Chocosamosas Or Chocomosas: A Chocolate Samosa Recipe

What do you call a chocolate filled samosa? A Chocosamosa or a Chocomosa? One man has made our minds up for us and has released a new product termed Chocomosa to the cocoa frenzied public. If you want to create your own chocolate samosa recipe, scroll down.

Now you can EAT Squillions! Remember when you were a child and you did so much more with your life and days were dreamy and full of inventiveness? Well one man has turned play time creations spurned by the love of chocolate and Indian food into a very tasty delicacy.

It may well have been done before and marrying foods from different cultures and savoury cuisines with deserts and sweets has been ongoing for centuries but up until now, Chocomosas were not widely available on supermarket shelves.

After some fifteen years and as a treat embedded well within the  stomachs of the Kainth family. Their son and brother Ajay’s creation of a Chocomosa has in the last few weeks been rolled out by Morrisons supermarket.

Indian food is one of the most favourite cuisines in the British psyche so naturally with samosas already being that greasy veg and meat packed crunchy packet we all love, add chocolate to the fray and most people will begin to salivate just at the mention of a Chocosamosa.

By Ajay’s own admission, he is not the first to think of a Chocolate Samosa Recipe but may well be the first to take it into widespread production. Indeed a quick browse of the web shows a fantastic Chocomosa recipe full of naughty goodness.

Their Chocolate Samosa recipe takes all the traits from the typical savoury dish and brings the chocolate to the fore by utilising ingenious ingredients such as cardamom pods, cloves, cinnamon sticks. And of course, it being steeped in Indian tradition, how can you forgo a little Mango puree to dip into as well.

View the Chocolate Samosa Recipe here.

Meanwhile back on the supermarket shelves. It’s not just Chocolate Chocomosas that are available by Fresh Off The Boat (FOB) Foods, rather than create a different phrase for each filling you can also find Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chocomosas, and an alternative with coconut.

Talking to the Guardian Series website Ajay Kainth said “I like experimenting with new things and one day I made up the recipe and it worked. Samosas sell all-year round but I wanted to create something unique and with a twist that will make my brand stand out and bring the out-dated look of Asian food and packaging into the modern world.”

Buy them at Morrisons online here.

Do you have a budding business in your belly? Which creative food stuffs and foodie amalgamations did you conjure up when you was a child? Do you have a similar Chocomosa Chocolate samosa recipe in your head? Do let us know!

Why not try out the recipe above and use a different type of chocolate each time round? Although I’m sure the White Cooking Chocolate is quite scrumptious. You could even add some fruit to balance out those additional calories. Much like a real Chocomosa will in the future. OK, forget I said that! Indulge!!