50 Luxury Freestanding Baths

50 Luxury Freestanding Baths: Cast Iron, Roll Top, Slipper & Double Ended

Welcome to the 50 best luxury free standing baths count down. Do you know how many baths there are in the world? OK, an easier question, do you know how many people there are in the world? Now you start to get the bigger picture of how many varieties and styles of baths there in the world of baths.

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Long gone are the days when a bath needs to be crammed into a corner behind a door. A single soulless bath tub residing on top of a wooden frame with as much glamour as a homeless person in a pond is not the luxury that the UK public wishes to aspire to.

Welcome an age of the luxury freestanding baths with contemporary and modern designs to make any bathroom stand out from the crowd and become the luxurious second abode that it is screaming out to be.

The bathroom no longer needs to be point of only washing and toiletries, it can be  a well designed, expertly furnished place of relaxation and that’s exactly what luxury designer freestanding baths offer. Within the 50 best luxury freestanding baths count down is a wealth of traditional, modern and contemporary designs involving cast irons baths, roll top baths, slipper baths, double ended baths and several designer baths to whet the appetite.

Roca Spas White Broadway Freestanding Bath 8S3060000

As Lloyd Grossman would might ask “Who takes a bath in a Spa like this?” Which is a good question, Roca do make baths and this is certainly a spa of magnificent achievement but do people really fork out up to £10,000 to fill it up with 880 litres of water and wash themselves with a bar of soap?

OK, I was only asking. If you wish to have a bath and share a bar of soap with up to three others, and I hazard a guess, three very, very close friends, then Roca spas white Broadway freestanding designer bath has to be ultimate in social spa relaxation.

The Roca spa comes fitted with no less than twenty four jets that offer an air and water all over body massage and is equipped with three headsets. For the adventurous and the silly one who loses the bar of soap, there is also underwater lighting just in case. At 1930 x 1930 x 870mm it goes without saying that it is pretty big. Read more about the Roca Spas White Broadway here.

Roca Spas White Broadway Compact Freestanding Bath 8S3070000

At a little over £7000 there is a more compact version of the Roca Broadway spa bath. At 1880 x 1330 x 750mm in size in suits two people though has back rests for three and holds 580 litres.

Again if you lose the soap there is underwater lighting and the nineteen jets of air and water will certainly provide all inside with the massage, fun and frolics you have been looking forward to. The wood panelling on the White Broadway is certainly an appealing feature from the Spain based manufacturer. Find out more about the Roca spas white broadway bath here.

Laufen Il Bagno Alessi One Luxury Designer Freestanding Bath and Panel

At around £5000 you’ll be gulping more than a cup full of water unless of course you have Squillions to spend on luxurious bathroom style. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni, with the Laufen Il Bagno Alessi One Luxury bath you are essentially installing a grand piece of usable art into your bathroom. The bath holds an unashamedly 230 litres of bathing heaven and measures 2040mm x 1020mm x 580mm.

Made from Sanitary acrylic you are assured containment of the heat within the water for the longest duration while enclosed in this deep sided rim that offers a depth of 575mm inside. Make use of the top of the bath as a seat while you dry yourself off or to place candles and other ornaments.

As luxury designer baths go the smooth acrylic lining and brilliant white surface gives a taste of superiority like no other. The best accessory for the bath is the Milano Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer Tap and Ultra Push Button Chrome Bath Waste No Overflow. Buy the Laufen Il Bagno Alessi One Luxury.

Laufen Il Bagno Alessi dOt Contemporary Freestanding Bath

Another excellent luxury freestanding bath in the Laufen Il Bagno Alessi range, which matches other bathroom suite essentials is the contemporary dOt.

What is not so obvious at first glance is that the the bath has a leaning bow, much like a sail boat the side panel that meets it is also at an angle. Making the bath a must have for a large bathroom and centre piece so as to fully show off the designs embedded within.

Designed by Wiel Arets, the luxury bath holds 215 litres of water and measures 1900mm x 900mm x 620mm. A wide rim surrounds the top of the bath with glamorous taps positioned to the side that beauteously give off an air of design perfection. View the Laufen Il Bagno Alessi dOt in more detail here.

Heritage Maderia BRT76 No Tap Hole White Cast Iron Designer Freestanding Bath

At over £3000 you may need to sell your toilet and sink to fund this wonderful freestanding cast iron bath.

A particular speciality of Heritage is the ability to offer their demanding consumer a take on old style bath icons from the past and bring them bang up to date and they do this exceptionally well with the Heritage Maderia white cast iron bath.

Most of the Heritage cast iron baths come in white and allow you to add your own layer of paint to the exterior and style as you wish to match your bathroom’s desired decor. Here it is featured in a matt black which looks fantastic but consider that the interior is Class AAA white ripple enamel on a Genuine Cast Iron base and you’ll soon realise that no matter which colour your contrast with the enamel, the end product will be visually astounding.

Enamel always did offer a far superior finish but in the past was easily chipped or stained but due to technological advances, this is no longer the case. A rare top end luxury cast iron free-standing bath such as this should be given price and place in a home looking to revel in authentic replica style that is converged with a modern and contemporary feel.

