Corfe Castle Cottages To Rent In Dorset

Corfe Castle cottages to rent in Dorset are not cheap because this is one of the most prestigious areas in Purbeck and central for tourism with over 200,000 visitors a year either staying in luxury cottages, inns or hotels. For both the location, the seaside, the Jurassic coast and taking in the wider Dorset county.

You can’t get to stay closer to the actual Corfe Castle and wake up to its beautiful surroundings, than being in the village of Corfe Castle itself which is where these short break rental properties are situated. Unless you spend a few million quid and move. They are affordable if reaching full occupancy as the thousands for a week’s holiday rent in Dorset for a cottage come down to hundreds of pounds per individual.

The Isle of Purbeck will be known to most historians and geologists across the world due to interests of accounts of war and the Jurassic coast, however not all British people will have been acquainted with this glorious area and its equally magnificent past. That’s why people venture to the South of England to visit Corfe Castle which is now under National Trust control.

It was one of the first castles to be built in England from stone and was erected by order of William The Conqueror in the 11th Century. While the castle was made to be ruins by order of Parliament after the Civil War, the remains have stood for four hundred years and almost a millennium in total. While the cottages to rent in Corfe Castle are not so ancient, some are Grade II listed buildings with extremely supreme furnishings making a cottage holiday at Corfe Castle even more attractive.

Well Court Drawing Room Fireplace Roaring Dorset Cottage

Well Court: £1730 – £4534 Two cottages to rent in Dorset at Corfe Castle

Take Well Court & Cottage as an example which is situated on West Street. What started out as a complex of four buildings in the 16th Century, including a Chapel is now just two, interconnected by an addition over the centuries of further Purbeck stone structures to form a two cottage, nine bedroom property at the very heart of Corfe Castle – the town, not the actual monument to history’s warring. That would be problematic.

The Well Court property, which is one of the most expensive cottages to rent in Dorset can be rented as a luxury cottage getaway for 19 people or split between two separate parties booking at the same time, eleven in the larger part and eight in the smaller cottage. It has Purbeck fireplaces, a grand staircase, huge landings and lobby, expansive gardens and a really magical outdoor seating area with BBQ and raised fire pit, pond and views across to Corfe Castle. Read more about Well Court & Cottage.

Greensands Cottage Most Expensive Corfe Castle Dorset England

Greensands: £1220 – £2563 to rent Corfe Castle cottage in Dorset

Greensands cottage recently made it on to the most expensive Dorset cottages top ten, while the previous property Well Court is number one. Two villages that vie for favour of the visiting tourists are Corfe Castle itself but the next best place to rent cottages in Dorset near the castle but without so much through traffic would be Woolgarston.

Retaining the features of the original stone wall fireplaces, now lay freestanding fires that are easier to maintain. This is yet another example of one of the most exported materials from Purbeck. Built from Purbeck Stone on an elevated aspect offering rural and sea views. The best of both Dorset worlds whatever time of year. Sleeping ten, with five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Jasmine Cottage To Rent In Dorset Corfe Castle

Jasmine Cottage: £654 – £1310 to rent Dorset cottage At Corfe Castle

This is the perfect property to describe as being quaint. It’s far too easy to suggest a building is small but after all this it’s a true to nature cottage. They invariably are or are knocked into each other to form a larger version. It’s a three bedroom, two bath cottage to rent in Dorset again at Corfe Castle and features a Master Bedroom with ensuite, separated by a small stair case. As I stated, quaint.

There isn’t an aspect of Jasmine Cottage not to like, the fitted kitchen has been completed with taste and size in mind and has an island, which is always an attraction and also houses the breakfast room. It appears not to have working fireplaces so if that was an ideal choose another, though it has a fabulous rear garden which requires investment in furniture and is very central to the village and on a quiet street.

Farthing Cottage To Rent In Dorset Corfe Castle

Farthing Cottage: £425 – £800 to rent cottage in Corfe Castle, Dorset

The Corfe Castle cottages to rent in Dorset are few, it’s a village and not a sprawling town. There is alternative accommodation but not all people enjoy B&Bs and hotels. I quite enjoy living in a home from home on a self catering cottage basis and Farthing Cottage certainly offers this, especially as it is at the end of a dead end and entrance way to a local common.

The surprise is the ceilings are lower than most others in the area, with beams. There’s flag-stone flooring and an operable fireplace. While the furniture is not modern nor 18th Century to coincide with its Grade II listed status, it is fitting for the property and evokes a sense of warmth and comfort which one presumes you’re seeking. It’s by far the cheapest holiday rental cottage in the area with two bedrooms, one bathroom and a lovely garden which appears to be four times the floor space of the cottage itself.

Of course it comes down to availability as to which cottages to rent in Dorset you choose, and it’s well advised to book in advance. Whether you  are a couple with children, have a dog, or are planning a big get together requiring nine bedrooms, there is plenty of choice especially cost wise at Farthing Cottage, Jasmine, Greensands and the impeccable Well Court & Cottage.

*Price ranges correct at time of writing, subject to change.