Airselfie AirPix Drone Camera Autonomous Flying Face Tracker

Is it a drone? Is it a camera? Is it a selfie stick? It is all three just without the stick. AirPix is the Airselfie Camera of the future, Back to the Future that is as it is here now. It can fit in your pocket, fly itself a distance of 20 metres from you using scientifically clever stuff like gyro and geomagnetic sensors which allows it to know exactly where it is in relation to you and balance itself like an F35 military plane. And you need an Airselfie, we all do!

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I was never a fan of the selfie stick as I think you have to love yourself a little too much to have one. Sure, if you’re a couple it’s nice to get a few photos of yourselves but how many do you need? Add to the fact photos will always show your arm outstretched as if holding a giraffe at bay, that and you have to carry it everywhere (no, not the giraffe) and mobiles do have time delay capture these days too.

Enter the AirPix Airselfie 2, so called as it is an upgrade from its original predecessor. At Squillions we love gadgets but even more when they supplement and build on to our lives rather than just a simplistic fancy. This gadget is a drone, it flies, hovers, circulates and for that reason alone it is super cool. The element that has us all drooling is that it has a face tracker. Otherwise how else would it work?

Airselfie Drone Camera Flying Face Tracker

Now you must have seen the series with Jessica Alba, the futuristic dystopia which has DNA altered humans. In Dark Angel the security forces of the day have drone cameras and CCTV that watched an unsuspecting public for their minor and major misdemeanors and tracked people. This Airselfie is a Dark Angel drone. Why? Because it has face tracking ability.

The uncanny aspect, and as I have a a very vivid imagination is that if it can face track your face, then surely it can face track just about anybody’s facial features? Imagine the possibilities for stalking. OK, that’s a little dark. But if you allow your child to walk to school alone or with friends, if you want to keep an eye on your dog or cat – would that kind of face tracking work I wonder? Then an AirPix Airselfie 2 drone camera is a solution.

For the past few years you could buy a normal drone and attach your mobile phone to it but this is an entirely separate utility and is pocket sized too. Whether you are an amateur photographer, professional, wish to use it for fun or a serious project the AirPix Airselfie has enough capacity and technical ability to superimpose your life upon others. Let’s look at the specs.

AirPix Airselfie Drone Camera Technical Specifications

AirPix Airselfie Technical Specifications:

*Specs are for the Airselfie 2. AirPix by AirSelfie is a different model.

Full HD video 1920 x 1080p @30fps
12 MP camera
16 GB memory – built in Micro DS card
Airselfie 15,000 mAh powerbank with USB-C Cable
400mAh 7.4v Built-in Battery
2.4g wifi – self generated
Control distance 20 meters / 65 feet
Gyro/Barometer/Geomagnetic sensor
Controlled via mobile application
Dimensions: 98.5mm x 71.2mm x 13.6mm (3.8” x2.8” x0.5”)
Weight: 2.8oz (80.3 gr)
Encased in Anodized Aluminum

If you thought Elon Musk had a patent on autonomous landings you’d be wrong, this AirPix Airselfie drone can land by itself with its Self Auto Landing feature either upon power down alert or if control has been lost or to your hand after a pic or video has been taken. Freaky no? It is fantastic, imagine Hollywood stars dumping their director and just going with the flow.

It has similar technology to the latest air fighter jets (not really) in that it can offer smooth air flight stabilisation with its chassis integrated propellers and brushed coreless motors. Unfortunately you cannot join the mile high club with this gadget unless you too are in a fantastic flying machine as it has an operating distance of 20 metres.

It enables perfect imagery and video thanks to the embedded stability camera, which one presumes negates any wobble. There is also altitude sonar, OMG it’s a flying submarine too. Now it all needs is nuclear deterrent and you’ll be President of your very own personal space. I am so excited by this technology, imagine walking down the street doing a video for Twitter or Facebook, at a live event, at a protest, meeting someone famous and it is all recorded, hands free.

Airselfie Drone Pocket Cameras

Who Needs An Airselfie?

Who would want an AirPix Airselfie drone? This is the magical thing about a drone which can take pictures and videos without a third person being necessary. Every person in the world should want a selfie drone. Of course you can have someone manage a drone like this for you but it really is semi autonomous in that you can launch it via the dedicated mobile phone application, choose the face to track and it will do everything else for you.

Families: Capture you and your children at play effortlessly, have it running all the time and only keep the moments that are fun to rewatch. That’s a little 1984 but how many times has your child done something incredibly amazing but you didn’t have an Airselfie to hand? Or your Missus made an error of judgement and now you’ll have proof and won’t have to wash the dishes ever again!

Where Would Airselfie Be Handy?

Which scenarios would the AirPix Airselfie drone work best for? Hollywood and news media have been using drones for years now. To capture the most fabulous scenic and fast action shots where an helicopter or crane would simply not produce the best outcome. A drone is now a cameraman, you can be the producer and choose the shot that could invoke a million tears or a billion cheers.

Never before has Joe Public been so empowered. Wherever you are, up a mountain cliff face, underground in a cave potholing, in a hot air balloon, playing football, walking down the high street talking, this AirPix Airselfie drone camera can capture and record everything. It is a monumental piece of flying technology that can help you create film for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more media and social platforms.

Which Businesses Could Use An Airselfie?

While it is of course a fun gadget to have, and has tremendous personal usage for stored memories. An entire Police force could use these to track criminals. What about private security firms? If you wish to record employee performance, send Airpix Airselfie flying camera out to monitor their work. Is your groundsman tending to your acres of plush green grass and trees or watching a film downloaded illegally from the internet?

Get The Airselfie Drone Camera

Start making memories todays. At Christmas and Birthdays, chuck an Airselfie in the air and start recording and rerun those scenes like never before. Are you over 18? If this AirPix Airselfie drone camera was to feature in an episode you know full well something very adulty and over 18 could be recorded. You could even use three airselfie drones to cover all the angles.