Bean Bag Furniture Modular Beanbag Furnishings

There is currently an overwhelming sea change in how modular and contemporary furniture is being used in the home and bean bag furniture is at the forefront of this trend. Fashionable beanbag furniture adorned in the finest leathers, suedes, faux leathers and printed polyesters are much sought after.

Twenty years ago it would have been inconceivable to suggest that many home owners would envisage or plan to add fully modular bean bag sofas and bean bag chaise longues to their living room. But it’s now evident that more and more households are accepting of sturdy yet sinkable furnishings such as highback bean bag chairs and bean bag beds.

Fully Modular Bean Bag Furniture For The Home

Materials used in bean bag manufacturing have increased in strength. A newly developed system of packaging the expanded polystyrene virgin beads beans (EPS) inside compact inner nets, enable the beans to stay free and offer comfort and sinkability yet at the same time offer a firm boundary of resistance. What was previously an uncontrollable object is now a firm piece of bean bag furniture.

Additionally the use of supportive stitching has enabled shapeless bean bag furniture to become more controllable bean bag structures that resemble the shape and form of more traditional modular household furniture. For example it is now possible to purchase bean bag sofas, bean bag footstools and bean bag loungers that all match and resemble fashionable modular bean bag furniture.

Contemporary furniture has always had its place in society. Either through design, change of shape but the furniture use has pretty much stayed the same albeit with the addition of mixed recliner chairs and sofa beds. So to do bean bag furniture come with multi functions for different purposes.

Bean Bag Furniture Replacing Traditional Modular Furniture

Another new development in bean bag stitching and inner nets that already sees compartmentalised EPS beans, allows you to swap the beans from an inner bag to what was the outer bag and an entirely new shape or colour and material. Never has contemporary furniture been (bean) so adaptable but this is where bean bag furniture and bean bag sofas and suites are turning the traditional household and business market on its head.

Furniture for the home begins with a passion to be different and bean bag furniture provides that difference. For children, having garishly designed bean bags to dive into for their bedrooms is a dream come true but the living room perhaps isn’t such a place for an entire suite of all sorts printed polyester which is where the childish bean bags have been doing some growing up.

You can now purchase three piece modular bean bag furniture encompassing a whole range of traditional furniture pieces. A two seater bean bag sofa, a bean bag sofa to put your feet up on, which can also change inside out to be a highback bean bag chair. The options are limitless.

Whether you’re after a bean bag lounger or the alternatively termed bean bag chaise longue, bean bag furniture is no longer strictly for adults that never grew up or strictly for the corner of the bedroom or centre piece of student’s ‘luxury’ studio flat. Bean bag furniture is available in many bean bag cover materials from cotton, printed polyester and can be personalised, to upmarket suede, real and faux leather.

While bean bags will always be typified as those spherical shapes full of free moving beans that come in a variety of neon colours. There is also the more determined side of bean bags that shows they can also be the centre piece of our living rooms and true bean bag furniture and modular bean bag furnishings. Find modular bean furniture here.