The double ended cast iron bath from Heritage measures 1700mm by 695mm and has an height of 720mm, has no taphole and is a flat based floor Standing model. Cast your eye upon this Heritage Maderia BRT76 Cast Iron Bath.

Saneux Agua Maison White Ellington Luxury Freestanding Tub 21100

Saneux are a Surrey based manufacturer who have been designing and churning out fine bathroom furniture and accessories for years and are well known globally by architects and hotel furnishers. A concept which you too can integrate into your own home.

Their new Aqua Maison range offers some creative designs on stand alone bath tubs utilising Stetson sides and much like others in the now, a double skinned acrylic structure with 5mm acrylic and fibreglass reinforcement for added strength. At around £2000 it’s a bath with a luxurious price tag too.

The White Ellington designer tub has a 240 litre capacity and measures 1800mm x 790mm and will work well with any designer free standing taps. The curved edge rectangular base is matched by a smooth thin rimmed upper to offer a luxury bath tub that is simple yet elegant. Buy Aqua Maison Ellington here.

Saneux Agua Maison White Joyce Luxury FS Tub 21102

For centuries baths were a place with very little restrictions, there were no taps to get in the way. They could be long, short, round or rectangular and have lip rims or wholly encased. It was only modern living and the rise in populations that saw bathrooms become miniature and the relaxing past time of having a bath was shoved into a side wall and with the great invention of plumbing, saw restricted use of the bath and a singled ended bath become a plague.

While evolution is a great thing for humanity, what is also great is that if you have Squillions, or even if you don’t, you can reclaim your bath from a century of industrialisation and overpopulation and set your bathroom and your bathing experience free again with a stand alone bath such as this cocoon shaped double ended free standing bath from Saneux.

The luxury white Joyce bath tub is a designer bath that measures 1790mm by 840mm which is a phenomenal amount of width for any bath to have. The double ended slipper bath which holds 240 litres of water has a height of 735mm at one end and drops in a gentle sleek fashion to 660mm at the other.

Like most of the designer baths available, Saneux Agua Maison White Joyce is hand crafted from fibre glass reinforced acrylic and is offered with no tap holes and would look great with a freestanding tap accessory. Get Joyce here.

Saneux Agua Maison White Dolcé Freestanding Bath Tub 21104

The Agua Maison bath range from Saneux continues with a rather simple take on the slipper bath that the luxury Joyce model brought. Double ended and symmetrical it has a length of 1900mm and thanks to the oval shape and slipper less requirements has a wider width of 940mm.

Most free standing baths can fit two people, how couples managed for so long with single ended wall enclosed baths for so long I don’t know. Saneux certainly offers luxury solutions for the bathroom that meet the needs of everyone in the family as well as doing the grand job of impressing any guests. Take a better look at the Saneux Agua Maison White Dolcé Bath Tub here.

Saneux Agua Maison White Ovale Contemporary Freestanding Bath Tub 21101

The contemporary white Ovale designer freestanding bath from Saneux is the smaller sister of the Dolcé in the Agua Maison range. The difference being that in length at 1800mm and in width at 800mm it is smaller but inside the basin it is bigger.

It’s a bit like the Dr Who tardis. Internally while the Dolcé bath has a sliding tub installed which gives a more angled descent, within the Ovale tub the decline is steeper offering more room. Yet at the same time both bath tubs offer the same 240 litre capacity. For a more curved relaxing bathing experience and if bathroom space isn’t a problem choose the Agua Maison Dolcé, for a steeper back support and a smaller bath pick the Ovale. Buy Ovale contemporary bath.

Clearwater Serendipity Modern Freestanding Slipper Bath M13

Embrace your inner femininity and explode with delight as you feast your eyes upon this magnificent piece of bath gear. This free standing modern slipper bath is a one piece solution laboriously hand crafted to offer excellence and a divine bathing experience.

Measuring 1690 x 760 and with a capacity of 239 litres the exquisitely pieced LAR (Liquid Acrylic Reinforcement) provides for a seamless and smooth surface with a twin skin of Lucite high quality acrylic. The modern fibreglass Clearwater Serendipity slipper bath will provide you with hours of relaxation and as for style and design, position the freestanding bath unit in the centre of any large bathroom to revel in its beauty. Buy the Clearwater Serendipity here.

Heritage Devon Double Ended Freestanding Slipper Cast Iron Bath BRT40

If you’re seeking out a regal looking stand alone bath that offers a distinct historical glimpse to the past while encapsulating modern and contemporary functional design then opt for a designer double ended slipper bath from Heritage.

The Heritage cast iron bath has a Length of 1800mm, Width 770mm and Height of 790mm, quite a large Solid Cast Iron Construction that offers a very glamorous double ended slipper design that can be styled with a very nifty telephone shaped shower and tap set. Installing a cast iron bath into your home is a way of enjoying decadence and escaping the realities of life after a hard day’s slog in the office. Slipper baths like these in cast iron are very vogue.

This Heritage Devon slipper cast iron bath includes ball and claw bath feet, has a White Ripple Class AAA Enamel Interior and a ready to paint exterior leaving you to decorate your cast iron masterpiece as you see fit. The manufacturer guarantee is for 25 years and the Heritage Devon slipper bath can be bought here. Also available alongside the BRT41 Cast Iron, is the BRT43 Chrome and BRT42 Antique Gold.

