! As we all celebrate the Links of London 25 Years Collection and their anniversary it’s well worth noting while you raise a glass that while green, as mentioned previously, is a knowing nod to the next five years and 30th anniversary. Gold is also the chosen celebration for the 50th and diamonds for seventy five years.

Links of London are not only looking ahead to the next five years but the next fifty years and we certainly Hope their Timeless, Signature collections offer Keepsakes and encourage Kindred Souls and their Friendships to continue to sprinkle their own Aurora aura with Star Dust and evocative Sweetie Bonbons.

That the Narrative of Diamond Essentials and Effervescence highlights the Grace in which these Cubist styled Luna Gems encapsulate personal and public history like that of 20/20 and Wimbledon and your own events in life. And just like any Dream Catcher, we invite you to see if there’s any Links Of London discount codes to lower the cost of these luxury jewellery pieces or at least get free delivery.

“Happy Birthday Links of London 25 Years Collection!”