50% Black Friday Jewellery Channel Discount Codes

In an incredible flash Black Friday Jewellery Channel sale, you can get 50% off almost everything site wide for one day only. This is an immense opportunity to get value for many across a wide range of jewellery prices and stock up for the whole year. An offer probably never to be repeated. View the promo codes below.

50% Black Friday Jewellery Channel Discount Codes

*See site for terms and conditions.

Imagine the look on your partner’s face having received rings, necklaces and pendants all year round and still managing to afford that special occasion dinner. In one Black Friday sale you can cover Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day and that simple ‘I Love You’ moment.

Almost everything half price is an amazing deal. Lucy Q diamond rings and multi drop bangles that would normally be £299, now £149. LucyQ splash necklace priced at £250, now £125. You will never see prices like these ever again. Quite how they can afford such an extraordinary bargain is beyond us.

The Black Friday Jewellery Channel offers last until midnight on 28th November 2014. Everything is included, every brand, Made With Swarovski, Rachel Galley, Strada, Thai Sterling. Diamond rings, diamond pendants and diamond bracelets all at half prices with the limited time Jewellery Channel discount codes.

Saving Squillions has never been easier. While Thanksgiving Day is not an English holiday, it should have always probably been a British sentiment. Well now Black Friday has been running a few years in the UK, it’s time to fill your boots and get in on some magnificent bargains.

There are over thirty different gemstones you can search upon while browsing. Making it even easier to find that special jewellery piece to match your existing wardrobe. Moonstones, Jade, Emerald and Amethyst all make decorative pieces. Even Orange Ethiopian Opal bracelets are half price, down from £199 to £99.99.

If you are planning for a Wedding then Black Friday could not have been more timely. Wedding Bands in white gold and yellow gold that are usually knocked out for £1600, are now £800. All thanks to the Black Friday Jewellery Channel voucher codes shown above. Rhapsody Platiunum rings are also 50% off for one day only.

The only items that are not included in the Black Friday offer are Live TV jewellery pieces, Missed Auctions, Rising Auctions, Sale and Clearance. Aside from that small collection, the world’s your Oyster and Diamond and Emerald. It’s not only jewellery than can be vastly discounted with the TJC discount code.

There are a great many fashion accessories available at half price too. Browse a wonderful gallery of Artwork for the home and more home decor than you can shake a stick at. From statues to jewellery boxes to keep your valuable gemstone jewellery safe and secure and in one place.

Get 50% off Handbags, Hair Accessories, Phone Accessories, Scarves and Timex Watches. All thanks to the Black Friday Jewellery Channel discount codes. remember it’s only until midnight. After which you will have to return to the auction model to get the best deal or wait for another coloured Friday. And that my friends is only one day a year.

Free Gifts During Black Friday Jewellery Channel Sale Weekend

There is however yet more to come this weekend. Should you partake in a rising auction on Saturday or Sunday you will presented with a free gift should you win. On Sunday, as per the site’s terms and conditions, if you spend over a certain amount you will also get a free diamond jewellery gift. The three separate gifts are shown below.

Spend £50: and get a Diamond (Rnd) Pendant With Chain in Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver 0.250 Ct. worth £29.99. Spend £100: and receive a Diamond (Rnd) Necklace in Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver (Size 18) 1.000 Ct. worth £99.99. Spend £200: and win a 9CT White Gold 15 Point GSI Certified Diamond (I 3 /G-H) Fashion Pendant With Chain Worth £99.99

The fun doesn’t stop there however. With Cyber Monday Jewellery Channel purchases over £50, you will receive a goodie bag valued at £39.99 completely free. Mystery bags of which there are three. Of course if you read this article a little late, don’t worry. Every month there are regular Jewellery Channel voucher codes on offer that you can view about and take advantage of.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself over to the Black Friday Jewellery Channel discount codes sale and never look embarrassed in front of your partner again. Buy all the jewellery you need for a whole year in just one day. The bonus being, you can get a couple of free gifts over the weekend for your bit on the side as well!! Ooops.