Cette Paris Hold Ups And Classic Stockings

Who Are Cette Tights? Cette are a luxury Belgian hosiery company that began manufacturing fashionable hold ups, stockings and tights in Flanders, Brussels in 1958. While they still remain at that location today, their infamy and exports spread across 40 countries and they are now an internationally renowned lingerie company.

To cement their reputation further, not only are Cette Paris hold ups one of their most popular products but in 2006 they won a contract to manufacture Trinny & Susannah magic knickers. Which compliments their existing range of Cette shapewear to make all you ladies feel more comfortable when it comes to your wobbly wiggles.

Cette Hold Ups: In the Cette hold ups range which are a classic Lycra stocking, there are Sunset Beach hold ups (featured below), Cocktail Jarrety, Helsinki, Phoenix, Miama and and as pictured above, the ever present Cette Paris Hold ups.

The very elegant Cette Paris hold ups are by no means unassuming. They shout design and style and comfort from the off. They are 20 denier and made from 90% Polyamide and 10% Lycra. By far the most enticing aspect of these Cette hold ups is the 4.5 inch lace top patterning that hugs your thighs. Available in small, medium and large.

While these are some of the thinnest Cette hold ups denier wise, when the late Spring and Summer months arrive you may wish to choose a lighter version. In which case you can opt for the Sunset Beach Cette stockings. These are 9 denier with a composition of 49% polyamide and 51% Lycra. Very light and coming with transparent toes and moisturising (Aloe Vera) skin.

Cette hold ups offer classic stockings which are durable and can be selected for each month of the year and every type of event. Sunset beach hold ups for parties in the park and suitable for office and work environments, with Cette Paris hold ups for the colder months and walking down the street in cooler weather.

Cette Stockings: For a raunchier pair of Cette stocking you could opt for the sheer Berlin classic stockings with seam, a Cette classic stocking that has all the fervour of attraction with the subtlety of that vintage look. The Cette stockings are 15 denier and 100% Polyamide.

Coming with Cuban heel and a reinforced toes and a back seam to attract. You can be sure all eyes will be on you and your legs no matter what time of day it is or whomever else may be in the room. Eyes wide open.. Nicole Kidman eat your heart out!

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