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Are cheap LED floodlights any good? It is a question many people ask before diving in. As a business it can cost several thousands of pounds – Squillions even, to switch over an entire warehouse or shop floor. So you need to be extra informed they can offer the correct amount of lighting as required by health and safety, as well as ensuring your staff and customers can adjust to the new visage.

The good news is yes cheap LED floodlights are better, both cost wise, more efficient and provide adequate lighting. It’s all in the lumens you see. Lumens is the age old light rating that offers guidance on how much light is beamed over a certain area. With LED lighting in general, you get more lumens for your money. You may be more accustomed to the use of Watts as a phrase to determine light power.

However, because LED uses less electricity to generate light, it’s no longer possible to choose 40 watt or 100 watt as it is meaningless and instead you need to make a comparison between the two. For instance the Lumilife 10 Watt Slimline LED Security Floodlight would be equal to that of a more traditional 40 watts and represent a saving of approximately 22 to 45 Incandescent it its lifetime. Meaning you don’t really need cheap LED floodlights discount codes and can save without.

Cheap LED Floodlights Voucher Codes

Most cheap LED floodlights will last approximately 25,000 to 50,000 depending on the model you buy. If you take Lumilife floodlights as an example, each of their products differ between the two ranges. Offering a cheaper and more expensive level of entry to the LED market. With confidence in that they provide enough lighting you can can look at further aspects of each of the cheap LED floodlights.

Invariably you can buy LED floodlights that offer one solution or many within the same unit. There are fixed LED security floodlights that are fitted with differing beam angles dependent on the area which needs to be protected or offered light to. Some models are standard, while settings within can allow you to adjust the beam width and length. You can use a variety of lumens charts to compare light over distance. See below for the latest cheap LED floodlights voucher codes.

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Other cheap LED floodlights are solar powered which save you more money as no electricity is required. Which also denotes there being very little need for drilling or wires and can be positioned in hard to reach places that are not necessarily close to an electrical point. Perfect for the perimeters of warehousing and yards and also large gardens – as long as the unit is open to the sunlight of course! Most come with a remote control.

You can also buy rechargeable units that are cheap portable LED floodlights. These are useful for people in the trade or events companies looking for a solution on site. Generator usage can cost money on fuel too! These tend to be much more powerful and can be cheaper than using Halogen over wide areas. whether for security, site work or for the home, cheaper LED floodlights are bringing down the cost of electrical use the world over.

Save Squillions with the above listed cheap LED floodlights discount codes and reduce not only costs associated with energy bills but replacement fixtures and bulbs. If you are seeking a solution to changing your lighting wholesale across your premises or household, you could do worse than to check the latest LEDhut voucher codes for yet more savings on indoor and outdoor LED lighting.

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