Cheap Holidays 2013 With Secret Escapes

I’m a great fan of less work and more holidays and cheap air travel, before the air taxes came into play enabling a great many people to escape for the weekend at short notice. But as the credit crunch keeps crunching we’re all still looking for those bargains and discounts and trying our best not to forgo the pleasures or luxury we have been used to in the past.

Squillions presents to you Secret Escapes. Lauded as a members only website which grants its users access to the most exclusive deals on top notch holiday destinations all over the world all with amazing discounts that are certainly not to be sneered at.

In recent years I’ve been to Russia, Austria, Spain and Bulgaria and each and every time, no matter how much money I’ve had spare, there’s been one thing in common… I have always looked around for the best offer on the highest luxury and comfort we can afford. If we can save on the room, it’s more to spend doing activities or visiting museums.

It’s free to join Secret Escapes, one email and if you wish a postcode and country check to ensure targeted deals and promotions. The idea behind the site is simple, a database of members all looking for the best offers on cheap holidays in 2013, 2012  and all year round, giving you access to hotels pushing to sell all their room allocations as early as possible.

With that in mind we signed up and took a look around and found an extensive list of cheap holidays and discounted holidays, sometimes by up to 70% although most in the range of 30% off the normal prices. And the destinations are far more luxurious than you might have thought.

Currently on offer as I pen this article, there are cheap holidays in 2013 to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, Marrakech in Morocco, The Dead Sea, Bali and Thailand with trips to New York and Canada on offer too. Most deals are time limited and last a week to a fortnight. Europe and UK destinations are also at a discount, Chamonix, Crete and Norway amongst a few to mention. Again showing discount to members of between 20% and 30%.

Now I’m checking the site on a Wednesday, a day before the fantastic Impulse offers are due to be listed. this is where the real member benefits will kick in. Thursday is Impulse Day and Secret Escapes list all the holidays and hotels with room left for the weekend at luxurious destinations across the world. I really can’t wait to see what’s on offer on Thursday and to see if the 70% off savings kick in.

In short, there’s everything to gain by giving Secret Escapes your email address so you can access cheaper holidays in 2013 and allow yourself the opportunity for some decent last minute bargains. Imagine going on three weekend holiday breaks for the cost of one, simply thanks to some great bargaining power on behalf of the Secret Escapes team.

Holidays are not limited to just the rooms either, often flights are included and there are a great range of search parameters to help you find the holiday of your choosing. Secret Escapes lists Activity holidays, Beach holidays,
Boutique hotels, City breaks, Country breaks and cruises.

There’s also up to 70% off on Family holidays, Golf holidays, Holidays in Europe, Malmaison Hotels, Romantic breaks, Skiing holidays and Spa breaks. I guess the only think missing is adventure holidays but with destinations such as  Zululand and the Gambia at 34% and 20% off normal room rate, there’s room to book a trip to a reserve as well.

If you can’t wait for Thursday’s Impulse Day at Secret Escapes, scroll down to the bottom of the members pages for the up and coming discounted holidays. That at least gives you a little heads up on where else to travel to instead. Visit Secret Escapes and sign up for free. You can also receive a time limited free ten or twenty pound credit if join over Winter.