Break Of Dawn Leather Ankle Boot At Office Shoes

Style, sophistication and flare all in a shoe. That’s what Office Shoes bring with these fantastic matching women’s Break Of Dawn Pewter Metallic and Break Of Dawn Black Lizard Leather Ankle Boots. Brands get their kicks in taking the same shape of shoe and morphing the boot into an entirely different concept available to wear at a completely separate function.

Elle magazine recently did a feature on how to wear the Varsity Jacket and like any half decent women’s mag they conjure up a variety of accessories and essentials to wear with the item. Whether you’ve blue hair, green, brunette or a blonde, these Break of Dawn ankle boots are sure to match your personality and any given day outfit.

Break Of Dawn Black Lizard Leather Ankle Boot

Whether you’re clad in jeans or a tight fitting miniskirt, what better way to show off your pins and calves than with this Break of Dawn a leather ankle boot.

If you look closely you’ll see a fantastic black lizard upper that is just yearning to be seen by all. A smooth shoe with grooved lizard simply screaming to be touched. If you’re not a fan of balancing on stilettos then this flat built 5cm heel will keep you comfortable walking indoors and out all day long.

Features leather lining, a leather sock and a synthetic sole. Buy / read more.

Break Of Dawn Pewter Metallic Leather Ankle Boot

This is the style of ankle boot featured in Elle. They match the Break of Dawn shoe with a sky blue pair of patched Jeans which offset the pewter metallic leather ankle boot off beautifully or should we say bootifully.

Perfect for evenings out and a comfortable fit, this Break of dawn pewter metallic leather ankle boot from Office Shoes will have everyone staring at your toes – for a while at least. Whether you’re in jeans or a long skirt, just as above, the leather lining, leather sock and synthetic sole will keep you on the move while the pewter metallic leather colour keeps you in the groove.  Buy or read more here. Check for the latest Office shoes discount codes here.