Chadwick Pizza Oven For Naans Pittas Flatbreads

How much do you love pizza? I’ll tell you why I ask at the end of this article. I would like to introduce you to the most important culinary accessory for home baked pizza. While the title gives the game away a little – yes you can now buy Chadwick Pizza Ovens for Naans, Pittas, flatbread and yes indeed pizzas. It’s been on the market a while as a limited item, though it is now currently making its way into retailer stock on the high street. Such as at Harrods – click here.

I think we have all probably tried to create and cook pizza at some point. I say try because while there are a great many different recipes, the outcome can be just as varied. Undercooked, overcooked, burnt, unevenly baked, toppings cold, cheese runny, centre cold, soggy, over crisp and so on and so on. What then, makes the Chadwick Oven for pizzas such an exemplary culinary device?

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Let me interrupt your thought pattern firstly. I have laughed with the girl friend on at least one occasion after she suggested we should buy a yoghurt maker. There are so many different kitchen machines that allow us to pour shame on shop made products and lower the price as well as increase the quality that we could well require an home extension. Yoghurt maker, ice cream maker, bread maker, dough mixer, sandwich grill… actually, pizza dough maker – that might come in handy.

The Science Behind The Chadwick Pizza Oven Review

See, there is a whole plethora of different machinery and kitchen space is often at a premium and most of us all have that oversized WOK too. So which kitchen cooking accessory do you invest time and money in? You will know shortly. I’ve been to Spain and sampled Focaccia – which incidentally you can cook in the Chadwick Pizza Oven as it’s an Italian flatbread. I’ve had pizza from a clay oven at the best Italian pizza joint in town. I’ve sampled Naans at both Curry houses and Japatis too.

There’s a whole world of flatbreads that offer distinction and menu ideas aside your typical loaf of bread. As for eating out and getting take aways. I have to admit, the gooey taste sensation of plasticised cheese and individual creations from Papas to Dominos is such an easy yet tasty cop out. But just you wait until you try your hand at making dishy creations with the Chadwick Oven. Let’s look at the science behind it firstly.

Your average non professional home oven can reach 225 degrees in 15 minutes fan assisted but as you probably know, that’s just the air temperature and you’ll lose that when you open the confounded door. It typically has space for two to three shelves but when heating or attempting to cook bread, that’s a whole lot of space to heat in advance and even then, you have to open that same confounded door to check it or turn. Thus all that heat escapes and your work of pizza or flatbread art has succumbed to cold air for the umpteenth time. Making pizza at home really is not that easy.

The Chadwick Oven reaches an optimum 500 degrees centigrade, no I’m not joking, in around ten minutes. The only balanced downside is you need a gas hob to cook it on. Electric doesn’t quite achieve the results required as this is open flame technology. Unless Mr Daniel Chadwick, designer, engineer and creator of the Chadwick Oven finds a way to boost the electric hob capacity more directly. Should you desire the perfect pizza oven and are without mains gas, you could buy a standalone 4Kw Foker single burner Europa gas ring and simply purchase the Chadwick Oven gas ring adaptor.

Is cooking pizza really that scientific? I shall continue. At the base of the Chadwick Pizza Oven there’s a hole which fits tightly around your oven’s gas hob. The majority of the heat generated is absorbed and the stainless steel unit (the metal being a low conductor) begins to contain the heat generated. Through well designed heat convection the air within starts to warm rather rapidly. The whole process maximises the heat generation. A bit like finally figuring out that putting a lid on a saucepan of boiling water will boil your veg five times quicker. An Einstein moment.

Sat inside the breadth of the stainless steel pizza oven is a porous stone which absorbs the heat and allows the dough to  become crisp underneath. Through a process of water evaporation and air circulation both above and below the dough, the entire pizza can be evenly cooked at 500 degrees centigrade – yes my American chums, not Fahrenheit! Double your average oven. How long does the entire Chadwick Pizza Oven cooking process take?

Well if we compare it to a frozen oven pizza out of a box – 20 minutes on top of any desired pre heating. A Jamie Oliver deep pan pizza recipe will take 1 hour 15 minutes and an order from the local takeaway could take up to 45 minutes. Though admittedly that’s a three minute phone call. And home made oven pizza? That would be 30 minutes pre heating and a further ten to thirty minutes depending on the depth of the pizza base and whether you think that cheese crust idea you had, is ever going to work.

A Chadwick Oven Cooks Pizza In Four Minutes

With the Chadwick Pizza Oven it will take approximately 10 minutes to heat extremely and a further 4 minutes to cook throughout once the dough and ingredients are placed within. Yes my fellow home chefs, this is a really fast pizza oven. All in all, the manufacturers state you can cook up to 15 pizzas in an hour – if you and your family are really that hungry. Without losing crusty crisp perfection or dramatic heat loss from removing a pizza each time – unlike that terrible oven door.

