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One might suggest that the moment this woman was born is the instance her creation was cast upon the masses. From day one not unlike the First Emperor of China’s Terracotta Army, Daisy Boman will have a multitude of Bo-men awaiting her orders forever more. Take over the world? She already has. Born in Belgium her little men and women or any gender you care to imagine, have marched across the globe faster than the idea of Labour Day. A struggle so serene that even some Daisy Boman discount codes won’t give you money off some of this original art.

What kind of art can you find? Noted as a ceramicist, she’s a sculptor of the Sissa School of Art. Formed from Westerwald Clay, each piece is hand made and to the tune of 150 runs in some editions. considered works of art and collected by the famous and rich, with some very larger than life models to be found in public. her gallery tours the world. Pieces of which, some you can own for several thousands of pounds – if you’re lucky. Daisy Boman offers on art and sculptures vary.

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The Bo-men are her main focus but how they are presented and the thoughts that are invoked are key and mostly personal to you. Some are indeed presented as paintings / wall art. Found on large plain canvasses, the Bo-men climb and co-ordinate to achieve the impossible. In other instances you’ll see a tug of war break out over pottery or juxtaposes of more Bo-men simply doing their thing. Use the rare Daisy Boman discount codes November 2017 here.

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