Royce Morgan Sapphire Black 1650 Luxury Designer Bath

Picture the innocent white or cream bathroom, with its white towels and cream coloured bath mats. The white tiles and ceiling and illumination from a candle or light fixture on the wall and then slap bang in the middle or to the side, this gorgeous sapphire black luxury freestanding bath unit offering a dark path to contemplation and serendipity.

The voluptuous luxury bath from Royce Morgan rises from the ground as if to engulf your body as you enter. There are no straight lines, the whole bath has curvature abound and the black sapphire exterior smashes against the white of the inside of the bath containing your 180 litre lagoon of soap suds and smellies.

With no edges, you can roll your hand around the bath’s rim as you walk around its entire body, measuring a vast w1650mm x d735mm x h610mm. An exceptional piece of bathroom furniture made from twin skinned acrylic. A luxury bath built for two. Get the Royce Morgan Sapphire Black Bath here.

Royce Morgan Barnard Luxury Freestanding Bath with Waste

A theme common with many freestanding baths featured at the high end of bath units is their sleek curves and modern contemporary habit of no corners or straight lines. Enter the Royce Morgan Barnard bath which breaks all the design rules and offers an irresistible and distinct alternative.

In what appears at first glance, a block of sheer white ice, a slightly angled rectangular block rises from the bathroom tiles to envelop rigid lines along the rim before descending into a perfect oval shaped interior whole, as if ice cream has been scooped from its innards. What remains is a perfectly sculptured and precision engineered unique and luxury designer freestanding bath.

Measuring (L) 1690mm (W) 800mm (H) 620mm, this glossy white bath has a durable 5mm twin skinned acrylic shell and a lifetime warranty. This beautiful work of bath art deserves a good home. Buy the Royce Morgan Barnard here.

Royce Morgan Moonstone Luxury Acrylic Bath

It’s only when you see baths up close and in person that you appreciate that these are true and real life working models of baths and not simply beautifully designed kitchen accessories for the work top.

Just look at this Moonstone luxury bath and see how the light reflects off the acrylic covered fibre glass and see how its shape and the shadows created give it its name. Baths today are a world away from the rectangular monstrosities that lay less desired in our homes.

Royce Morgan is a revolution in stand alone bath design that encapsulates a technological breakthrough in not only design but the luxury a bath can offer too. Positioned on a rectangular bed, the curvaceous lines rise like a temple worshipping the moon to provide a slipper bath effect where the curves keep rolling until your eyes fall into the centre of the bath.

The interior can hold 170 litres of water and iis hand crafted 20mm double skinned sanitary grade acrylic edges surrounds a fibreglass inner that simply wishes to wrap itself around your naked body. You can at last truly relax in a bath with ample room for a short swim and spread out and float to your heart’s content in soapy stardom. Buy Royce Morgan Moonstone luxury bath here.

Royce Morgan Sunstone Luxury Bath

Going back to that Hollywood set and thinking back to those spaghetti Westerns, the old steel baths that the OK Coral fighters used to bathe in with a buxom blonde with in arms reach…

I doubt that is where Royce Morgan got their inspiration but these luxury designer bath units certainly derive a distinct design ability from the bucket shaped stand alone baths of old that required yet another bucket to fill them up.

But of course these fibre glass bath creations are no bucket. Perish the thought, merely the style of the old 18th century baths shining through into the contemporary shown here. The Royce Morgan Sunstone luxury bath is another slipper bath styled to offers curves and a bathroom centrepiece that simply astound and mazes.

Turn the lights down and enjoy a night in the bath alone or with a partner. The amazing slipper bath has curves all around and is as smooth as a baby’s bottom thanks to its 20mm sanitary grade acrylic double skinned reinforced by the resin bonded glass fibre. In sheer white, this stand alone Royce Morgan sunstone luxury acrylic baths can be bought here.

Heritage Hampshire BRT05 No Tap Hole White Slipper Cast Iron Bath

This single ended bath in a slipper style is one of the greatest traditional designs that has now been brought back to life and into the modern age with a distinctly contemporary feel.

The feature I love the most is the overflow and waste piping that runs from the top of the single ended bath’s tap accessory and underneath the tub. When the Heritage Hampshire cast iron bath is elevated onto the small ball and claw bath feet this will look exceedingly good.

The Hampshire comes with tap holes or no tap holes in the BRT05 or BRT25 models and as with all cast iron baths from Heritage, a white ripple enamel interior and a white cast iron exterior which can be painted to your desired colour choice.  Read more about the Hampshire Slipper baths here.

Mere Carron Elysee 5mm Luxury Freestanding Acrylic Baths 49-6581

Built with 5mm twin skinned acrylic the Mere Carron Elysee is a luxury rolltop bath that comes in at around £1500. Roll tops are fantastic in that there are no edges which leaves room for some serious outstretched arms relaxation.

This model has two options as a base. An attractive pair of block Beech wood feet that really go well with the curved white bath or the chrome option. Carron are a skilled manufacturer of bathroom furniture and accessories and have done well to come up with a luxury rolltop bath that has a water capacity of 330 litres. View the Carron Elysee.

