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The Booty Pirates game is a brand new way to gamble your hard earned Squillions. It’s open to UK residents only and offers instant win prizes, should you be lucky enough to dig the right hole. Oooh arrggh, me hearties, you fancy yourself a bit of a Blackbeard, why not get an upgrade to a Goldbeard instead. As that’s who be captain of the ship around ‘ere. To get a bonus as bosun, use the Booty Pirates discount codes for better sign up offers.

Run by Geonomics and in operation since 2008, they are governed by the UK Gambling Commission. Turnover is in excess of £300 million annually and prizes are all underwritten. Once logged in you have the opportunity to circumnavigate the globe, land on Islands and dig up entire islands to find the jackpot. Each Island area is segregated by squares, each square costs different entry fees depending on the Island you are on.

Every individual game details the rules, prizes available, the odds of winning and the cost to play. While there is a single jackpot, they do offer a variety of cash instant wins to keep you motivated in finding the booty. this is a multi player game, so you need to be mindful that the square you are eyeing could well be dug by another player watching you dig too. The Booty pirates promo codes enable you to play the game for free initially.

Much like there is no deposit bingo free play, this is no deposit treasure hunt free play. While promotions last, you get to sign up and play a free amount of digs on the website thanks to the Booty Pirates voucher codes show below. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of all bonuses, whether free or percentage based. We cannot list those here as they may change at any time. Simply click to the website, sign up, view the terms for the bonuses and decide whether to play or not.

Having seen this game live, it is a akin to spot the ball only on an instant basis merged with the idea of a scratch card, only this is a multi player scratch card. Someone on the grid there is a jackpot as detailed in the prize menu. You have as much chance as any of the other players of uncovering the correct square with the booty in. See the latest Booty Pirate offers listed but beware of Parrots spying on your activity.

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Talking of flying animals, if you see an early bird prize on offer for a particular game, this is separate from the jackpot. Usually offered to those players keen to get stuck in and start uncovering squares. Obviously if you are in at the beginning, the odds are higher of not getting anything as opposed to joining in later when there’s less squares on the map to dig. Call it an incentive to get out your bucket and spade and up from the deckchair.

This is a relatively new game but as previously mentioned is back by a company that has run several gambling games in the UK for a few years. Based on similar technology, the stats based games are all backed and checked by the relevant authorities and deemed fair play. Details of which you can find on their website. Support is pretty quick with a telephone line should emails not be urgent enough and they will offer any help when using the above BootyPirates voucher codes or deals.

While play is strictly for over eighteen year olds, the game does target your inner child. After all, who doesn’t like playing at being a pirate? Especially when there’s really booty to be dug up on an Island without having to leave the house and press gang a crew to set sail! Play from your living room or on the go on a tablet and treasure hunt gamble your way across the world.

There area great many games out there that are Pirate related, slot machines, scratch cards and even card games but this Pirate treasure hunt is truly unique in the UK. Setting sail, digging up islands in a multi player gambling game where you could win quite a lot of money. Save Squillions with the BootyPirates discount codes April 2020.

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