Bean Bag Sofas As Living Room Furniture

You may do a double take and be amazed when you first glance your eyes upon a range of Bean bag sofas. But you’ll be even more impressed when you find how comfortable and well made the bean bag furniture which is tailored to provide comfort and style to your living room, really is.

Homes in the 21st Century are changing and similar to every decade that has passed before, there are fads and trends. And this period is seeing the introduction of contemporary bean bag furniture in the form of bean bag sofas, bean bag loungers, footstools and chairs.

There is a raging battle online and on the high street between the more traditional home furniture stores and contemporary bean bag retailers and suppliers who are bombarding home owners with a beautiful and sleek range of a modern take on home furnishing. The bean bag sofa is a modern day revolution in design and comfort and is often much more affordable than their rigid counterparts.

If you were to hear about bean bag sofas without having first seen the product you may find it hard to believe that a bean bag could even contemplate challenging traditional furniture as a useful furniture additional to the home. These well made and often luxury bean bag sofa beds are certainly taking a share of the contemporary furniture market. No surprise when the bean bag sofas come in real leather, faux leather, suede and cotton drill.

Contemporary Beanbag Furniture And Luxury Beanbag Sofas

Beanbag furniture is not a new phenomenon, they first appeared in the 1970s as a luxury item in the form of high back bean bag chairs. Today’s renaissance in luxury and affordable bean bag furniture could be associated with the influx of children’s bean bags in the 1980s. Children loved diving into their colourful expanded polystyrene virgin beads (EPS) filled bean bags but they held no real shape. Other than spherical lumps of compacted beans that formed around your body. Hardly suitable living room furniture for the family.

Technological advances in EPS manufacturing to incorporate memory foam, strengthened stitching, stronger overlocked seams, inner bags and more durable materials have enabled bean bag sofas beds to become a natural love in for the children of the eighties who want some of that bean bag fun to return.

The modern bean bag sofas come in a variety of sizes from 140cm long to 200cm and often match other bean bag furniture and allow for matching suites. Usually these sets offer bean bag footstools, bean bag chairs and bean bag loungers in the same designs and styles to match your bean bag sofas. Thus enabling you to have a complete set of contemporary modular bean bag furniture in your living room. Read more about bean bag sofas here.