Cheap Zentai Suits UK: Lycra Spandex Full Bodysuit Prints

Oh suits you! Or rather “Oh Zentai suits you!” If you thought costumes couldn’t get any more embarrassing and tight fitting, then think again. Not since the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the 1990s, has costume wearing gone to such an extreme in the mainstream populations of Planet Earth.

Zentai Suits have been a tradition in Japan and China for decades. I could sit here and tell you about the variety of practical applications that these costumes offer but I would be lying. At least onesies have a practical use. These second skin costumes are an amusing anecdote to any party or function or avenue to provide entertainment through sheer silliness.

Known as Morph Suits in the UK simply because a brand took off – for obvious reasons (Power Rangers), Second Skins and Bodysuits. These cheap Zentai suits come in an array of styles, designs, prints and colours to magically transform your near or absolutely naked body into a public art form.

Let me be the first to notice that most pictures of Zentai suits for sale have slim, fit and fat less bodies squeezed into the morph suit material. A material which usually makes use of Lycra or spandex.Yes that’s correct, the gymnasium clothing department went mainstream! Yet all manner of people seem to fit themselves into the stretchy material.

But it’s so much fun. The great thing is, these costumes don’t cost Squillions, the cheapest Zentai suits UK are cheaper then a McDonalds family meal and will provide years of fun for everyone.

How much fun? Well at current count, there are well over 1500 individual designs of bodysuits to choose from, these include catsuits which are perfect for any gal looking to impress as Batman’s fellow crusader and a variety of other themed body suits.

With so many vivid and daring designs, where to begin? Leopard pattern spandex zentai suits, tiger and zebra are just several of many cheap animal Zentai suits you can select online.

Below we have picked out some of our favourites but with over 1500 different designs, this is just the top of the iceberg. Flag zentai suits, animal zentai suits, super hero zentai suits, tv and film bodysuit characters and catsuits and leotards to make any mother blush.

Not all uses of these full body suits are for personal reasons, some are brought in to aid in commercial ventures. If you’re seeking out a country presence, choose from a wide variety of flag Zentai suits like this British Flag Zentai Suit.

Also represented are America, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Russia and Italy with many more colourful arrangements to tout your country’s capabilities.

These types of MorphSuits are also great for the beach when abroad to show off your nationality before the Germans arrive to lay their beach towel, and excellent for walking around in hot climates such as Barcelona or Naples. But maybe not Vienna or you might lose your sausage.

When you’re off your head on lager, red bull shots and whatever else comes your way, you’re not going to worry about blurred vision and being able to see fully through this Glow In The Dark Zentai suit.

Wearing clothes is often such a pain when raving and dancing away, sweating profusely. If you’re too hot turn to a raving glow in the dark bodysuit as a solution to not only entertain the crowd but also allow yourself to relax and enjoy the atmosphere in a free’r, almost naked state.

I bet you don’t need your phone to light up the keyhole to your home when drunk and trying to get back in. I’m just wondering where you kept the key all night long…

Are you a fan of Star Wars? We have found the perfect bodysuit for your next convention. These cheap Morphsuits come in a variety of colours all with a metallic shine.

Rose, black, coffee, red, you name it they’ve got it in stock. Bodysuits to match any gathering or themed event. And if you’re business is seeking out colour matching suits for brand events then these are ideal to showcase your company.

Made from latex or PVC, to ensure the metallic glow keeps up its appearance you simply apply a latex shine all over and it should last a lot longer than your last pair of granny’s false teeth.

Wonder Woman, Super Girl and Dead Pool are just a few of the fantastic super hero characters you can become when planning your next fancy dress party.

This Green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Zentai Suit will also be popular for those who grew up watching those nun chucking turtles and their break beat moves in the 1980s which was remade in 2014.

There’s a wicked little Silver Surfer outfit, Power Ranger bodysuits and Spiderman costumes in every conceivable colour with designs that will make sure you look like a walking, talking human art form.

Following on from the Smurfs films, you can now dress as a little blue character and pretend you’re fighting Gargamel while squeezing your bum into a Smurf Zentai suit.

Animal bodysuits have been growing in popularity recently. Take this Leopard Pattern Spandex Zentai Suits as an example. While there’s no actual animal features – bar the tail on this one of course – it’s not difficult to understand what you’re trying to be.

Forget messy face paints and other material arrangements, get your clothes off and get stuck into an animal zentai suit for the most arty of animal patterns.

Monkey bodysuits, Zebra Morphsuits and cow zentai suits UK are some of the most sought after, but there’s also reindeer, multi coloured animal costumes, pandas and tigers to order and in small, medium, large and x-large too.

Meow, puurrr, may I stroke you little pussy cat? Get everyone’s attention in this shiny Metallic Blue Cat Unisex Catsuit. It’s almost a Zentai suit but for the three holes in the face from which your little whiskers will protrude.

These cheap catsuits are very sexy and come in a wickedly bright blue metallic colouring, detailing and showing off your curves like never before. Which is all fine and dandy if you’re female, I wasn’t exactly appealing to a 42 stone male and their curves this time round – sorry.

There are many more metallic Zentai suits to choose, mermaid bodysuits, super heroes, clown morph suits and fairy tale likenesses.

Stop bank robbers and thieves in their tracks and Kick Ass as an amateur super hero with these Superman catsuits and a Black And White Lycra Spandex Spider Bodysuit.

Zentai goes wild with an array of Superhero costumes to leave your foe in no doubt that you can Kick Ass 2. Captain America, Black Lightning, The Joker and Iron Man all created through fantastic print methods on latex, lycra and spandex bodysuits.

So there we go, a small selection of the vast array of 1500 cheap Zentai suits online for delivery in the UK and worldwide. Which one are you going to buy? Do please let us know and maybe send us a pic! Yum yum!

There’s only one question I’d like to ask the retailer that sells the cheap Zentai suits and it’s this “I’m a man… so where do I put it?” Click to view the vast array of Morph Suits and please ask the question on my behalf.