Colucci Diamonds 3.93 ctw White Gold Galaxy Ring

Featured at number one in the most expensive rings at Forzieri top ten comes this delectable Colucci diamond white gold ring. Colucci are a brand new designer for 2012 adorned by Forzieri and boy do their ring designs pack a punch.

Colucci have hit the market with a range of high end Colucci diamond jewellery that will set tongues wagging from New York via Dubai to Chelsea and beyond. Squillions is in love with Colucci Diamonds design so much that we see a fantastic future for Colucci as a whole, buying a small yacht? get it next week, buy this for your delightful better half and show how much she means to you.

Fresh in from Italy this Colucci Diamonds 3.93 ctw white gold galaxy ring is a presence that will leave no doubt about the wearer’s passion for reflecting their personality through their wears and their own desires to stand amongst the crowd and sparkle like the stars in the night’s sky.


At almost £20,000, this oval shaped 18k white gold ring leaves no estimation other than how many diamonds are actually on your finger, without confirmation there appears to be over sixty round cut diamonds in a snake swirl from tip to finger. An extraordinary piece of art for such a small piece, with the spiral view from above even more spectacular.

If any one man or woman was to show their undying love for another and that their passion, desire, care and yearning can match the longevity of a human life, then this Colucci Diamonds 3.93 ctw White Gold Galaxy Ring will go a long way to envelop those emotions. One wonders if the Colucci diamonds designers based this most amazing design feat on Egyptian culture with this Nemes headwear shaped white gold ring embodied within.

Although made in Italy, the ring symbolises all that is ancient in Egyptian culture and the shape as a whole hits you almost immediately. The swirling flow of round precision cut diamonds may well hint at the Cobra snake Uraeus, the white gold oval with the circle finger hold pointing to the Shenu and the Shen and protecting the wearer wherever this flamboyant ring and most prestigious owner choose to travel – on that yacht?


In our view, the Colucci Diamonds 3.93 ctw White Gold Galaxy Ring is the perfect gift of love, desire and friendship with passion and protection whether financially or physically, both at the centre of its meaning. The white gold ring screams love for eternity and embodies the Cobra diamond trail of Ureaus, the person who wears this isn’t owned by the purchaser but instead worshipped, loved, adored, protected and all will be eternal. Isn’t that so sweet!?!

Forzieri claim you can try this Colucci Diamonds 3.93 ctw white gold galaxy ring on at home and that “we make return easy” I’ll wager that once worn no return will ever be made, this exceptional masterpiece of designer couture will be with you finger forever, unless you have similar pieces in which case swapping is cool and have you seen the ear rings to go with it? View this exceptional designer piece in more detail at Forzieri.


Product Code: uc411511-001-00

mat 18K Gold and Diamond
Primary color : Silver
gr. 28.20/lb. 0.06
cm. W 1.90 x H 2.20 x D 0.00(in. W 0.75 x H 0.87 x D 0.00)

Diamond color: H; purity: VS. Made in Italy