Cheap Monokini Swimsuits For Women And Sex Appeal

“Wella, wella, wella ooo” There’s something about Mary and other ladies that simply make a man go wild and start singing. Well cheap Monokini Swimsuits for women are certainly a piece of clothing to sing about also!

We are quite lucky in the modern age to be able to flaunt our bits at the beach and elsewhere. In the not so distant past, swimwear involved a lot more fabric and was certainly less functional and hardly had any wow factor at all.

Did you know that up until the 1700’s women would swim naked absolutely anywhere, as would men. However over a period of time attitudes changed and both female and male nude bathing was legally banned UK wide.

Which gave a boost to those looking to offer swimsuits and for retailers and manufacturers capitalism took hold. In those days that often meant neck to ankle clothing and certainly no bikinis or cheap monokini swimsuits for that matter, sheesh!

There is however, something to be said about leaving a little to the imagination. Designer swimwear such as bikinis, tankinis or going topless doesn’t always send out the correct message. But cheap Monokini swimsuits on the other hand do.

As a red blooded male myself, I can understand your confusion at this juncture. Near naked form of a female versus a Monokini swimwear? Bear with me. Let’s face it, clothing that a woman wears is based on personal choice.

To look good, feel good and feel comfortable in their environment. Although without tempting the scorn of the woman watching over my shoulder as I pen this, there is a certain other factor women consider when choosing designer swimwear.

It’s not necessarily the price tag, the female of the species, just like any red blooded male wishes to attract males of the opposite sex or indeed females. One way is to dress in an alluring manner. I don’t know about you boys and girls but I don’t like life too easy.

I enjoy a little imaginative foreplay. If I can’t get something, I have an urge to want it more. This ladies and gentleman is the secret to the Monokini swimsuit. It may be one piece of cloth but it is also revealing, alluring and sexy because it’s not a bikini.

A monokini swimsuit is a one piece swimsuit however in the majority of instances the back is revealed. This gives the concept that the woman is wearing a two piece bikini at the rear or even topless, but not so true of the other frontal side.

There is a strategic art to most designer swimwear, the way it holds, the way it doesn’t, the way it reveals without revealing anything at all. Swimwear designers also consider the fabric, how it will look in water, out of water and the many ways different fabrics can be merged, including colour and feel.

So boys and girls, if you wish to attract the opposite sex, it’s not all about showing it all, in the most parts it’s about providing a tease to what is underneath that skimpy one piece swimsuit.

What is invariably revealed by a cheap monokini swimsuit is what is actually hidden. Take our selection of Monokinis below as an example and yes we will walk you through them. There are holes, cut curves, emblems, colouring, designs and well placed strings in all the right places.

They don’t serve any other purpose than to be an attractive quality to both the wearer and the person looking on. The majority of our clothing choices boil down to how another person sees us. If we only cared about staying warm or cool, we would all wear the same stuff but of course we don’t.

We, at Squillions, have selected a variety of different and cheap monokini swimsuits for you to peruse and consider the differences each contain within. What at first glance appears to be a simple swimming costume to enjoy the sea or pool suddenly becomes a way to look desirable, feel good and attract the opposite sex. Who knew!

Cheap Monokini Swimsuits For Women With Belly Button And Cleavage

Take a look at these two lovely ladies. Sunning themselves up in two cheap Monokini swimsuits for women and what do you notice? well I don’t think many of you noticed the bangles on their left hand. Oh you did, really!?!

You see Monokini swimwear is much different to bikinis in that they give a little but not a lot. Although even I’d disagree with the last bit of that statement. That is a lot of cleavage. However in both instances you’re being teased and the wearer knows it all to well.

A flash of the belly button but no curvy hips on show. A smattering of cleavage but no side curvature. She really does feel comfortable in her women’s Monokini swimsuit yet at the same time has certainly caught your eye. most designs also have a halter neck which offers additional security and comfort against that of a back tie.

The Cut Out Reverse And Cheap Monokini Swimsuit for Women

A Women’s Monokini Swimsuit invariably comes in four distinct styles. The cut out is the second, the third is an amalgamation of the two, and the fourth is simply a full body and an open back. Cheap Monokini swimsuits for women have never been so good and work great for sex appeal on four different levels depending on personality.

The above swimming costumes are still one piece but as the wording suggests, parts of the fabric are cut out. This leaves the wearer with the ability to tease on an hole different level. Bust and cleavage is covered but today you get to see my hips.

The belly button has also vanished but you get to see more hip action and more curves. I bet you didn’t realise there was so much to swimsuits and monokinis!

There are hundreds of more designs to select from and often women have two to three different bikinis, swimsuits and swimming costumes in their wardrobe when they go on holiday. So get stuck in and get your next cheap monokini swimsuit here.