Royce Morgan Quartz Luxury Freestanding Bath

If you have ever daydreamed at the dinner table and found you wishing you could dive into the sugar bowl or into the milk, then now is your opportunity. The Royce Morgan designer freestanding bath is design elegance, a symmetrical work of art that begins with the double ended bath slipper before the bath rim gradually slides to the centre.

The exterior of this acrylic covered fibre glass mould gradually descends to the throne it is seated on offering your bathroom the luxury you and it deserves. The Royce Morgan Quartz bath measures (L) 1760mm (W) 680mm (H) 670mm, with Twin skinned acrylic in a high quality white finish. Buy Quartz acrylic bath.

Royce Morgan Opal Luxury Freestanding Bath

Now this truly is the sugar bowl effect. But you’d need a pretty hefty spoon. The Opal luxury bath differs from the other Royce Morgan creations in that it has a much more narrow base from which the curves extend.

While the acrylic skin is the same 20mm the edges are much thinner creating a different ‘user experience’ than the other baths in this collection of fifty best baths which have an edge you can sit on or place objects. The free standing Royce Morgan opal luxury bath can hold 200 litres of water and is a luxurious bowl excitedly anticipating your next move. Buy the Royce Morgan Opal here.

Royce Morgan Graphite Luxury Double Ended Bath

The more I traverse the uniqueness of Royce Morgan baths, the more tempted I am of having more than one bathroom in a house. It truly is astounding how they apply the same technological advances with each model of freestanding bath that they produce.

Take for instance this twin skinned acrylic Graphite luxury bath. Another stand alone that balances upon a podium before the shapely curves yield forth another mesmerizing display of architecture.

Let’s not forget, it is simply just a bath but Royce Morgan seems to be able to take what is a basic functioning tool of every day use and turn it into something that you’d wish to ensure forms apart of a house tour should anyone visit. “Do you need the toilet” No, are you sure? As you rather forcibly push your guest into the bathroom so they can take a look. “Oh the bath, yes had it a while, do you like it then?”

The Royce Morgan Graphite Luxury Free-standing Bath holds 180 litres and measures (L) 1715mm (W) 830mm (H) 640mm and weighs 48kg – just in case you’re thinking of packing it along with the kitchen sink. The style of the stand alone bath much like the others in the range, is an embellishment of curves that turns function into beauty and is finished with an additional feature of a ledge that juts into the interior to house the taps. Buy the Graphite here.

Royce Morgan Amber Designer Double Ended Bath

The Amber is a Contemporary double ended bath and forms a part of the extensive Royce Morgan Black collection. While there is no podium for this bath unit and the Amber sits firmly on the floor, there’s still the characteristic curves and lack of straight lines that gives it an edge.

The luxury Amber is suitable for freestanding or wall mounted taps only and is not pre drilled which allows you to keep the smooth white double skinned sanitary grade acrylic and fibre glass creation as virgin as the day it was created.

Don’t forget that acrylic aids in water temperature rather than stealing the heat, ensuring maximum of use of the thermal properties in the materials used. With a bowl overflow of 265 litres and measuring L1780mm x W800mm x H540 mm, there’s no mistake that this designer double ended bath will aid in you and your partner’s relaxing candle night lit bathing sessions. Buy the Royce Morgan Amber here.

Royce Morgan Camber 1800 Luxury Freestanding Bath

If your ideal partner is 6 feet tall, curvy hips with beautiful complexion then you may just have picked the luxury Royce Morgan Camber stand alone bath as your perfect soul mate. The design is unique with its lengthy style of 1800mm and wholesome width of 795mm, accommodating two people in an outstanding design of perpetual white gloss beauty.

Unlike many other freestanding bath designs, the podium for the tub itself is intrinsically built into the curvaceous exterior as if to give it a pair of glorious hips to admire. The length of the bath alone is enough to satisfy any desires for luxury but wait until you hear about the interior.

These Royce Morgan acrylic baths are all hand crafted and assembled with two parts acrylic skin and reinforced with fibreglass but before that is applied, this Camber bath mould has been sculptured to offer bevelled edges at the interior of each corner while the straight lines run along the circumference adding to the visually pleasing design.

At 570mm in height, this high quality bath unit which comes with no pre drilled tap holes is one of a range of Royce Morgan baths that is entirely different to the rest of their collections. Buy the Camber luxury bath here.

Clearwater Boat Traditional Roll Top Bath T6C

Traditional roll top baths can set you back a hefty amount of money, not that the Clearwater boat rolltop won’t but traditional cast iron units with all their hand crafted paraphernalia and sculptured accessories certainly will cost a lot more.

Roll tops are considered to be more comfortable, it all kind of depends on what type of bather you are. If you like to lounge and chat a while or soak and read a book for twenty minutes then inbetween you may lift your arms and rest them on the rim of the bath. Designer rolltop baths are exceedingly useful in this situation and offer a far more comfortable bathe than a typical straight lined corned bath unit.

The Clearwater boat F/S bath with roll top measures 1800mm x 885mm and is manufactured from two skinned acrylic. It has a capacity of 245 litres and can be seated on the floor or raised with a pair of fashionable chrome legs or bath feet. The visual line enforced by the rolltop is matched by a line at the base of the unit but the main feature of this Clearwater bath is its gradual slipper bath effect.

