Bosch Oscillating Multi Tools And Multi Cutters

DIY may seem a daunting project for any man, not that you will ever admit it. But due to the genes and manly grrr inside all of us, there comes a point in life where we do actually have to learn how to be a man’s man, grab those power tools by both hands and use them like our life depends on it.

Fortunately another man has made the effort before us, creating a company named Bosch GMBH and offering us Bosch oscillating multi tools and Bosch multi cutters to assist in all our DIY projects. They truly are amazing inventions that go on to create works of art in themselves.

For centuries man had to carry cart loads of tools to every job, not anymore! Attachments and multi tool accessories enable man to have one power tool but multiple ways to use them thanks to an array of add ons, cutters and oscillating multi tools which make those hard to do specific jobs even quicker just by switching over an adaptor or universal joint cutter.

There are two exceptional multi power tools on offer from Bosch which make cutting, grouting and sanding and a variety of other DIY essentials, chores or pastimes, as if you were born to see them through. The Bosch PMF190 E Allrounder Multi Tool and Bosch PMF 250 CES Multi Tool with Keyless Blade Change are the most popular for professional tradesmen as well as your average DIY hobbyist.

The simplicity of changing over attachments and moving from cutting to sanding is seamless and all at a lesser expense than investing in other hand tools to do the individual jobs. The multi purpose power tools also save a lot of room in the shed and garage which means you can buy other lovely tools to potter around with away from that lovely Bosch multi cutter.

In times gone by it used to cost a fortune to either get someone in to do the work required around the home, or to either hire equipment and tools or buy outright. Now with the Bosh Allrounder multi tool and Bosh PMF 250 power tool it’s time to get down to really enjoying the DIY at home or becoming more efficient on site as a builder or carpenter.

Bosch PMF190 E Allrounder Multi Tool – PMF190E

The first thing to understand with any oscillating multi tool is how it operates. Ok clever clogs, it oscillates. Scientifically there isn’t much more to it, from a user point of view however it makes the world of difference when you take into account the tool’s abilities.

With the use of an handy allen key , the attachment on the end of the Bosch allrounder multi tool can be turned in any direction. If there’s an hard to reach spot, maybe a skirting board or ceiling corner to sand, you simply turn to whichever direction is required. Then the oscillation takes over. While many power tools only move in one direction and the unit itself has to be positioned as such, the PMF190 E multi tool can be angled in any fashion so as to get the job done.

OK, the downside is that it is on an extension lead and is without a Lithium Ion battery. Save the moans as that’s the only one you’ll hear from me. It performs, just like most Bosch multi tools, it offers freedom to access those hard to reach tight spots and angles that your average tool can’t deal with because it isn’t and never will be a Bosch oscillating multi tool.

The Bosch PMF190 E Allrounder Multi Tool however is. You should be grateful it is on a lead as Lithium Ion battery would have doubled its cost and explains why the PMF190 E is undoubtedly the most popular oscillating multi tool and Bosch multi cutter this side of Venus. The surprises don’t stop there though.

Not unlike the Bosch PMF 250 multi cutter, the Allrounder multi has more accessories than Barbie and Ken! OK, nearly as much. Just look at the wide variety of additional multi tool accessories you can buy for this Bosch beauty.

While the unit already comes with six sanding sheets, a sanding base attachment and a cutting attachment for use with wood and metal (ACZ 85EB) and a depth stop, there are a multitude of other attachments for the Bosch allround multi tool.

Such as a Bosch HCS plunge cutting saw blade (AIZ 20 EC), a Diamond Riff segment saw blade (ACZ 85 RD), a Bosch BIM serrated segment blade (ACZ 100 SWB) and the unit itself can also be used with the Faithful tools multi function tool blade sets as well as the Bosch HCS scraper (ATZ 52 SC). But don’t take out word for it, see all the Bosch oscillating multi tool accessories here.

Bosch PMF 250 CES Multi Tool with Keyless Blade Change – PMF250CES

Multifuction power tools are the be all all and end all in trade, for carpenters, builders and most craftsmen and women. The Bosch PMF 250 CES multi tool is another oscillating unit with excels at performance.

Being a cordless model the powerful 250 watt motor with Softstart guarantees the same strength and high power now matter the strains it comes under when being pushed through materials, wood or metal.

The  Bosch PMF 250 CES Multi Tool with Keyless Blade Change manages up to 20,000 oscillations per minutes at a 2.8 angular degree and has a four stage depth stop. The PMF 250 already comes with a BIM segment saw blade, an HCS plunge cutting saw blade and HCS rigid scraper, so it has far more of a starter kit than the Bosch PMF190 E Allrounder Multi Tool.

There are of course many more functional accessories for this multi cutter power tool and that’s still after considering the delta sanding plate, six sanding sheets and basic depth stop that comes bundled in the durable plastic carrying case that houses this multi-fuction, oscillating power tool. Browse the latest UK Tool Centre voucher codes for money off these power tools.

Bosch Allrounder Multi Tool Video – PMF190 E