Bargain Wedding Dresses On A Budget And The Big Day

Shhh, whisper very quietly the following words, bargain wedding dresses on a budget… At Squillions we take a look at both ends of the money scale, now it’s time to take a gander at the really cheap end of wedding budgets and bargain wedding dresses on a budget in the UK.

For years we have been sold the myth that extravagance and spending Squillions is the path to true romance and a way to show how much you love someone. It is and it isn’t but out of the many people who fall in love and get engaged and married, what percentage do you think sell their house or take out a second mortgage to fund the big day?

The percentage is low. Whatever your pot, take the average or the median in whichever country and you’ll find there are penny pinchers and then there are spendthrifts. If the average then yes several humongous wedding days all seeing an exceedingly great amount of money spent will heighten the average. However take the median route and you’ll find hundreds and thousands opting for smaller affairs and cheaper wedding dresses.

Couples pick and choose what is most important to them and as with any clothing item, functional and best doesn’t always equate to needing to flash the Coutts credit card. Read the dailys and you’ll find many stories about the most expensive wedding dresses but so too in the headlines you can read about bargain wedding dresses and wedding dresses on a budget. So where do you fit it in and see yourselves?

The wedding day itself consists of many parts. Depending on your view you may go all out for the most expensive in every department but is that truly necessary? Do you need to have nine bridesmaids, do you require all men to be in the same suits. Do you require a lavish buffet and sit down meal in a huge marquee or is a pub rental adequate to quench the masses?

Then there’s the memories, do you order in the best photographer in the world or is a family friend simply superb with a video camera? Do you need Bruce Springsteen to sing live or will a cover band be more than enough entertainment?

OK, no one likes a tight husband to be but did you forget the wedding vows? Love is used by retailers to maximise profits, lavish is great for the gossip but indebting yourself to Harrods or expensive haute couture instead of spending vast amounts on a luxurious unforgettable honeymoon… I feel a great many opt for the bargain wedding dresses on a budget never minding what the Jones’ paid.

Decisions, decisions. I hear you asking, how much can a bargain wedding dress be anyway? Are wedding dresses on a budget really so bad? No the fact of the matter is they’re actually fantastic. What does a dress need to pass off as a wedding dress?

Well no matter what our persuasion for quirky or surprise, most will opt for white as snow. And you know full well by the time the mother and mother in law have had their way restyling what you originally purchased, half the material will have been cut away anyway.

There are a variety of bargain wedding dresses available on a budget for the big day and yes frequently they are short at the top and the bottom. The variety of wedding dress styles people are accustomed too are, A-Line, Ballgown, Empire, Mermaid, Fishtail, plus size, column, slim and tea length and of course short. So short is always an option, whether the most expensive wedding dress or the cheapest wedding dress.

So why not choose short bargain wedding dresses when on a budget, from the outset? At Milanoo you can find some of the most cheap wedding dresses in the UK. When focusing on a budget for the big day, they have an overwhelming range of cheaper yet fashionable attire for both men and women.

Ask your Dad if trains are in fashion and he’ll tell you the Inter City 125 was a spectacular one to catch. Enquire of any man whether he’s a legs or bum person and he may reply both and neck and shoulders. OK, you don’t wish to get married in pure white swimwear yet on the other hand, Dad and average man have just stated you would look most splendid in one of many short bargain wedding dresses on a budget.

That is two of the most important people made happy on the big day. What about you though!?! Every girl is supposed to want a huge extravagant wedding with lashing of overkill and a credit card debt the size of Barings Bank. That is what we’re told every girl wants.

If I informed you that bargain wedding dresses on a budget for the big day could be found for under £66, you’d probably laugh, ask if I’m kidding and hastily demand to view them. With apprehension of course, because Nicole Kidman and Princess Diana no doubt dutifully spent the cost of a small house on theirs.

However if you take a look through their website, they really do exist. White as you like and with enough razzle and dazzle to make you want to save another pound. They’re not just short bargain wedding dresses either. It is conceivable to arrange a whole wedding day around a full length bargain wedding gown without anyone batting an eyelid.

Get up, I’m in shock too. Only those who showed their spontaneous love through eloping to Gretna Green ever knew this was possible. Love, romance and weddings don’t need to cost the earth and these bargain wedding dresses certainly don’t either but look every bit the part.

No madam, they’re not made out of crepe paper either! At the lower end and under £66 the fabrics range from Chiffon, Taffeta, Tulle, to Lace and Satin.

Each with their own intricate detailing, stitching and designs incorporated into a variety of the most vaunted hemline and train dresses you could ever ask for.

Remember neck, shoulders, legs and bum? How many weddings do you see with a woman covered fully head to toe in veil and train?

How do the onlookers and invited know who is getting married? For Milanoo it’s tea length bargain wedding dresses and mini bargain wedding dresses on a budget all the way on the big day!

Their lowest priced wedding dress is at a phenomenal £32.36 – yes right down to the pence, it doesn’t make any sense! Short, mini, knee length, sweep or brush train, court train or asymmetrical, there’s a bargain wedding dress that suits you and you don’t need to sell the house to get into it!

Let’s remind ourselves of the world we live in today. For years poor people ate all they could from an animal and now the top restaurants in every country serve it up as a delicacy and pay through the nose for it. The smallest amount of food is termed gourmet and we pay over the odds for what amounts to smaller portions simply styled differently.

Today the clever people move out of the city to spend less on property and enjoy a bigger living space, while others pay the top prices for smaller places in the city. With cars, people are paying less for eco friendly city cars instead of Squillions on larger vehicles.

Is Milanoo ahead of the trend? We are not all built the same, our choices are formed by advertising and a need to have. Well perhaps you need to enjoy a cheaper wedding, perhaps bargain wedding dresses on a budget are your thing. Just perhaps the styles and statement clothing fit the bill even though they are wedding dresses on a budget for the big day.

I’m a contradiction, an hypocrite. In one article I will write about the masses you can save with bargain wedding dresses and in another I’ll implore you to spend Squillions on the most expensive bottle of wine or Christmas hamper. But only because I am writing for you. You are either here to save Squillions or spend Squillions, it just so happens these bargain wedding dresses save you Squillions and range from £32.36 to several hundred pounds.

Not thousands, not even millions but £33 for a white satin, strapless, mini wedding dress or a £63 Ivory satin, organza, strapless, bargain knee length wedding dress. These are wedding dresses on a budget but the styles are as varied as they are at the top end and no one need know any different on the big day!

Will my girlfriend walk down the aisle in a wedding dress on a budget. Quite honestly, no but that depends on what you term a budget. Will yours, will you? Quite possibly. We will forever be in the shadow of someone else’s achievements but that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve our own level of success and happiness and push the boat out in different ways.

Ask anyone who has been in love for a few decades, any couple who has been married for several decades and they will assure you of one thing.

There will be many highs and many lows, times of bargain wedding dresses on a budget that delivered unforgettable moments and the beginnings of three generations and fifteen great grand children.

Then there are other terms where expensive holidays were enjoyed or they settled down in a beautiful house in the country but most importantly they remained together, in love and yes it was all cemented with one of a range of bargain wedding dresses on a budget and the big day itself.