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TenTel Brings Cheap Broadband And Flexible Contracts

You may not have heard of this new broadband provider until now but for a small company it packs quite a punch. In fact, so much so it is ensuring that the main internet services providers in the UK change the whole way they operate their business. TenTel services are available country wide and available throughout the BT Openreach network. This means they ride on the back of BT’s existing phone network.

Based in Scotland, tens of thousands of home owners sign up every month to enjoy a competitively priced package of internet access, television bundles and phone call tariffs. They key aspect about TenTel offers is that it is aimed at people seeking out short term deals. Being one of the first to offer no contract broadband. Aside from the obvious line rental, it’s pretty cheap to get on board.

About TenTel Broadband Packages And Bundles

There are several UK broadband deals including line rental, Hell Broadband 5, 40 and Unlimited. The namesakes indicating how much gig transfer you are allowed in each billable monthly period. Speed is noted as up to 17 MB which is enough for SD and HD access. Though I’m sure you are aware the UK can deliver 200mb. This isn’t just cheap and cheerful and make do internet, you can get up to 76mb on download should you desire via the TenTel Fibre package upgrades.

The Different TenTel Offers And Discounts

We are notified in advance of any new TenTel discount codes that are made available. These are voucher codes and offers to tempt you into changing your current broadband provider. For whichever reason. Contract renewal and cheaper services or moving and wish to try something new. An attraction to this new broadband service offer might be the no contract ability. Enabling tenants and students to get almost immediate internet set up and only have to provide 30 days notice of cancellation.

Unearthing Television And Mobility, Internet With TenTel

In the following pages we’ll attempt to illuminate your senses and allow you to dig deep into the latest TelNet offers. While its fantastic to read about free routers, no cancellation fee, free connection, free delivery, 6 month broadband contracts and contract free internet, we’ll ensure you understand the terms of each bundle. There’s even the ability to save almost £100 buy paying a year’s internet in advance.

That’s not to mention the wealth of free minutes on calls, half price calls to mobile phones and bundled calls to international destinations. While not business orientated, this is a cheap UK broadband service with line rental, builds in television services via Roku USB stick or set top box and throws in cheaper calls too, aimed at home owners, tenants and landlords and those wishing for monthly by month short term broadband contracts.



TenTel hello broadband offers and vouchers.