Cheap Kelty Family Tents At Capital Outdoors

Kelty are a famous brand in America, providing quality made outdoor gear since 1952, specialising in the cheapest family tents since the 1990’s. Which is why the adventurous British public know their purchase will be well made and last a long time. Kelty manufacture a wide range of camping gear and accessories from Kelty family tents through to sleeping bags and backpacks. Below we run through the top ten cheap Kelty tents available in the UK in the top ten cheapest Kelty family tents at Capital Outdoors.

Backpacking tents need to be light and while many people who trek the mountains and hills do so with two man tents in mind. Families do enjoy camping too, so lightweight Kelty family tents do have a niche to fill when it comes to weekend family time. Within this range you will find spacious tents that often have front and rear entry. As well as that all important large vestibule that doubles up as a storage area as well as somewhere to cook if the weather gets a bit on top.

Weight is often an issue with tents for backpacking. When spread across several people, it is more than possible for an adult male to take the strain of a six man tent while his outdoor gear is spread across family members. So in that respect cheap Kelty tents for a family are not just for the boot of a car but can be carried in a backpack also. Though the weight can be up to 18.5KG on six man tents, the average ranges from 10kg down to 5KG for four man tents. Most serious hikers choose rucksacks that are up to 80 litres / 80kgs, leaving plenty of room for that foldaway kitchen sink.

With over thirty years experience in manufacturing Kelty tents for the global market, you’ll find below details for the features of each cheap family tent. This ranges from number of poles to size of vestibule, as well as understanding further about the fabric of the tent. When you compare Kelty family tents consider the environment and season you are camping in. Choosing freestanding over guy-out, do you need a summer tent or all four season cover? Also consider multiple storage areas and windows or fly vents.

Let’s take a look at the Top Ten cheapest Kelty family tents available at Capital Outdoors. We have listed a price but this is at the time of writing so be sure to check the product pages for a live price. Throughout the year you will also find a variety of Kelty tent sale bargains and you can check the voucher codes to see if you can make any further savings on cheap family tents and accessories when buying online.

1. Kelty Frontier 4-4 Person Family Tent Putty

£673* / 40814512 / VMRUAAAD

This four person family tent is really quite big inside, measuring 6.74 metres squared with a poly cotton canvas. The only questionable aspect is that the vestibule, which is equally vast at 6.74 m2 though with a slanted side halving that standing room, the vestibule isn’t ‘with floor’. However that can easily be solved with a groundsheet to boost the storage area.

Unless you’re over six foot tall, you can stand in the tent with ease which is important for a Kelty family tent. For those who like their space, it’s a freestanding hotel room for two but does sleep four people. There are three doors and two large windows at the rear to let the light in but keep the bugs out.

The 4 man Frontier Kelty tent is freestanding, only has six DAC Hybrid poles and can easily be set up by one person. Though the weight may be an issue for backpacking unless you spread your needs around all backpackers. The total weight of the tent is 18.7kg. View the 4-4 Frontier Kelty Tent here.

2. Kelty Parthenon 8-8 Person Tent Cool Grey/ Putty

£533* // NLRUAAAD

Across the Kelty tent range there are many points on which you can make comparisons. For instant The Parthenon 8 person ten has a similar floor space as the four man frontier. However to sleep eight people the sleeping area has been increased to 13.3m2 and the vestibule reduced to 2.7m2.

These are not the same tents however you’ll find windows at the rear to make shuffling around in the day more comfortable and there is adequate room for all to stand upright while dealing with that night time cramp after a day’s hillwalking.

This is another three season tent which will protect from most elements and the freestanding element makes this large Kelty tent a safe object for all those who may partake in a late night tipple around the fire. Weighing in at 12.5kg it is perfect as a Kelty backpacking tent also.  View the Kelty 8 person tent here.

3. Kelty Palisade 6-6 Person Tent Cool Grey/ Putty

£463* / PJRUAAAD

We’re not quite sure, but we think this Kelty Palisade tent design has been replaced by the much newer Trail Ridge 6. There are however many reasons to buy this over any new cheap family tent on the market. If you view the image to the side you’ll see there are two doors indicating two vestibules. A feature which we love.

While the interior sleeps six and has a huge floor area of 10.2 square metres, the side and front vestibule come in at 3.7m2 and 1.7m2 squared with the smaller area accessed by the rear porch. Perfect for additional storage and the items you don’t need daily. Enabling all to mingle in the front and cook or simply store footwear and outdoor clothing that’s wet or dirty from external activities.

In some tents you can find partitioned areas but that’s mainly handy when trying to separate children from adults. With six people that’s not really possible. This freestanding family tent is roomy and is a storage dream. Weighing in at 9.9kg and still sleeping six and for this price, is a bargain. View the Kelty Palisade tent here.

4. Kelty Granby 6 – 6 Person Cheap Family Tent

£407* / 40813114 / BMAZAAAD

For a cheaper family tent you can’t go far wrong with the popular Kelty Granby tent which sleeps six. One good thing is that there is a front and back door. Anyone who has ever camped with more than three in a tent knows this is more than just handy. Though this doesn’t mean you have two separate storage areas.

One vestibule opens up to a minuscule 0.75 and the other a more operational 3.9m2 allowing space for storage or two camping chairs and stove for the nominated cooks. But it is the interior of the cheap Kelty family tent that we find very welcome. 7.67m2 awaits your camping party with sleeved areas to place those socks, knickers and little tablets for night time reading.

For those seeking out particular materials. There is 68D polyester for the flooring with taped seams and fly vents and welded clear windows for that all important ventilation. Six people… be truthful! It is a freestanding design but vestibule is with guy-out. There is however only three DAC Hybrid poles and it weights in at  9.72kg. This is one hell of a cheap family tent for the money considering it fits six plus storage. View the Kelty Granby tent here.