The slipper on the freestanding bath unit isn’t as high as can be expected with most stand alone units and enables an easy leg in, leg out approach to exiting and entering the bath as well as adding a gliding design contrast. If you wished to add a fixed tap and shower head unit the feature is further accentuated when placed centrally between the slipper styled gradients. Buy Clearwater Boat here.

Clearwater Mystique Modern Bath M12

Clearwater baths are masters of technology and like to trial many different varieties of styles to give their loyal customers something different each time around. The Clearwater Mystique modern bath is markedly different from many displayed at Squillions in that while it has the curves and round base, the rim of the upper of the bath is exceedingly wide.

The luxury acrylic bath in a bright white finish at first resembles an enamel bath but with all the warm tech and sturdiness of an acrylic mould. For that bath with a distinct difference and the neat top hat upper rim, choose the Mystique to offer that mysticism and more modern feel on an old style bath. It’s a relatively simple design but the extended rim is certainly a bonus feature.

The Clearwater Mystique measures w 1690mm x d 850mm x h 570 mm, comes with a ten year guarantee and free of tap holes. Allowing you to decide whether to have freestanding taps, wall taps and keep the unit intact. Get Mystique here.

Royce Morgan Sapphire White Luxury F/S

The Royce Morgan Sapphire is available in black or white. The intriguing thing I find about the majority of these modern baths is that none have taken the next step in the contemporary evolution of making colour a participant of the interior.

While many are shaped in traditional slipper and double ended style, and seek to match the exterior to their surrounds, none go as far as to consider that colouring the interior red or black may be an aesthetic alternative. Having said that, this Royce Morgan Sapphire white luxury bath has its place in the black collection.

The white and black sapphire models both measure (L) 1650mm (W) 735mm (H) 610mm and have a water capacity of 180 litres. It is sophisticated, full of finesse and a high quality design. Buy the Royce Morgan white luxury bath.

Dorchester 1750mm F/S Designer Bath

To my amazement we were able to find a bath that wasn’t focused on absolute symmetry. There is a manufacturer that has decided to break the rules and not only develop a designer bath that looks like it could set sail, but one that integrates waves also.

Made from acrylic, the designer bath’s curvature takes a wild ride down the sides offering a very unique inlet curved base that follows through with the design process along the top of the bath’s rim. The end result is an astounding wavy luxury bath that is the Dorchester. Measuring 1750mm by 780mm and a height of 700mm. This polished designer bath is an elegant change from the contemporary norm. Buy the futuristic Dorchester here.

Royce Morgan Ebony Luxury Slipper Bath

The Ebony slipper bath has a length of 1710mm and width of 735mm and a height of 730mm. The slipper style is not so different at either end making this bath a little more unique. The  flat based floor standing model is one of many great thin edge acrylic baths from the Royce Morgan Black range.

Lack of straight lines and use of curves and a smooth rolling surface are the results of an effortless design team that brings contemporary luxury baths to more than match any on the current market. The F/S baths are primarily built with no tap holes and are suited for F/S taps and shower heads. Buy the Ebony.

Royce Morgan Onyx Luxury F/S Bath

This modern double ended bath encapsulates all of the Royce Morgan black range. Why? Because it’s simple. Often designers complicate items with intricate detailing and lines when often all that is required is an affluent shape that does the talking itself.

The parallel straight sides top, bottom and interior are overwhelmingly shaded by the curved edges and rounded top and base in the Royce Morgan Onyx. Measuring (L) 1700mm (W) 670mm (H) 600mm it is a two skinned acrylic and durable bath unit with thin edges. So thin you’ll be astounded at the strength that resides within.

The Onyx bath holds 180 litres despite its stature and has sloping interior sides to offer great back support when relaxing in your tub. Get Royce Morgan Onyx.

Royce Morgan Portland 1710 Luxury Freestanding Double Ended Bath

There are not many baths that try to be something else but this Royce Morgan Portland bath unit mimics a cast iron bath very well. Made from white double skinned sanitary grade acrylic, the exterior points to it being made of something else entirely different and that being cast iron however it isn’t.

The accentuated bolts at the base of the traditional double ended bath help point to a mysterious underlay and the grey metallic colour helps hide the fact it is a modern and contemporary boat bath. This freestander measures L 1710 x W 690 x H 680 mm and holds 200 litres of water.

The triumphant aesthetics of cast iron shine through and the Portland is built to go with freestanding or wall mounted taps. As with all twin skinned acrylic baths, the thermal properties are much vaunted and will retain heat longer than other designs. A supremely captivating double ended bath. Buy Royce Morgan Portland.

Mere Carron 49-6861 Halcyon White Bath

There are two closely related Mere Carron Halycon baths in this range, one oval and the other square. Both are the same size but the oval model holds a little more water capacity at 270 litres. The Halycon measures 1750mm by 800mm and 540mm in height. The range utilises twin skinned acrylic with waste included and both come with a twenty year guarantee.

The Carron baths have a white curved rim and no corners creating a pleasing environment for relaxation and the double ended baths are suitable for two people to share. The designer baths are most suited for use with freestand taps. Buy here.

