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Who knew that the North East was the bastion of all that is hot tubs and in Durham no less. Most of us love water, while it may not be so good to suggest that having a bathe with other people in close proximity is not my idea of enjoyment, it certainly might be if it was my girlfriend or missus. In which instance I think a nice relaxing hot tub with a glass of vino would go down extraordinarily well, like these Better Living Outdoors discount codes should.

Let’s talk fabulous hot tubs before we move on to some of the more intriguing products that they are offering. An innovation for spa relaxation has always been powerful water jets and there appears to be hefty competition between hot tub manufactures as to how many you can fit in one model. Take for instance the Europa 3 person hot tub, there’s eighty seven water jets to make currents and bubbles for all three people. The Barbados hot tubs which fit five people, has 127.

Plug and play hots tubs are fitted with spaces for several people, some are plain old circular and square seeing all participants facing each other, whereas a variety of models have seats and loungers. There’s usually a fight for who gets which place next to whom. As the term suggest, the lounger spot allows you to relax just as if you were in a bath.

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A variety of built in features wash over you as you peruse the Better Living Outdoors website, exciting the spa spirit inside of you. Headrests, massage jets, LED lighting, an ozonator and even a bluetooth music system and top mounted speakers. Cheap tubs? Not really, there are some on offer and several lowered in cost due to accompanying Better Living Outdoors vouchers codes but otherwise you are looking at spending a few grand.

Time well tell if you feel the money is well spent, personally I would like nothing more than a raised patio of exclusive gazebo for a nice evening of relaxation. The entertainment value alone makes the cost investment worthwhile. You need not a Kauai Six person four winds spa tub but imagine the fun and frolics that could be had if you did.

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While this could be considered their main product offering with a hot tub installation service too, the retailer is all about the outdoors. This encompasses a stylish line in raised fire pits for the garden and patio area, and of course Saunas. In Scandinavia and Russia it is a popular past time to get naked in a hot room and whip each other with branches and leaves, before jumping into a lake of icy cold water.

In Britain perhaps we enjoy being in a sauna with a bottle of beer, and then jumping in an hot tube with a glass of wine, after which a turn of the white hot fire pit and marshmallows and milk all round. Fun! The saunas are suitable for two, three four and six people, come in hut shape or barrel. the company can of course install these for you also, with or without the use of a Betting Living Outdoors voucher code for further savings.

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Fire pits, hot tubs, saunas all I agree that is better living but none of these work quite so well without the associated accessories. The first being an adequate power supply – details of which you can find on their website. Then there’s all the hot tub cleaning equipment, filters and hoses. A quick run down; antifoam, alkalinity raiser, organic water clarifier, filters, rails and a cover lifter. Use your Better Living Outdoors discount codes April 2020 here to get money off all that additional stuff you never thought about the first time around!!

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