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It’s said that every one of us has a business inside just waiting to pop out which means at Squillions every one of you are worth a million pounds to us. And the same goes for the Claireabella classics brand. Claireabella Canvas bags and Claireabella Jute bags first swept the UK nation after appearing on TOWIE – the only way is essex but it appears there is also another way, via Hull.

Hull!?! Yes, the designer behind Claireabella is a very modern, happy go lucky woman who just happened to see something she liked – herself, and asked if others liked her too. The story behind Claireabella canvas bags, phone cases and other merchandise is a simple one.

On a trip to Gay Paris, an artist created a caricature of Claire Barratt which she loved so much it spurred her into creating a business on her return. There are now dozens of creative artists all hand drawing the Claireabella look as personalised requests on canvas bags, jute bags and limited edition handmade bags and a variety of other merchandise.

Claireabella classics is a living, morphing, interchangeable cartoon caricature of Claire Barrett and like any girl’s daily make up wishes, you can change hair colour, eye lashes, eye colour, hair style, outfit and add personalised text to any of the Claireabella canvas bags or other products like kindle cases or hoodies, t-shirts, lunch boxes, mugs, candles and even chocolate bars.

The remarkable thing about Claireabella is although a fashion icon and touted by all the celebrities, this isn’t a product which will set you back hundreds and thousands to buy into. It’s a very normal, affordable craze about a caricature that can be personalised to match the personality the gift or purchase is for. Which is probably why Clairabella canvas bags and jute bags are such a success.

Using a method of handmade and hand drawn design, the Claireabella merchandise range can be designed from pre-selected colours and fashions. When you’re at ToxicFox – which is the exclusive reseller online, to Build aBella and customise Personalised Claireabella Gifts simply choose from the following;

ClaireaBella classics Outfits: Glam, Chic, Bride, Party Gal, Precious Cargo (pregnant – which is sooo funny!), Casual, Glitz, Posh, Relaxed, Kids Ballerina, Kids Pink Dress, Kids Princess Dress, Kids Red Dress. Will she ever go punk or Emo I wonder!?!

Then there is the Claireabella Hair Styles: Long, Bob, Curly, Straight Long, Pixie, Curly Flick, Kids Ponytail, Kids Side Bun, Kids Wavy Bow.Nor forgetting the Claireabella Hair Colours in Blone, Brunette, Black, Ginger, Red. To top the personalised gifts off, simply select Claireabella Eye Colour with those beautiful long eye lashes from: Blue, Brown, Green and Hazel and away you go. Build aBella built!

*See site for terms and conditions.

Claireabella Bags – Claireabella Classics Designs

Buy Claireabella Classics Large Jute Bags Here

The jute bag polo Clairabella classics jute bags are a separate design selection from the rest of the merchandise and products on offer in the range and there is one outfit but you can only choose dress colour.

Being the classics, the large and medium jute bags, allow you to have a few more options on top of the normal build a bella options detailed above. You can select an outfit but can also select skin tone.

Buy Claireabella Medium Jute Bags At ToxicFox

You can choose a skin tone; Natural Jute, Fair, Dark and Darker and a dress colour of pink, black, white, blue or purple. The caricature is the same throughout the adult polo range, however outfits can be personalised on the kid’s and adult jute bags.

Build a bella is a fantastic design methodology which gives you almost free reign over the product you’re buying. I’m only wondering when Ken will show up…

View More Claireabella Polo Jute Bags Here

Another in the classics range – As seen on TV and the advert below – the polo Just bags are all hand made and hand drawn by artists that reflect the passion and commitment by the abella creator, Claire Barrett. The Polo Fashion Bag measures 21cm wide by 15cm high with a 10cm gusset and jute handles.

Buy Eco Friendly Claireabella Kids Jute Bags Here

If, like me, you are wondering what jute is, it’s not the name of the abella. A jute bag is a bag consisting of fibres made from vegetables. Jute has been used for clothes and bag manufacturing for millennia but these eco friendly, reusable jute bags are making a come back, especially if they have Claireabella in tow!

These handmade, hand painted Claireabella classics jute bags are Medium Bags which measure 30cm wide by 27cm high with a 17cm gusset and rounded handles.

Design Claireabella Butterfly Jute Bags Here

We lose these bags at Squillions. In fact what is probably against the entire idea of he brand, this butterfly has to be the most unique and amazing design out of them all. Maybe they could call it Naturabella.

These Naturabella Butterfly jute bags come in three styles, large, medium or polo. And the Claireabella butterfly is available in blue, yellow or pink.

