Cheap Jewels Of India Jewellery At TJC

For those seeking out jewellery pieces that are a little different, the Earth has provided mankind through over three billion years of rock formation, a variety of compressed gemstones that once polished truly do rival any sparkling diamond. We would like to draw your attention to cheap Jewels of India jewellery at TJC.

While the worth of such gemstones is financially the lesser than diamonds and rubies, their attractive qualities are second to none when it comes to wearing the gems as part of a desirable jewellery piece. These combinations of sterling silver jewellery come in a variety of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings that can match almost any clothing, whether formal or casual.

While you may not recognise the names of the gemstones straight away, through research you will come to understand the value of the stone your are buying into. Its geological history, how it was formed and how the different colours really do match up to the modern day love in of gold and diamonds. From Neon Apatite, Zambian Emeralds, Green Aventurine, Mookite, Shadowkite and Strawberry Quartz. This is a personal adventure with hand crafted cheap Jewels of India jewellery at TJC.

To showcase  some of the works of art that can be obtained through the purchase of cheap Jewels of India jewellery, take a closer look at these six stylish pieces that we’ve picked out.  The first is the Mojave Blue Turquoise Solitaire ring which is held within a clasp of leaves made from sterling silver. The Mojave blue turquoise opaque stone looks as if it features a continent or another yet undiscovered world.

You’ll find most Jewels of India jewellery is set within sterling silver. It’s both a manageable material and affordable, rather than setting gemstones in platinum or gold this is jewellery that fits almost anybody’s budget but is designed for the most discerning of buyers. The second item is a sterling silver pendant with seven Malgache Neon Apatite stones forming your very own magical circle. This is not a common gemstone and should be viewed as a speciality for its deep blue gemstone colouring.

The third example of cheap Jewels of India jewellery at TJC is the Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise paraiba apatite necklace. Another very well designed piece utilising apatite but a gemstone that isn’t to be confused with the much more expensive Paraiba Tourmaline. For the closest match possible however, Neon Apatite certainly fits the bill.

You’ll find over 200 items of cheap Jewels of India jewellery at TJC with the overwhelming amount priced under £50. Mostly featured within sterling silver but some objects are fashioned within gold-tone, platinum overlay and gold overlay. The gold plated Necklace and Bangle jewellery set is one such example of this designer working with other materials.

Fourth and fifth are the Jewels of India Black Onyx Necklace in Sterling Silver and the very alluring Table Mountain Shadowkite Ring. A very beautiful baby blue gemstone that is known as a Chrysocolla stone, with Cuprite, Malachite and Azurite giving its distinct colouring. The sterling silver detailing around the edges finishes the piece off nicely.

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On top of that, throughout the year there are a variety of Jewellery Channel voucher codes that also enable you further discounts, as well as benefiting from site wide free delivery above a certain basket amount. Check for the latest TJC discount codes or go directly to the TJC website by clicking the link above. The featured image is that of a Jewels of India Handicraft Wide Cuff in Goldtone.