Cheap Business Letterhead Printing For Dummies

We’ve all seen those topical ‘for dummies’ books… Ask yourself what sets your company apart from the competition. Is it customer service, competitive price points, cheaper or free delivery? Have you ever considered that the perception of your business, especially if based online, might come down to letterheads and that stationery could also be a winning factor? With cheap letterhead printing for businesses online you could come out on top just by spending an extra few quid on presentation.

I know a place that has over 100 free letterhead templates, will check your images and design with an automatic proofing tool that only takes three minutes and it’s not a secret either. They will even send you a free sample pack of those inexpensive letter heads so you can see the quality for yourself before you buy. No need to ponder on how good your artwork is when it comes to the final letterhead printing, as they do a free artwork check upon request too.

Skip: See how cheap, letterhead printing for business can actually be.

You’re about to find out why most cheap letterheads for businesses are bought by establishments like yours through professional letterhead printing suppliers online. Whether compliment slips, letterheads or correspondence cards, it’s better to evoke the use of a traditional letterhead print business than attempt such a cheaper printing solution from your own office or home and I’ll reveal as to why.

The Really Cheap Letterhead Option – Uh Oh!

I know what it’s like to run a business, you’ll read this article with one eye and keep glancing over to the cheap full colour printer in the corner of your home office. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great idea, saving money usually is. You could open up your free image software, put together a few graphics, place these in the printer software and start letterhead printing cheaply and most probably effectively. You might even download a free letterhead template from the internet.

But how good is that printer, be honest with me, it says full colour but what’s the actual print quality? How many letterheads do you need? One or two or a few hundred, oh… thousands!?! Are you a new living room start up or a fully blown retailing outfit needing the best letterheads and compliment slips to insert into your packages? Yes that cheap printer is really the cheapest letterhead printing option for your business, but is it the best idea? Going from dummy to clever… now we’re getting somewhere.

Imagine walking into a tailors and showing him the cut of your cloth and how you made your own suit. You’ll be laughed out of the door. There’s one thing all business owners should never cut costs on and that’s presentation. You’ve spent thousands on the best web design, sourced the right products  but at the final hurdle your printed out at home cheap business letterhead wouldn’t even cut it as a paper aeroplane. Cheap letterhead printing businesses do exist if you buy into the basics first.

Cheap Business Letterheads With Free Templates

Now I’ve been there and done what I’m about to highlight. Peruse the image above and acknowledge the fantastic block colouring on the top of the first cheap letterhead and the one aligned to the side on the second. Did you bulk order your colour print cartridges and have you got all year, waiting for your printer to get the task done? The result of doing this the really cheap way, the dirt cheap way, will be a wet and bubbly ink on a very sub standard grade of paper.

As the Italians say, “Forget about it!” No really, forget about it. You are not going to come up with an inexpensive letterhead for business that is of a quality that your customers will think you put effort in to say “Thank You” to them. There are of course very high quality printers available at a lower cost but time is also essential. When ordering a cheap business letterhead online you are freed up of time, even as far as the free templates on offer.

Earlier we mentioned the dozens of free letter templates online that some printers avail their customers. Just because you’re seeking out cheaper letterhead printing, doesn’t mean you have to forgo on good service. You should expect the printing business to help in every way possible. Being able to work with a variety of free letterhead templates from the get go saves time as then you just have to upload images, align them and enter address and other company information and hit the print button.

Choosing Cheap Letterheads With High GSM Paper

As we’re less dummies and more knowledgeable about cheap letterhead printing online now, let’s test your viewpoint on how cheap, cheap letterheads for your company should be. Should a low cost letterhead have any weight to the paper? There are a variety of GSM paper grades, GSM standing for ‘grams per square metre’. OK, so yes you’re funny, a meter would be a big letterhead… The typical grade is 80gsm used by anyone who is just printing for fun and not looking for quality – you can get lower – go on sit, on the floor – yes that was my little joke in return.

Now for the test, first the females amongst the reader. Toilet paper, how many sheets do you like to use, do you fold or scrunch? Ah ha, got you already, a topic you don’t wish to hear about, let alone discuss. Well cheap business letterheads are pretty much the same as your issue with toilet paper. Cheap doesn’t always perform and making toilet paper yourself from old magazines ain’t going to work either. Much the same as cheap letterhead printing large blocks of colour in quick time.

And now a query for the Gentleman reader, when you’re at the News stand in the morning, in a rush for the train as you’re late, you discover to your horror that The Times is all sold out, just The Sun left. Well when you’re sat reading and turning the pages on your red top, it doesn’t quite compare to your regular broadsheet read does it? The sound, the feel and your fingerprints stolen in an instant. It’s the company you keep, you see. Whether toilet paper, best read newspaper or cheaper 160gsm letterheads, the feel and look matters.

Letterhead Printing For Companies On The Cheap

The UK is the land of the free press, the bastion of the Magna Carta, so of course printing is as big an industry as it has been for centuries. Much less big of course since the invention of the internet but that simply means quality services and cheap letterhead printing for business is more of a niche and more competitive. Not as big an industry as it is important and held in high regard. That is exactly the way you should consider your presentation when it comes to cheap printed stationery too.

This started out as an article about cheap business letterhead printing for dummies. You have since learned about paper aeroplanes and GSM weight, that toilet paper is no good for using as an inexpensive letterhead and that your cheap printer could probably make papier mache models. You are no longer considered a dummy. You have graduated, congratulations!! The prices above for cheap business letterheads are just a guide, they may even be cheaper but I guess there’s only one way to really know. Click to find out.