Charli XCX Clothing Fashion Launch At boohoo

Boom Clap! There’s fantastic news for all you adorning Charli XCX fanatics out there, the singer has recently completely stripped naked and sent her entire wardrobe off to specialist fashion retailer boohoo. You’ll find a really glitzy pair of peep toe platform shoes, faux fur detachable cuffs and a pair of knee high lace up boots that would make Huggy Bear do a double take. View these and more enticing Charli XCX clothes here.

I think I’m alone in actually never having heard of Charli XCX, the girlfriend hasn’t either but with 1.6 million followers on Twitter someone obviously has. Perhaps it’s a teen thing that us 30 year olds simply don’t have access to. What no radio? Tech heathen Sucker!! With that in mind and with no clue as to who she actually is other than having released a number of chart topping singles in some countries we will endeavour to showcase her new Charlie clothing range, ignorance aside.

We understand that she’s a bit of a rebel, much like the punk stars of the seventies, dress sense is out there and doesn’t follow the normal code. A bit like Lady Gaga only without the bacon and nudity. Yes folks, I’m sorry to say she probably still has some Charli XCX clothes left despite sending most of them to be sold on retailer websites. Being a rebel comes in two forms, verbally and visually and we think you’ll agree she has visual rebellion down to a tee. Showing she can still Break The Rules.

Without wishing to sound too old, probably too late for that, we kind of agree with some social media feedback that the Charli XCX fashion range is a bit weird and not What I Like. But that’s good right? It’s a kind of Chatham Gypsy Roma look (not allowed to say the p word any more unfortunately) Chatham chav perhaps? With Leopard print pants and bomber jackets, which in our view resemble a Souse tracksuit from the eighties. But if Charli XCX tracksuits are your thing, you’ll be over the London Queen for sure.

I do enjoy parts of the Charli XCX collection however, especially the French chic and kinky borderline sadomasochism that she has going on. Though I’m a bit Caught in The Middle with the prints, it’s a little over the top but unmistakeably Charli. Lock You Up!?! We could, as there’s some fabulous handcuffs coming in the form of Charli cuffs which are detachable and in faux fur yellow and pink and the velvet choker and chain hints at a more slave like feel.

The Charli XCX fashion is dark, a bit like her music which is electro, witch house and dark pop. Whether you’re a Chatham ‘trend setter’ or a Carnaby Street fanatic you’ll definitely set tongues wagging with the turn equestrian clothing. How Can I admit to being male and a bit of a perv, [GRINS] seeing twenty somethings waltzing around in the Charli XCX boots which are keen high and laced, coupled with the pink pompom riding hat, the only thing missing is the riding whip. I think I just did. Oh baby, You’re The One!

As Squillions does follow fashion a little bit, we have seen a variety of clothing collections from so called celebs being released over the years. Yet all credit to the Charli clothing range, it’s Nuclear Seasons release makes it unique and will certainly stir up opinion. Take note that this is only the beginning of her fashion enterprise and the first release. Over the next eighteen months there will be three more Art Bitch collections to make you Die Tonight.

Upon release Charli XCX wrote “I had so much fun designing pieces for the boohoo winter collection. I can’t wait to get it out there and to wear it myself. It’s sparkly cute and sexy. I hope everyone loves it!” I do love parts Charli but not all are my cup of tea but I think that’s the whole point when it comes to thirty somethings and girly teens. My physique doesn’t quite fit into the Charli XCX jumpsuit with high neck or the one shoulder dress.

If you have a couple of Gold Coins save them as the Charli XCX collection is not at all expensive. In fact, you can probably save more using the latest boohoo discount codes. The great aspect is the first range is made in mind that you may wish to wear separates as matching attire. So you can tie in the Charli Sparkle Side Knot Skirt, with the knee high boots and French styled wool Charli beret hat and quite literally be Doing IT a lot of justice.

With my opinion split, if I was a teenager looking to rebel against my parents, I’d only have to take one look at the Charli XCX skirt and the Glitter Velvet Gladiator style and know Mum and Dad will be voicing their opinion to God himself. That coupled with the crop top and knee high boots, you just know your parents won’t be getting any sleep with you Hanging Around in this Charli XCX clothing collection.

Plaudits aplenty for this first revealing, it is So Far Away from the norm that the more you look at it, the more you contemplate the Chatham chav set being upgraded to style icons of the 21st Century. Take my Hand and shout “Set Me Free“, get some Superlove and create your own Cloud Aura with the Charli XCX fashion clothing range at boohoo.