Ask The Missus Brogues Shoes At Office Shoes UK

Brogues Definition: The Brogues shoe is of Gaelic origin and is all about multi piece leather or fabric shoes, joined by stitching or showing perforations in the over lapping material.

Ask The Missus Definition: Otherwise known as under the thumb syndrome. When in a relationship you are acutely aware that before you buy or doing anything with mates, you need to “ask the missus.”

Ask The Missus Brogues Definition: A shoe manufacturer who put style and fashion back into brogues and broguing. Ask the missus brogues while fashionable are often garish and so shockingly suave that before you buy them, you really are going to have to “ask the missus” for her approval.

If you’re a man’s man then you don’t have to but if you’ve ever been in a serious relationship then you know ‘he’ doesn’t really exist. “Ask the missus” is a phrase synonymous with everything when courting. If mates ask if you want to go out, you have to “ask the missus.” If your children need an answer, you have to “ask the missus” or it’ll be you that’s perforated and stitched up, not the brogue shoe on sale at Office Shoes.

And most certainly if you’re buying any of these shoes and brogues, you really are going to have to ask the missus on several counts. Whether it’s the smart burgundy suede brogues that could clash with your sweetheart’s evening dress you’ll have to “ask the missus.”

Or if your girlfriend is considering flaunting herself in that God awful polka dot black and white dress, you’ll have to ask the missus before you buy these lesser leopard spotted ask the missus brogues with the rather definitive title of ‘Jupiter chukka boot Leopard pony’. What!?!

Before I continue, talking of Jupiter… who on which planet comes up with the names for these office shoes? A Jupiter chukka boot leopard pony? Try remembering that when you’re drunk, nice shoes mate, what they called? “Erm, Saturn pukka pie and they cost me a pony and erm leopard something. Chukka us a pint please guvnor!”

So here’s our Squillions top ten of Ask The Missus Brogues At Office Shoes UK. Get yourselves ready and grab your credit card as you’ll be buying ten times as much for the missus when you ask the missus to buy one of these awesome ask the missus brogues men’s shoes at the end of this low down.

1. Ask The Missus Jupiter Chukka Leopard Pony Boots

Oh wow, these are at number one as asking the missus is a definite if you fancy these ask the missus Jupiter chukka leopard pony boots. You’re clearly on another planet if wearing these and they cost more than a pony but well worth the spend.

These leopard print pony hair suede boots from ask the missus are so daring, you might be arrested just so the boy in blue can try them on while you’re in a cell. If you’re one leopard that doesn’t change his spots, get your missus to agree to these ask the missus boots. Buy here.

2. Ask The Missus Brogues Bobbi Monk black Suede Stud

Back in the seventies football fans had to remove shoes or laces to stop them fighting, these men’s Bobbi Monk Ask The Missus Brogues would have been banned and all the rage and should be now also.

The studs are positioned nicely should you need to kick a football and spoil everyone’s day but look pleasing on the eye surrounded by black suede and a wide to slim buckle across the top. Buy here.

3. Ask The Missus Brogues Uranus Black Suede Pink Sole

Ooo er missus, pink? Suits you! If you have to ask the missus if you can buy these black suede pink sole brogues then I don’t think you need worry about mates banter about Uranus.

I wonder if the pink rubber sole on these men’s shoes light up in the night club when the strobes come on. Get yourself a dance routine sorted especially when wearing these ask the missus brogues. Buy here.

4. Ask The Missus Uranus Brogue Black Suede Leopard Pony

A little more tame than the full on Jupiter chukka at number one. In a nice black suede, a curve of leopard spots make these brogues wearable for any occasion.

This ask the missus brogue has a black rubber sole and a black suede upper and is again concerned with Uranus. The black suede and leopard pattern and brown trim are superb. Buy.

5. Ask The Missus Uranus Brogues Burgundy Suede Blue Sole

Yes mate, you’ll have to ask the missus on these too. Burgundy will stand you out but you may well clash with the other half’s dress code. But my oh my, the burgundy suede certainly is very suave.

It’s easy to miss but the brogue comes with a blue tinted rubber sole which offsets the burgundy suede atop the shoe (not really). The perforated brogues and thin laces make this an ask the missus 50/50. Buy.

6. Ask The Missus Brogues Nevermind Chelsea Boot Rust Suede

For some reason these boots remind me of horses. Two ways to look at these, if you’re a Chelsea fan, then nevermind. If you’re not then simply point to your ask the missus nevermind Chelsea boots when they lose, they’ll get the picture soon enough.

These ask the missus brogues have a leather sock and leather lining, a rust suede upper and a synthetic sole. Just in case you were wondering. Buy here.

7. Ask The Missus Delta Lace Boot Black Leather Suede

Aptly named, these army style ask the missus delta lace boots in a fine black shiny and squeaky clean leather comes complete with a black suede leather upper. So the next time your missus gives you your marching orders, you can do so in style!

A seemingly inch high EVA sole will certainly give you extra height at the bar if your missus is in heels again… shorty! Buy here.

8. Ask The Missus Divorce Shearling Boot Chocolate Suede

Lamb for dinner? These comfortable men’s boots from ask the missus comes in two styles, black and chocolate. Comfortable thanks to a shearling lining – that’s sheepskin to you and me, only thinner.

Just don’t tell the missus a poor little lamb is keeping your tootsies warm. As that might be cause for divorce. Buy or read more here.

9. Ask The Missus Jupiter Chukka Boot Navy Suede Yellow Sole

This is where the garish gets silly, a bright yellow rubber sole is matched by a navy suede upper but the design and colour match still seems to come out on top. These Jupiter chukka navy suede yellow sole boots will still see you ask the missus but worth the look on her face. I think they’re quite fetching. Buy.

10. Ask The Missus Brogues Bobbi Monk Black Suede Patent

Now if you’re a cockney or Londoner, you’ll have a bubble at the name but wearing these men’s brogue shoes you’ll certainly have some.

These very smart Bobbi Monk black suede patent brogues from Ask the Missus are encased in Suede with a leather roof, offering a splendid design unmatched by any other shoe. The buckle is a nice touch too. Buy or read more here.

If you’re not allowed to buy one or more of these ask the missus brogues from office shoes UK then we have only one solution for you, ask the missus for a divorce. That’s if you’ve got the Bobbi Monk to do so. *I actually came up with the divorce punchline before seeing the shoe, it seems I have more in common with the shoe namer than I originally thought. Don’t ask the missus, click here! And click here for Office shoes discount codes to save money.