3 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Platinum Stud Earrings F/VS1

A lavish lifestyle can come in many forms, some people are emboldened by enterprise and spend out on fancy cars and homes. Others take in exotic holidays while a great majority invest in timeless diamond jewellery either for themselves or as gifts.

At Squillions you can do all three and much more besides but today we are particularly interested in how you like your jewellery. In-particular these 3 Carat F/VS1 Platinum Stud Diamond Earrings which are simply divine. View in more detail here.

“I like your style” I hear you whisper with a gasping breath. There’s a little secret to these three carat diamond stud earrings with platinum prong setting though. They come at a saving of £32,000 when compared to a variety of basket examples at high street retailers.

The diamonds are sourced by an online only diamond jewellery manufacturer which has contacts in the diamond industry so high up that they don’t have to pay market value for the stones that are so delicately positioned on the platinum stud earrings.

The 3 Carat Platinum Diamond Stud Earrings F/VS1 are of such a quality that they can be compared to similar jewellery items that are almost three times the price when found on the high street.

The retailer is of course well known for cutting out the middle man, you’ve probably seen Vashi Dominguez on the television or in the newspapers explaining how they don’t have retail shops or the overheads which enables them to bring the retail cost down further.

They also don’t need to pay traders or valuers because in their own words, they deal direct with the ‘cutters and sightholders (mines)’ themselves. Not everyone at retail level can pull off such a stupendous stunt as knocking £32k off the finest set of 3.00 Carat F/VS1 Platinum Diamond Stud Earrings.

Let’s look at these diamond earrings a little closer. The two 1.5 carat loose diamonds are set in a four pronged basket setting which keeps them firmly in place. The platinum not only offsets the diamonds but showcases both stone and material.

The diamonds in the 3.00 Carat Diamond F/VS1 Platinum Stud Earrings are of Princess Cut which is a square brilliant cut diamond with sharp, uncut corners. It will usually have around 76 facets which offers more brilliance on the upper most part.

It is head and shoulders – excuse the pun – above a basic square or round cut and is more unique, though still a popular design. So with £32k in savings you’re probably wondering what the catch is? No catch, these are pierced earrings.

The diamonds in the 3 carat platinum diamond stud earrings also have a clarity of very very slightly included which is still of excellent quality. You’ll need a microscope to be able to view any flaws, not even Google Glass can scan these and the diamond colour is ranked F. Ranging from D to Z, this is quite an exceptional pair of matched 3.00 carat F/VS1 loose diamonds.

These 3.00 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Platinum Stud Earrings F/VS1 are of exceptional quality and yearning an owner with distinction and a flair for fashion. While they do cost a small fortune, when compared to the high street they offer an incredible saving while not shirking on style or the glamour.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you didn’t I!?! Yes they currently retail at £15,990 at the time of writing. Comparable 3.00 Carat Diamond Platinum Stud Earrings F/VS1 with a Princess cut and in a four pronged basket setting retail at £48,455 on the high street. Amazing!

In our book, that’s a saving of, oh yes, Squillions! If you don’t have £15k to spend, fear not, as there are plenty more diamond stud earrings. Some with white gold instead of platinum and others with different cuts and clarity to suit your budget.

We would like to invite you to peruse the details of the 3c Princess Cut Diamond Platinum Stud Earrings F/VS1 and should you shell out £15k on this fine pair of matched diamond earrings, do get in touch and let us know how good they look! Check for the latest Diamond Heaven vouchers or for slightly lower priced jewellery, the QP Jewellers discount codes section.