Alevi Milano Pumps, Sandals, Mules & Shoes

Who or what is Alevi Milano? This is an Italian high end shoe brand developed by two women already high up in the fashion industry. Valentina Micchetti and Perla Alessandri. Collaborating and taking on what genetically is a task they’re great grandparents had already done, being cobblers and using an existing shoe factory in their families, they cobbled together the Alevi Milano brand with some very exciting ideas.

What’s so special about Alevi Milano and styles? You may believe that all that is achieved time and time again is that shoes are repeated in the same style. Yet it is how a pump, sandal or mule is made that matters. How it is stitched, which materials are used, how it is put together, where in the world it is manufactured, who by and then after all, which superstars and celebrities think they’re a great Italian shoe to wear.

For instance the female business partners would perhaps have not opened up a shoe factory in Bolton, England. There’s nothing wrong with doing so, Arighi Bianchi are an Italian brand and opened in England as immigrants. It is fair to say that anything clothing and fashion wise made in Italy such as these Alevi Milano sandals are going to attract more allure.

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With that as a first instinct buyers can expect to pay an hefty price. Especially if the quality of manufacturing and long lasting appeal and worthiness of the product is lasting. Women love to buy pumps and mules because they can wear them once, put them back in the box and then three years later wear them again. Even women on a low income have dozens of shoes, rich women have a six bedroom house, four of which for footwear alone.

Alevi Milano Sandals, Mules & Pumps Collection

Alevì Milano Black Velvet Bianca Pumps

Alevì Milano Velvet Bianca Pumps Red

Alevì Milano Velvet Irina Pumps 110

Featuring: Alevì Milano Blacke Velvet Bianca Pumps, Alevì Milano Pumps Red Velvet Bianca, Alevì Milano Irina Velvet Pumps 11 cm.

Whenever there is an item that looks luxurious I want to break into a Marks and Spencer advert dialogue. These aren’t just any shoes, they are supremely marvellous shoes. Decadent and surprising in every way. Aren’t they though? I’m male, and very grateful for that I am too.

However I do like women’s pins and ankles. These Alevì Milano pumps Bianca style with black velvet and PVC toes really will make a woman stand out from the crowd, especially when it elevates their heel by eleven centimetres. Look out Tom Cruise, wear heels or go home. They even come in a dashing red.

Without a doubt the style will be copied, both the top of the PVC and toe is also covered with velvet and the sole is typically Italian leather, Made in Italy and has a signature sole print. There’s a very tidy ankle buckle to top it off and I am told are very comfortable.

Both Valentina and Perla must have sat around a table with a design team for hours wondering how they could better the pumps displayed above and they did. With an Alevì Milano Velvet Irina Sandal 110, coming in plush red velvet it’s an open toe sandal version with a very pretty bow and double ankle tie closure. They’re not just any bows though, they’re satin bows. The velvet also covers the stiletto heel. How’s that for being naughty?

Alevì Milano Ruched Isabeli Pumps 110 Cream

Alevì Milano Ruched Isabeli Pumps 110 Black

Featuring: Cream Tulle Alevì Milano Ruched Isabeli Pumps 11 cm, Alevì Milano Isabeli Tulle Ankle Boots In Black

We’ll return to the open Summer / evening footwear shortly but here’s another surprise. There has been a trend in recent years to wear your scarf around your feet. A kind of turn on Uggs but for the Summer instead. They’re fabulously scrunched Tulle mesh fabric that let the air in and the style out.

Featuring the Alevì Milano Isabeli Pumps with ruched outer and 11cm heel as they are known at Harrods or elsewhere the Alevì Milano Isabeli Ankle Boots with tulle certainly do show off an Italian flair for making your feet whimsical and stylistic at the same time. Coming in either a black or beige leather trim with double layered stretch Tulle and finished with a pointed toe and 11cm heel, boy are you going to be the talk of party.

Collect All The Alevi Milano Mules, Pumps & Sandals

Alevì Milano Sara Pointed Sandals 80

Alevì Milano Velvet Bar Sandals

Alevì Milano Stella Sandals Silver Metalic

Alevì Milano Stella Sandals

Alevì Milano Patent Alessandra Sandals

Alevì Milano Metallic Alessandra Sandals

Featuring: Alevì Milano Sara Pointed Sandals 80, Alevì Milano Sandals with Velvet Bar, Alevì Milano Stella Sandals with Silver Metallic, Alevì Milano Sandals, Alevì Milano Alessandra Sandals in Patent and Metallic.

Side by side we see the design journey that this particular Alevì Milano shoe collection has taken. With the Alevi Marino Sara Sandals Pointed 80 and the Alevì Milano Sandals with Velvet Bar. So alike but equally different at the same time. One would look perfect at the beach in a pair of cut off jeans, the other a fancy evening on the promenade in a flowing Summer dress.

What impresses me is the desire to turn any single person into a model of desire, not just someone to appreciate that they take care of themselves, that they wish to become a part of life, be life and in that vein turn themselves into a moving sxultpure. What am I talking about?

Take a gander at the Alevì Milano Stella Sandals with a metallic or red finish.  An eleven centimetre heel with double buckle fastening and intricate stitching. The T-Bar detailing with silhouette strap that joins the calf buckle to the toe is really spectacular, as is the caged feel around the toes. Foot fetish anyone? i wonder, did they mean Alevì Milano Stella Sandals or Stellar?

I do like feet, is that wrong? Am I naughty? Perhaps I’m not but I feel Perla Alessandri and Valentina Micchetii might well be. As if caged toes were not enough and while a close fit, there’s plenty of room for your tiger feet to get around in this caged outfit, calmly named Alevì Milano Alessandra Sandals in both patent and metallic. They should be called Roar or at least conjure up a majestic name such as Stalagmite

Alevì Milano Naomi Tulle Mules 85

Alevì Milano Velvet Eli Mules 110

Featuring: Alevì Milano Naomi Tulle Mules 8.5cm & Alevì Milano Eli Mules Velvet 11cm.

What woman doesn’t love Mules and I’m not talking donkeys at the seaside, though that’s not out of the question. The slip on style Alevì Milano Naomi Mules in Tulle with 8.5cm heels would be more than adequate footwear at the beach or anywhere. The sleek double layered stretch tulle  with leather covered stiletto heel takes the socked mules to a whole new level.

As do the Alevì Milano Eli Mules in velvet with 11 cm stiletto. With a velvet upper and leather lining and sole this new collection takes a bit of everything from all other Alevi Milano shoes and adds in a PVC upper with velvet covered toe and angled silhouette strap to increase the levity of the height of the stiletto itself. All of the incredible Italian made shoes from a very new (2017) Italian shoe brand come with a branded box with dust bag.

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