Buy Claireabella Limited Edition Bags Here

This girl and her trend is no longer just a swinging UK thing. She has swam the atlantic and headed over to the Americas and is currently conquering New York – well at least Claireabella is on the limited edition New York Fashion Week jute bag.

The Large jute Bag measures 40cm wide by 33cm high with a 17.5cm gusset and rounded handles to comfortably carry over your shoulder whether you’re male or female – this is New York darling!

There is also a Claireabella ‘having it large’ in Marbella jute bag, a Breast Cancer Awareness jute bag which has those ever recognisable pink hearted twists emblazoned on the bag and a Christmas jute edition. Not forgetting the Claireabella Classic Bikini summer edition.

Buy Claireabella Canvas Bags Classics Here

Diamond Jubilee Canvas Bags, Mothers Day Canvas Bags, Easter Canvas Bags, Valentines Day Canvas Bags and Christmas Canvas Bags are all exclusive to ToxicFox and can be customised in all the usual build a bella ways by altering outfit to suit, hair style, hair and eye colour.

Made of 100% cotton and of the highest quality and durability the personalised canvas bags measure 42 x 38cm and have a larger capacity of 10 litres. On the back of each ClaireaBella canvas bag there is an autograph from Claire Barratt (magical Queen of ClaireaBella). Only the basic canvas bag can use build abella outfits, the outfit design is fixed on Christmas, Valentines and Easter.

Claireabella Fashion

View The Claireabella Pyjamas Range

Available in two styles, Claireabella pyjamas come as Glam Diva with t-shirt or strap top and a brand new Bedtime-aBella design or Claireabella pyjamas with build abella and a strap top or t-shirt.

The T-shirt with bedtime abella cannot be customised by build abella but the strap top and t-shirt can with build abella pyrjamas. Both are available with Pink polka dot or turquoise polka dot pyrjama bottoms. I’m confused…

Buy Unisex Claireabella Adult Zoodies Here

Who’s that girl behind you? Yes keep turning, because she’s only on your back innit!?! Tee hee, Claireabella is behind you innit! Yes that’s right bruv.

If you want some seriously good looking girls on your back then look no further than the Claireabella adult zoodies which zip up at the front. Clairebella is only for girls? What do you mean bruv, it’s all about unisex and equality these days – ya know what I mean!

Marvel At Claireabella Adult Hoodies Here

If you’re looking to be all the rage with the TOWIE and all the other celebrities sporting Claireabella merchandise and classics bags then look no further than this reasonably priced Claireabella hoodie for adults. Child’s are below.

Available in pink, black, blue, white, grey and red and Hoodies are 80% cotton, 20% Polyester and weigh 280gsm. Different to the Zoodies,the caricature of abella and personalised gift wording is on the front.

View The Claireabella Adult T-Shirts Range

These are some seriously body clinging adult t-shirts available in black, blue, red, pink or white so consider the background colour when choosing your delectable caricature’s outfits and hair styles. You wouldn’t want to clash on your street catwalk.

T Shirts are 100% cotton and weigh 190gsm and come in a variety of sizes from small to extra large.

View More Claireabella Kids Zoodies Here

Zoodies – what on earth are they? Well with a little creative imagination, they’re hoodies with a zip. Hoodies used to have a zip too but some clever bunny decided that the term zoodies sounded cool.

Zoodies are 80% cotton, 20% Polyester and weigh 280gsm and have a zip up front. The hoodies may well have an enclosure fr the hood in the material but a little unsure as no pics of the rear on Toxic Fox.

View Claireabella Kids Hoodies Shop

Much like the adult hoodie, only smaller – figure that… These caricature styled and personalised gifts for another person or yourself are 80% cotton, 20% Polyester and weigh 280 gsm and will keep you warm all year round.

Use build abella to create your own cute Claireabella caricature and add your own wording and text to complete the difference.

View The Claireabella Kids T-Shirts Range Here

As t-shirts for children these are pretty pricey coming in at just under twenty pounds. However if you’re seeking out fashionable and personalised gifts then these Claireabella kid’s t-shirts are ok. The tees are 100% cotton and weigh 190 gsm.

Consider that you can add your own wording and that build abella adds more customisation, you should be happy buying your children this product and they can choose the abella too.

Claireabella Accessories

View Claireabella iPad Cases

The ipad cases are available in a variety of background styles including, Jute bag, Lifes A Beach, Cocktail Bar, Wild Flower and Red Carper VIP. Each can be personalised with your own wording and of course, customisable with build a bella and her variety of different hair styles and eye colours as detailed above.