Mere Carron 49-0649 Halcyon Square Red Freestanding Bath

White doesn’t however do either of these double ended baths justice. The Halycon from Carron comes in alternative colours and in black and red. The colours look fantastic on approach and in contrast to the white interior of the bath tub. The square Halycon again measures 1750mm by 800mm but is slightly more shallow at 440mmin depth.

If you wish for a different colour to match your bathroom’s decor then you can request this when ordering, it may take longer to arrive but may well be worth the wait. Get the Halycon Square from Mere Carron baths here.

Roca Eliptico White Cast-Iron Freestanding Bath 233650007

Available in a white or grey exterior this Roca Eliptico grand standing oval cast iron bath is a behemoth to decadence and divine designer baths everywhere. I’s imperialistic design features upon the vastly curved bottom and roll top rims and with the bath measuring Length: 1700 mm. Width: 850 mm. Height: 420 mm. you could probably fit half the Royal Family in on one session.

At 222 litres it states fit for one person but from experience there’s always room for two.  There are a variety of additional options that make this bath the remarkable centre piece that it is. Choose a set of four cast iron chrome or Eagle chrome feet or a cheery wood finish woodline platform. A floor standing thermostatic bath and shower column is also an option. View Roco Eliptico.

Heritage Kent 2 Tap Hole White Slipper Cast Iron Bath BRT27

Heritage baths certainly live by and work by the name of their company. Bringing heritage into the modern era with their range of cast iron slipper baths that excel at elegance and dominance in the arena of contemporary affluence in the bathroom.

The freestanding cast iron slipper baths have a white ripple enamelled interior and a ready to paint exterior. Match your bathroom’s decor by choosing the right colour for your bath. This Heritage Kent model has a variety of bath feet also, from Cast Iron, Chrome, Antique Gold Slipper Heritage Ball & Claw Feet to
the same materials but in a Slipper Imperial Feet style.

Measuring Length 1550mm x Width 765mm x Height 748mm with a Solid Cast Iron Construction and a 25 year guarantee you can be assured of longevity when heaving this monster of a slipper bath through your house. Usher in a new past age into your home and make the Heritage Kent the centre piece feature of your empirical bathing. Get the FS Kent cast iron slipper bath here.

Royce Morgan Aldo 1750 Luxury Freestanding Bath

With any one design it is possible to remove a feature or in this case build on the original and an added extra. In this instance The Royce Morgan Camber bath has been turned into an ingenious and fashionable rolltop Royce Morgan Aldo by adding the traditional curved rim and broadening the base of the bath unit.

In what is being seen as an award warning Royce Morgan Traditional Range, the lines at the bottom covert a sense of pride when matched with the parallels of a rolling rim, with the two aspects seemingly rivalling each other for the viewer’s attention.

The remarkable thing about freestanding baths is the simplicity in being able to market a concept with very little detail. In the art word it is termed minimalist. In the past to gain attention, you’d need woven materials and metals and carved out features to gain notoriety but Royce Morgan takes a minimalist approach mirroring each design effect symmetrically to offer a stand alone bath collection that is about architecture for the bathroom.

For all intense and purposes, yes it’s just a bath and you’ll sit in it quite happily not giving a care in the world about the fine lines and steps at the base or the carefully hand crafted and sculptured smooth interior rim. Yet at the same time, you clearly do as you have distinguished the details between the Aldo roll top bath and the Camber.

The luxury Royce Morgan Aldo roll top bath is offered without tap holes enabling you to accessorise with freestanding taps and measures (L) 1745mm (W) 790mm (H) 580mm. Buy the Aldo bath here.

Phoenix Legato Freestanding Corner Bath

Another style of freestanders is the corner unit. Despite the notion that a free stander should be free of walls and be central in a bathroom, there are models that can simply be up against a wall or close to and that are both offered in right hand corner and left hand corner designs.

The Phoenix Legato corner bath is one such freestander that has six side panels, three on the main sides and a nice three panelled half hexagonal visual feature on the front to give the corner bath unit that extra pizazz. The bath measures 1800mm x 900mm x 450mm and has a capacity of 200 litres.

Boring as corner units are, this isn’t the case with the Phoenix Legato. It can be fitted with airpool, whirlpool or both and a variety of contemporary tap accessories will help complete this bath unit. View Legato corner bath here.

Heritage Sardinia BRT70 White Double Ended Cast Iron Freestanding Bath

History meets the modern age in this Heritage Sardinia contemporary cast iron 21st century design. An epic cast iron bath in black with a pair of marvellous metallic bath feet that are pillars of shining silver under the double ended freestander bath.

The solid cast iron construction has a white ripple enamel interior and an easy to paint exterior. Measuring 1800mm by 800mm by 670mm that can tiptoe on the chrome or cast iron cube contemporary bath feet. The bath tub has a water capacity of 255 litres. Buy the Heritage Sardinia double ended bath here.

Clearwater Emperor Traditional Bath T13B

Back to the wild wild west with this version of the more traditional old style bucket slipper bath.

Enter a profoundly simple free standing acrylic slipper roll top bath that will support your back when seated in your warm pool of luxury. Made from durable and reinforced lucite twin skinned acrylic, the bath is hand crafted to offer a long lasting solution to your bathing requirements.