5. Kelty Palisade 4-4 Person Tent Cool Grey/ Putty

£372* // 9JRUAAAD

The more we compare Kelty tents, the more we believe the Palisade family tent was replaced by Kelty trail tent range. we advise you buy the old stock quickly however, as while the newer version is lighter it doesn’t keep the back porch window which we adore. This cheap family tent has all the features of the Palisade 6, only smaller.

With a packed weight of 7kgs is a Kelty backpacking tent that offers a very nice sized front vestibule and 2.7m2 with that pocket porch bringing storage options another 0.7m2. As Kelty family tents go, the high wall and high ceiling with only three poles make camping and set up easy in the dark. View the cheap Kelty family tent here.

6. Kelty Family Tent: Granby 4-4 Person Tent

£358* / 40813014 / EMAZAAAD

When you’re seeking out cheap family tents, Kelty is certainly a name to rely upon. If you’re a regular camper you’ll know that to buy the capacity the tent was designed for is no reason to believe it will be comfortable. While these Kelty tents are roomy and this four man Granby tent is no different. Coming in at 5.39m2 for the sleeping area.

It is always worthwhile buying the additional room if you can both afford it and carry it fifty miles. The vestibules on the Kelty family tents are however usually adequate for that storage overflow. Though not all use this inside outside space for the same reason. Some enjoy cooking there too. The Kelty Granby has two vestibules measuring 0.65m2 and three metres squared.

When you buy into this brand, you are buying quality as well as reliable fly vents and window meshes that provide just the right amount of light until sun down. They are also easy to set up with three poles, enabling two to get the wood in, while one person raises the room and beds down. Buy Kelty tents and the Granby here.

 7. Kelty Hula House 6-6 Person Tent Cool Grey/ Putty / Green

£358* // 4LRUAAAD

For the past four years, the Kelty Hula House range, both six man and four man have received rave reviews. Mainly because they have been the largest and most roomy in their category. The floor area comes in at a magnificent 10.2 sq mtrs and the vestibule equally accommodating for storage and seating at 4.7m2.

Unless you are really tall, you can stand and get dressed and I’d guess four people could do this at a time if you are not too shy. With no contact dressing possible. At 8.8kgs it is a heavy Kelty tent but well worth the effort come the end of the day when pitching up. Which one person can handle. View the cheap family tent here.

8. Kelty Mach 4-4 Person Airpitch Tent & Footprint

£309* / PNAZAAAD

For someone who has been camping twenty years, you have seen technology come on leaps and bounds. Wooden to metal poles, material changes, flexible poles to DAC Hybrid. Enter air tubes. What? Airpole tents maybe a little more time consuming but truly effortless. This is plug and play technology for the outdoor person.

Perfect for festival camping the airpole range of Kelty family tents has grown up from Kelty Mach tent to encompass the Airlift 6 and Airlift 4. This difference being in sleeping areas. Previously poles meant a larger single sleeping area was only possible with vestibule access. However you now have a choice of the single area or buying two partitioned areas.

Two airbeams keep this four man Kelty family tent upright long term. Storage / seating area and sleeping area are equal in size, with 4.67m2 and 4.69m2. If you’re into entertaining and that festival weather just turned bad, you can even detach the sleeping area and invite your friends round for an indoor party. View the Kelty tent with airpitch here.

9. Kelty Como 6 – 6 Person Cheap Family Tent

£288* / 40812114 / 8KAZAAAD

I remember buying my first freestanding two man tent. I was the first in our hiking group, amongst others who had to deal with guys and tent pegs galore. When considering a larger tent it’s evident that freestanding is the way to go. With the Kelty Como you are getting one of the cheapest family tents in its category.

It is spacious too, with over ten square metres split between vestibule at 2.7m2 and sleeping area floor space of 7.67 m2. It’s a tall tent, requiring additional support so DAC Hybrid with aluminium. Though the weight is still kept down at 8kgs. Less than half the weight of the Kelty Frontier and 1.5 times the sleeping space. View the cheapest Kelty family tent here.

10. Kelty Gunnison 4.2 4 Person Tent Grey / Orange / Green

£253* // UGRUAAAD

When it comes to camping and maximising the warmth on cold Autumn nights, a four person tent can be quite accommodating. The Kelty Gunnison tent range is always updating and is one of the most popular Kelty backpacking tents when it comes to larger groups walking. Knowing its customer, two doorways are built in.

This offers a Kelty family tent with two vestibules of equal size and 1.3 metres squared front and back. the sleeping space is also adequate at 5.3m2. There are two poles which fold down to rucksack size making carrying much easier. The weight too is bearable at 4.1kg. For a four person cheap family tent it is both compact and lightweight. View Kelty Gunnison tents here.

11. Kelty Salida 4-4 Person Tent Cool Grey / Putty / Green

£218* / 40812415 / 6KRUAAAD

Cheap family tents don’t get much cheaper than this, especially when keeping quality in mind. The Salida Kelty tent is an award winning design that comes with a two DAC pressfit pole system and has a very low carrying weight of 3.32kgs.

While for four people the interior is cosy at 5.11 metres squared, it has the height to compensate and a vestibule of 1m2 for additional storage which will always come in handy. Like many of the Kelty family tents, they are three season and where a tent might be susceptible to windier weather, guy outs are provided as optional extras.  View Kelty tents and the Salida 4 here.

We realise new tents do come on to the market while the old stock is still for sale. There are features in both new and old that should be compared. Whether it is split interiors or one sleeping area, more roomy vestibules or dual vestibule and dual access. Compare cheap Kelty family tents at Capital Outdoors and be sure to check the Kelty discount codes to save more on any Kelty tent sale offers. *Prices displayed were at the time of writing.