Clarks Eley Kishimoto Shoes Scent Ancient Desert

All you ladies out there must confess, there is usually a hundred and one reasons to go shopping even if you don’t really need anything. It’s a form of therapy so when I state that there is rarely an occasion where you must drop everything and rush out and buy something. You might be thinking, “well that’s nothing new!”

Well these are and these Eley Ancient Shoes, Eley Scent Sandals and Eley Desert Boots are must haves for 2013. A well known London art fashion designer has joined forces with Clarks to offer geometric print designs on shoes that are not only funky and stylish but act as visualised 3D portrayals on your very own feet. The designs are featured on a range of three types of shoe, a wooden wedge, a kitten heel and a desert boot.

Eley Kishimoto, the London fashion and design company which boasts British and Japanese designers, is famed for their appearances at London fashion week and have teamed up with the nation’s favourite shoe manufacturer for comfortable court shoes to bring you the Eley Kishimoto shoes, sandals and desert boot range. Of what can only be described as a near likeness to an autostereogram design that really has your eyes popping out as well as the image too.

Without much effort and too much staring, your eyes quickly form the view that this flat patterning on the sandals, boots and heels are coming at you and are in a staggering Jaws type 3D only without the use of tacky glasses or someone in background singing der ner, der ner, der ner ner ner… A mixture of geometric lines and coloured shading to exemplify the focal points have created an Eley Kishimoto shoes range that walks and talks on your behalf.

Women’s Clarks Originals Ancient Eley Kishimoto Shoes

The three featured Eley Kishimoto Court Shoes below are the Ancient Eley and the court shoe / kitten heel comes in three separate colourful and vivid designs to wow not only you but all those you stalk and walk past. The 75mm / 3 inch kitten heel matches the design colour of each of the shoes.

The Ancient Eley Kishimoto shoes have three designs, just like the desert Eley and scent Eley range. The black and white combi which has black flash effect and  a black heel, the side view cubed blue textile which offers blue, white and yellow 3d cube patterning and finally the Orange Eley shoe, with an orange heel and a top down cube view that stretches the whole length of this kitten heel court shoe.

The textile upper material is offset with a very comfortable leather inner lining with the sole taking out the street’s shock waves and made from resin rubber. For around seventy quid you can look all the rage this year and go a little 80’s Japanesey “British Style’ and really show off those pins of yours.

Left to Right: Ancient Eley Kishimoto Shoes In Black And White Combi, Ancient Eley Kishimoto Shoes In Blue Textile Design and the Orange Ancient Eley Kishimoto Shoes With Pink And White cube design. They’re not so ancient…

Available: Ireland delivery, UK Schuh & EU

Women’s Clarks Originals Desert Eley Kishimoto Boots

This limited edition range of boots, shoes and sandals from designers Mark Eley and Wakaka Kishimoto has got a lot of fashion tongues wagging and they won’t be on sale for long – until stocks last. This really is a limited run on some very special designs which have been incorporated in what is at present, a one off Clarks collaboration with Eley Kishimoto.

Sizes are selling fast. The lining of the Desert Eley is a comfy hairsheep with a textile upper material boosted with a one inch heel. A very unique two hole white lace fastening completes this shoe that has crepe sole material on the base. And it’s not only the shoes that come well designed. Your desert boots arrive in a designer shoe box with dust bag.

Left to Right: Desert Eley Kishimoto Boots Blue Textile, Desert Eley Boots White Combi and Orange Eley Kishimoto Desert boots With Pink And White cube design. Black white combi only at Schuh.

Available: Ireland delivery, UK Schuh & EU

Women’s Clarks Originals Scent Eley Kishimoto Sandals

Wooden wedges are back in fashion. They offer more stability to the heel while elevating you to unknown heights – well just under four inches and offers an ankle strap which continues the pattern and design of the sandal as it is wrapped around your ankle.

Scent Eley truly set the fashion scene at the London Fashion Week show and have been highly anticipated as being must haves for SS13 – Spring / Summer 2013. Again with a leather lining and textile upper, with resin rubber sole you can walk tall with a truly fashionable sandal from one of the best and most lauded London fashion designers in tow.

Talking of toe. The Eley Scent sandal has a marvellous open peep toe which I’m sure all fashionable ladies will coordinate their nail polish with. Fashion in’it!

Left to Right: Scent Eley Sandals Blue Textile, Eley Kishimoto Scent Orange Sandals and the Black White Combi Scent Eley Kishimoto Sandals with snazzy flash fire effect design.

Available: Ireland delivery, UK Schuh & EU

Don’t miss out on these once in a lifetime designer shoes that have got all the cats talking and all the shoes walking fast out of shops online near you! These Eley Kishimoto shoes, boots and sandals are flying out of the door.