After experiencing FS baths you won’t look back – well you can’t when driving a slipper bath, but whether double ended or single, baths like the Clearwater Emperor bath are the future for now at least. View the traditional acrylic roll top slipper here.

Lauren Luxury Free Standing Bath

From Bathroom Heaven comes this magnificent white acrylic roll top freestanding bath. Its stature dominates the bathroom at an impressive 1700mm and comes with an incredible 25 year guarantee.

This designer Lauren luxury freestanding bath is manufactured by Pura Bathrooms (Essence PB108) that has a thick 5mm acrylic skin and several layers of resin bonded, fibre glass to offer firm stability. With so many great baths to choose from the Lauren stands out as a monumental piece of bathing delight with the extra layers of acrylic providing for additional containment of water temperature. The luxury Lauren bath requires a freestanding bath mixer tap. Buy or read more here.

Royce Morgan Osaka 1750 Luxury Freestanding Bath with Waste – Light Oak

There are several different ways of presenting and holding in place a designer stand alone bath.

The obvious are bath feet, another is a flat based floor standing model with built in podium and I’m sure a bath could even be firmly hung from a ceiling. But in the case of the modern Royce Morgan Osaka, a light wood base captures the round hub of the bath tub adding an exceptional contrasting feature.

Another traditional roll top bath, the Osaka measures 1750mm in length with a width of 790mm. The height of 590mm contains the Osaka interior basin offering a back comforting incline and of course the roll top rim allows you to stretch your arms and wallow and soak in the soap suds. View the Osaka here.

BestBathrooms Complete Traditional Freestanding Slipper Bath Suite

Unlike the other baths in this list of the fifty best freestanding baths currently online, this is a complete bath suite encompassing the Traditional Freestanding Slipper Bath, Traditional Belmont Toilet Set and Traditional Belmont Basin Set.

The perfect bathroom suite ensemble to reinvigorate any old styled bathroom or bring life to a recently decorated and refashioned room of steamy relaxation. The bath in a slipper style has a double-skinned acrylic sheet of around 5mm thickness and is backup by six to eight mm of resin inbetween.

The luxury slipper bath comes with pre drilled tap holes and traditional standpipes, bath shower mixer and waste. At 1710mm x 720mm the freestanding slipper bath evokes the 1920s and delivers elegance beyond the imagination at half the price of most stand alone baths. There are also three styles of bath feet incorporating a finishing touch with a ball and claw chrome effect. Also available in a traditional rolltop style. Buy the slipper bath.

Premier Alice Double Ended Slipper Bath

Ever heard the phrase, as happy as a pig in… put your pig in this beauty and you’ll be able to call him Alice all day long. The freestanding Premier Alice Double Ended Slipper Bath is straight out of an Hollywood film set. Designer sipper baths are the ultimate in style.

Relax in comfort as this luxurious bath enables you and your partner to caress the sides of the bath while you both wallow in 210 litres of hot water. Measures 1750mm x 800mm x 700mm. recommended to be used with a freestanding bath shower tap mixer. Buy double ended slipper bath.

Contemporary Cocoon Freestanding Bath

The only thing missing from this white bath is a paddle. Pus some Amazon tunes on close your eyes as as you sail down a soapy river in this gigantic cocoon shaped free standing bath that has all the luxury and style you could wish for.

The cocoon bath has a bevelled ridge top and comes in a brilliant white and offers an enormous amount of room inside to wallow in steamy water to your heart’s content. The freestanding bath measures can be positioned anywhere in your bathroom and will soon become the focal point measuring 1750mm by 850mm and 66cmin height. Buy the cocoon here.

Organic Contemporary Freestanding Bath

A bath for two and ample room for adults. The Organic Freestanding Bath comes with a twenty five year guarantee and it is recommended that you measure your door frames to ensure you can get the bath into situ.

The bath is more like a yacht without sails thanks to the curvature that rises from the base to the top, with edges that lean in to contain water drips that may try to escape. With huge freestand baths like this, you need to ensure your water tank and boiler can cope with filling it up in one session.

At 1850 mm in length, 685mm in height and a massive 1000mm width you’ll be soaking in the suds with your partner all night long in the lusciously white coated Contemporary free stand bath. Buy the contemporary bath here.

Clearwater Soho Modern Freestanding Bath with Stainless Steel Frame

I’d be the first to admit that witnessing the Clearwater Soho modern bath on its lonesome it leaves a lot to be desired. However when featured in a bathroom the simplicity of the modern stainless steel frame which both supports and surrounds the lucite acrylic bath tub adds a certain charm to the bathroom.

Measuring 1685mm (l) x 745mm (w) x 615mm (h), the Soho freestander is possibly one of very few baths that offer a storage item where you can hang items from the rails or position other towels or flannels. Not entirely ideal with water splashes possible but that depends on storage options that you hang. The flat top bath is certainly unique with combination steel frame. View Soho here.

Phoenix Dolce Purple Freestanding Bath with Whirlpool System 1

Get ready to dive, dive, dive and switch on to 20,000 leagues under the sea. OK, a little extreme but this phoenix dolce purple freestanding bath comes with whirlpool system 1 and plays to the Thunderbirds theme tune. The luxury dolce bath has several features in built. These include a safety suction feature, funky directional whirlpool jets and 2x air flow controls.