If we go back in time both with the designer Daniel Chadwick and other human endeavours throughout history, the perfect pizza oven has been re-imagined several times. From a few thousand years ago and clay ovens, to mid-18th century continental clay ovens the size of half your average kitchen, using more fuel than you’d ever consider chopping from your garden. Yet here we are today, having understood that this research process has taken twenty years of science and many Chadwick Oven prototypes to reach fruition.

In 1995 the Chadwick Oven was a clay creation, although the upper most part of the final model (it never will be final, Daniel is an artist and designer) resembles that of his first attempt. The key to furthering the design was understanding how heating air, containment and then conduction could benefit the cooking and crisping of a pizza throughout. Enlisting Guy Richards in 2009, an engineer, they set about designing what would become a world’s first for home cooked flat bread creations.


The Chadwick Pizza Oven was finally manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel for the least conduction. There are no saucepan like plastic parts, nor wooden either. Hardly possible when it reaches 500 degrees centigrade. It was important that this culinary device made the most of its heat source, from drawing heat at the base, to circulation of heated air and containment. We have been informed that there are some serious patents pending regarding this.

If you’re no stranger to  cooking then you will understand the need to correctly cook ingredients. With pizza dough the correct manner is fast and evenly. On top of which you also need to insure your toppings and base are evenly heated. There is no changing the temperature half way through. But that’s the magic of the entire Chadwick Pizza Oven cooking dream. It cooks evenly, at the right temperature for the best outcome. Over time you can even learn how you best like your pizza.

Suddenly you have been dragged from huge fuel consumption into using an eco friendly, recyclable, fuel saving cooking device that delivers exactly what it says on the 304 grade stainless steel tin. Pizzas and all manner of flat bread concoctions, from japatis to naan bread, focaccia and pittas can be experienced. You may even be able to cook other meal time favourites within the contemporary spaceship (is there another type?) looking, cooker hob dwelling pizza oven.

Yes the design is akin to a spaceship, once of those 1950’s human machinations for films. It could also be likened to the heads of the aliens who like Smash – if you can recall the 1980’s adverts. With the vertically sliding door that acts as both a viewing screen and allows for entry of the pizza. The stone that the dough resides on is important. It being porous is reacts and reflects in a similar fashion to that of a clay oven. Delivering that crisp yet doughy pizza base you might have experienced in the finest Italian restaurant.

The important factor to understand is, while this divine piece of art, which you may well wish to hang on your kitchen wall for all to see is sold to home owners, it’s pro tech. There are chefs and restaurants and establishments that will pay the right price for a perfect tasting pizza and flatbread. A device which Daniel Chadwick and his team are working on right now. For most people to get industry leading cookware in their own kitchen at home is night on impossible due to space and cost. Yet enter the Chadwick Oven and you have your very own pizzeria sitting eloquently on one gas hob.

A Contemporary Pizza Oven And It Is About Pizza Time

You can mock and suggest that after all, we are only discussing pizza. that take away snack ordered in half an hour from Dominos. Or unwrapped from the freezer. However all food is the same if you think and buy that way. With a Chadwick Oven for pizzas you are in control. The dough can be healthy, the toppings all your own choice and as varied as you fancy. You can have as doughy or crisp a pizza base as you wish. And to boot, a very professional looking piece of cooking hardware for all to see.

To coin a phrase from Marks & Spencer. This is not just any Pizza, this is not an Asda frozen pizza, a Waitrose Curry pack with 4 Naan bread or the latest kebab creation from Tesco with an assortments of herbed pitta breads, this is premium, personal and perfect cooking with Chadwick Ovens in your very own home. Alright boss, you sold me, what’s the damage!?! Remember the first question I asked you and “How much do you love pizza?”

This serious bit of equipment for the flatbread serious will knock you back nearly four hundred knicker. Almost but not quite, a little under. For this amount of wedge you are getting a Tandoor, a Pizzeria and a second cooker all in one. The Flatbread oven is majestic in appearance and comes in a very tidy presentation box that looks every bit the part it should. Talking of parts. The spaceship body has its very own landing pad and also an embossed stainless steel pizza paddle. As well as the embedded porous stone.

In essence it’s perfect as a gift or for yourself. A treat all year  round, only your imagination on palatable flat breads and ingredients can hold you back once in place. The Chadwick oven cooks monstrous 12 inch flat breads in 4 minutes. Uses less energy, is recyclable and will save you a fortune on take away pizzas and be much more healthy should you be of such persuasion. You may also save a small fortune on the gas bill due to better heat use and containment.

The Chadwick Pizza Oven is essentially a 500°C topping oven that you may well test with many different foods and foodie creations. When you consider restaurants and their chefs, coffee houses and delicatessens want versions of this steel concoction in their own kitchens… well now you’re ready, you can buy Chadwick Oven here. PS It’s made entirely in the UK! After all is said is done, a man named Daniel Chadwick got to work on the perfect Pizza for over twenty years. Homer Simpson would be proud!! Buy Chadwick Pizza Oven here.

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