Adult’s Point Two Soft Shell Gilet And Free Jacket

Horse riding air jackets are an important clothing accessory when partaking in cross country riding or in competitive sport. There are no end of news items where riders have fallen and a doctor has stated after that without air jackets for horse riding being worn, injuries would have been far more substantial and sustained if Point Two air jackets were not being used as a form of body protector.

Naturally anyone with Squillions, not only has a yacht moored at their Marina but a horse or two kept at their local stables. While you enjoy horsing around, one aspect not to take lightly is that of safety. The problem up until now has been that you either look like a bodyguard on duty around Buckingham Palace or you give people the impression you’re worried about being assassinated by a family member.

Well my fashion conscious horse riders, have we got a treat for you. In conjunction with one of our favourite Equestrian clothing retailers, we bring you the cheap Point Two Soft Shell Gilet which is now available in both adult and child sizes and for a limited time you can get a free Point Two Soft Shell Jacket bundled in for as long as stocks last.


Child’s Point Two Soft Shell Gilet And Adult’s Jacket

Read any Point Two air jacket reviews and most riders from professionals active in competitive sport through to those who teach horse riding to amateurs, suggest that the efficiency and protection offered by Point Two soft shell gilets are second to none. One tenth of a second in fact. For that is the amount of time it takes this Point Two jacket fitted with a Point Two airbag to wrap itself around your body and ensure you are cushioned upon falling.

Not to take anything away from other designs of horse riding air jackets but when you consider how high end horse riding clothing is, it’s a bit crazy when you and your horse are standing in front of that ten foot high mirror, that you look as if you’re about to jump into a swimming pool and float there with a glass of champagne in your hand.

But with this Point Two Soft Shell Gilet not only is the design sleek, slender and shockingly smooth, you’ll look ever more the Lady or Gentleman and horse riding fashionista that you wish to be. Riding through the country side with a Point 2 air jacket that is stylish and also fit for purpose.

Free Point Two Soft Shell Jacket For Children And Adults

For a limited time, when you buy a cheap Point Two soft shell gilet, you can receive a Point Two soft shell jacket completely free of charge. Which is astounding as alone it retails at approximately £125. It is designed to fit over the Point Two gilet and provides an option for colder weather and longer sleeves. Note you need the Point 2 gilet as the long sleeve jacket does not come with a Point Two airbag installed.

The Free soft shell outer jacket comes in fives sizes. Three for adults and two for children. The Adults soft shell jacket outer comes in a small – chest: 85-95cm / waist: 80-90cm and a medium – chest: 90-100cm / waist: 85-95cm. The child’s Point Two soft shell outer jacket is available in extra large – chest: 85-95cm / waist: 80-90cm. Please see chart below for the full Point Two soft shell gilet sizes.

Soft Shell CXL S M L XL
Rider Height (cm) 146-156 150-160 158-172 166-176 174-184
Rider Chest (cm) 85-95 85-95 90-100 95-105 100-110
Rider Waist (cm) 80-90 80-90 85-95 90-100 95-105
Waist-to-waist over shoulder 76-86 80-90 85-95 90-100 95-105


Get your free Point Two soft shell jacket for horse riding when you buy the Point Two soft shell gilet here. Limited time offer – while stocks last.


How Does The Point Two Soft Shell Gilet Work?

If you are unmounted from your horse at any point, whether you are show jumping, schooling or hacking the Point Two soft shell gilet goes into action without any need for you to do anything. The kit actually thinks faster than you, due to the speed of gallop or momentum of falling, you could well be on the ground before you even contemplate pulling the trigger manually.

Which is why all three parts of the specialist horse riding air jacket, bungee lanyard, saddle attachment and air canister work in tandem to offer you instantaneous protection. Once you mount your horse, you attach the saddle attachment – a Nylon stirrup strap, to the bungee lanyard that protrudes from the Point Two soft shell gilet itself. Once tense, the cord pulls and releases the gas into the sections of the Point Two jacket within a tenth of a second.

Before you hit the ground, the horse riding air jacket and body protector will inflate and in the words of the manufacturer, it works to “distribute pressure, absorb shock and support the spinal column in the event of a rider fall.” While this air jacket for horse riding provides great protection, you should always consider wearing a traditional body protector too.

Buy Point Two Soft Shell Gilet Get The Point Two Soft Shell Jacket Free

The Point Two air vest comes in many different styles including ProAir, Hunter, P2RS and with a variety of accessories for the airbag jacket and air vests for horse riding such as back pad insert, saddle attachment and bungee lanyard.

Remember while Point 2 air jackets with Point Two soft shell gilet readily accept replacement canisters, you should get the gilet serviced at least every six falls or annually. For the ultimate in horse riding air jackets, safety and style. Check for the latest Millbry Hill discount codes here.