This range of luxury whirlpool bath comes in a variety of colours, black, grey, and purple with different systems including the airpool system 2. The exquisite bath offers a sublime bathing experience with more bubbles than a Whispa bar and has back and foot jets for additional soothing. Fly the Phoenix here.

Matrix Tiffany 1800TIF Modern Freestanding Skirted Bath

At 570mm in height this is one of the shortest freestanders Squillions has come across. However where the Matrix Tiffany modern bath is compact in height, it makes up for in width at 820mm and length 1800mm. This modern double ended bath is almost Japanese it’s so low to the ground.

All Matrix baths feature an EasyClean coating that ensures the bath deters dirt from the very first use. Reducing adhesion of dirt and scaling and ensuring a longer life for the skin of the bath. The curvaceous bowl design of the luxury modern bath makes it an individual in freestanders and unique but also at less than £600, you’re not only laughing all the way to the bank, but to the bathroom also. Buy the elegant designer Matrix Tuffany skirted bath here.

Cavalania Roll Top Freestanding Bath Red

What a magnificent freestanding roll top bath. Available in black or red the base of the bath is lifted off the floor by four sturdy iron cast legs as if it is about to walk away with your bath water and come back with a warm clean refill.

The beautifully designed Cavalania roll top bath would match most bathroom décors, the roll top white delicately overflows into the blood orange bath tub exterior below. At 1690mm by 750mm it’s a veritable giant sinks of a bath tub and with candles illuminating the room you’ll probably be staring at the bath for ages before stepping in. At least for the first few years anyway. Get the Cavalania rolltop freestanding bath here.

Trick 1800 Double Ended Square Freestanding Bath – NFB006

A clever individual has rather impressively done away with the cocoon and boat design method and incorporated a white as snow toboggan into the fray. This luxury double ended bath has rounded corners at its base and is featured rather stunningly on a step base in the picture on the left.

Made with double skinned lucite acrylic and coming in at under £500 the Trick double ended freestanding bath demonstrates that you don’t need to go high end to find a suitable luxury bathing facility. A rigid straight lined rim top completes the smooth angled bath panels and the interior has a steep incline leaving ample room to bathe in. Although pictured as a flat based floor standing model, this stand alone bath also comes with attachable leg set.

At L1800mm x W800mm x H600mm and with a five year guarantee this luxury bath will look great with floor mounted freestanding taps. Buy trick.

Balterley Echo Burgundy  Freestanding Bath 

Finally a free standing acrylic bath that you don’t need to paint after purchase. The Balterley Echo Burgandy (BA1775EBGFB), which is also available in black, is manufactured in a coloured acrylic. This double ended bath can be lifted off the floor with a pair of bath feet to add that special touch.

At 1685mm in length and 745mm wide this beautiful bath tub looks fantastic with its white sloping interior and brilliantly burgundy exterior, sure to revive any decadent bathroom. Tap and waste are not built in so you can further accessorise the bath. View the Balterley Echo in Burgandy here.

Balterley Capullo Luxury Freestanding Bath

Not everyone can afford to spend the equivalent of the cost of a second hand car on an 1800mm bath to wash themselves in. So when style and exuberance is on a budget, don’t cut too many corners and take a sneak peak at the Balterley Capullo designer double ended bath, at under £700 it’s just the ticket.

With a lifetime guarantee you can relax and wallow in comfort and peace and mind while immersing your naked body. Supplied undrilled the bath measures 1750mm by 850mm and includes a click-clack waste. A brand new model from the bathroom accessory manufacturers Balterley baths, the tub utilises two hand crafted sheets of sanitary grade acrylic, holds 187 litres and is designed to be used with wall-mounted or floor-mounted bath and shower taps.

Humans have a fascination with eggs and their shape and a lot of these luxury freestanders do resemble each other to a certain degree, especially the wide double ended baths. But if a cost is an issue, the Balterley Capullo is certainly one of the better stand alone baths at the lower end. View the Capullo here.

Acrylic Roll Top Baths: Baths with more acrylic are scientifically proven to maintain the water temperature longer than steel. Ensuring a relaxing soak without too much of a temperature dip. Steel baths conduct heat and therefore water cools more quickly. Additional layers in an acrylic roll top bath should be sought after.

Roll Top Baths: So called due to the overlapping rolling rim that rises from the interior to pour down over the outside of the bath. Roll tops are great for more comfort and also look great design wise.

Whirlpool / Airpool Baths: Many baths these days come fitted with jets and if aren’t built in, can be added after. Most online bath retailers will advise if it is possible to add whirlpool or airpool systems. These systems allow for air and water pressure massages – apparently. Aside from that, they feel good.

Slipper Baths: Typically slipper baths resemble a women’s slipper, one high end, sloping downwards until flat or continuing  a gradual decline. Some double ended baths are also double ended slipper baths with two high ends sloping towards the middle.

No Tap Hole: Most cast iron baths will come pre-drilled and with tap holes but there are versions you can buy without. Also acrylic baths tend to come with no tap hole as well as freestanding baths often illuminate a taste for freestanding tap and shower units.

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