Buy Claireabella Kindle 4 Cases

Built for the Amazon Kindle 4, these Claireabella Kindle 4 cases protect and serve all day long. In the same four styles as the other protective cases above.

The covers enclose the kindle just like any other casing and spillages are easily wiped off the case. If you’re seeking out a cover to match your personality, then one of these freaky pseudo psychotic Claireabellas should fit your mood.

Choose Claireabella Protective Phone Case Here

I’ve come to the conclusion that Clairebella may well have a multiple personality disorder, so many hair styles, eye colour and outfits and an almost psychopathic bid to control the universe with customised Claireabella protective phone cases based on her own image.

Spoiling he fun, ok, this fits the Apple: iPhone: iPhone 3, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and the all new iPhone 5. Samsung: SII and SIII. Blackberry Curve: 8520, 8530, 9300 and 9330 and the Blackerry Bold: 9700 and 9780.

Browse Claireabella Fabric Phone Cases Online

First off it’s worth noting, they may be mobile phone size but these little pouches can hold anything from iphones to digital cameras intact and secure about your person.

The fabric phone case measures 8cm in width and 12cm in height. Again it can be customised with build abella and any personalised wording added to make unique.

View All The Claireabella Chocolate Bars Here

Did someone mention chocolate? Now this is one of those treats where you buy one to keep for a lifetime and sell for thousands in fifty years and then buy another to eat and another Claireabella chocolate bar as a gift.

These chocolate bars are 1– grams and contains all the usual stuff; Sugar, Cocoa Butter, High Fat Milk Powder, Whey Powder, Lactose, Emulsifier; Soya Lecithin, Flavouring; Vanillin. Milk Chocolate contains cocoa solids 32% min, milk solids 20% min. One last thing, you won’t be able to keep the bar for fifty years, you’ll eat her whole!

View Claireabella Candles Section

If the trending Claireabella classics hasn’t set your house on fire yet, give it a try with this personalised wax candle from ToxicFox.

The candle itself measures 13cm x 7cm and is presented in a beautiful white organza bag. The candle has build abella ability and add your own wording.

View Claireabella Lunch Boxes Build ABella Here

Here’s a little fact for you, every child in the class room can have a different Claireabella Lunch box design using build abella, not forgetting you can have your own name and wording on the front too. So if you’re a teacher looking for smiles around, buy thirty of these and get buildabellaring.

Buy Personalised Claireabella Mugs

I know what you’re thinking, I did too. The mugs are the parents shelling out for this fad, but hold your horses. The cartoon, the film, the comic, the Clairebella TV show, maybe a mug might be an investment and grow up with your entire family.

The mugs can be personalised with “Dad Loves Claireabella” or any other wording and there are two different mugs. A latte mug and a white mug, both can be customised with build abella.

Claireabella Stationery

View The Claireabella Calendar Click Here

Each generation of people seem to get luckier and luckier. This is the official Clairebella Calendar, not the Tracybella, Louiseabella but Claireabella official calendar.

And this calendar is super special, as well as having the ability to personalised with your own wording, you get to choose when your year begins. Isn’t that cool!

Visit Claireabella Diaries A5 Shop

I don’tknow where I’ve eben the last decade but just like the calendars, you don’t have to start scribbling half way through the year to benefit from an astounding Claireabella designed diary. When you order simply choose a starting month and away you go, a full year’s worth of diary entries.

View Claireabella Notebooks A4 A5 Shop

These A4 and A5 ring bound ClaireaBella notebooks come in a variety of designs, Paris, Cat Walk and Red Carpet and again each are personalised gifts, you can add your own wording or name as well as build aBella.

These are great for the children in school or indeed yourself or a friend in the office. Students must be falling over themselves for this stuff too as all the celebrities have bought into Claireabella classics.

Visit Claireabella Cards Shop

You can currently sell personalised cards for Christmas, I’m sure they will add birthday cards, and Easter cards in time. The cards are very vivid.

Bog standard picturesque backgrounds of shops or landmarks and then an unmistakable Claireabella on the forefront which again is personalised with name and Build aBella.

Visit Claireabella Gift Wrap Shop

It says something about a brand when it can design and sell its own gift wrap! Personalised with name also. When you think about it, ToxicFox are only two steps away from selling Claireabella wallpaper for your little girls room.

I know stop it but where does it end. When does the cartoon come out and the TV series, what about the blockbuster film? Will she have magical powers? Obviously she’s magical, however would she change outfits and hair colour so often! Check for the latest Toxic Fox discount codes for money off this brand.

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