Crown Joules Boxer Shorts Men’s Designer Cotton Underwear

We’re often titillated at Squillions but not often mesmerised. Being a man of the manly nature, I am not usually persuaded to stare at men’s designer cotton underwear for too long. However the Crown Joules boxer shorts proffered by Joules are an exception.

Why? Well Joules the retailer is seen as an up market outdoor clothing store for the countryside dwelling rural folk of our nation. In the last ten years they have moved into the cities and towns but it seems they have not lost that country side humour. And in their own words, their company does profess to have a “quirky sense of humour.” A sample of which can be found in their facts section about Wellington Boots – image below. This is evident with the crown Joules boxer shorts.

Word play is a great British past time, if we can find an innuendo to match the scene, we’ll use it for laughs and giggles or to break a moment of silence. It may not have escaped your attention what Joules has done with their name. Crown Jewels being slang for a male’s genitals, they have turned their brand name into a funny side step into men’s designer cotton underwear.

In the latest upgrade to their iconic Crown Joules boxer shorts. Several new designs have been released to go with the previous stock of rude, lewd and sexually attentive designer boxer shorts. Let’s take a closer look at what devilry is being manufactured for the naughty boys and girls in our land who have their mind in the gutter half the time. Don’t worry, we like that!

From left to right, Stag, Plums, Horny, Nice Tackle, Top Dog, Pigs In Blankets

Whether the original concept of Crown Jewels branding took some mulling over or someone in the office was instantly promoted for having a laugh at such a genius marketing idea. Crown Joules boxer shorts are now one of the most sought after designs in the men’s designer cotton underwear department. They’re cheeky, they’re on the ball and they’re up front and personal about what the imagery suggests.

If you’re expecting any members of your party to drop their trousers while on that weekend away in Blackpool or Zagreb, then the Stag imprinted Crown Joules boxer shorts could be right up their alley. The British language is of course quite terse at times. The amount of times ‘Bollocks’ can be heard throughout the week may well justify the wearing of these plush purple plump plums Crown joules boxer shorts. Plums being yet another term for testicles.

Does these men’s designer boxer shorts really need an explanation? Maybe if you’re from Planet Pluto – OK, not a planet any more, but you get my drift. Next up you can really go continental and not just with your breakfast. Say Oo la la as the French Maid walks in. Don’t reveal yourself, just reveal your Horny Crown Joules boxer shorts displaying a French Horn. I wonder how long it will be before a trombone or trumpet gets to feature.

Men’s designer cotton underwear is not cheap. One tip many men do not know about, is to not only change their underwear daily, but to have many boxer shorts to choose from. If you only have five pairs, they will probably last you three months max. Whereas if you have 30 boxer shorts, you’ll be a horny stag, have purple plums and keep your nice tackle fresh like a top licking top dog that’s just dined out on pigs in blankets. And please, Crown Joules boxer shorts depicting a pig in blanket – that really put me off my Sunday Lunch!

On the upside however, the Nice Tackle men’s designer boxer shorts will go down a treat as a great gift for any amateur or professional fisherman. Whether they catch anything or not. It feature fish shapes, fly, tackle and fishing rod to illuminate that inside your Crown Joules boxer shorts you have an adequate rod and tackle. Ahem, moving on…

From left to right, Lucky, Cockerel, Crown, Top Dog 2, Cock And Bull, Panta Clause 3 Pack

I honestly didn’t expect to be writing about designer men’s underwear but these Crown Joules boxer shorts have been very entertaining. The last few are a little less racy, but no less imaginative. Where better to hang a lucky horseshoe than on a stiff upright. Where might we find one of those I wonder? That’s right, at the stables. Choose the lucky Crown Joules underwear if you’re staying up all night to get lucky.

Next up come two choice designs the lone cockerel and the crown of the Crown joules boxers itself. Both allude to you being a little full of yourself and willing to jump into action at a moments notice. Another top dog features but in a bright blue design this time and the men’s designer cotton underwear is topped off with a cock and ball Crown Joules boxer short. Perhaps to remind us all what a willy you are and how much crap you talk. Hence another cock and ball story, or hang on, it could simply allude to yet again, your penis and testicles.

If you’re not impressed by these men’s designer cotton underwear featuring some illuminating designs on the Crown Joules boxer shorts. Then you have probably had a lobotomy or your testicles are too small to appreciate the comfort hold that these machine washable, cosy and tight crown Joules boxer shorts offer. With Christmas always around the corner, they also make for great gifts.

Especially the two different Crown Joules boxer shorts 3 packs. Both of which feature Christmas designs to give your local manhood a little razzmatazz. The Crown Joules Panta Clause 3 pack contains baubles on a purple background, mistletoe and Father Christmas dragging a large sack. The Christmas Crown Joules 3 pack contains equally seasonal images of Golden bells, Christmas dinner and a rabbit with boxing gloves.

We were wondering what other ideas for designs there could be for Crown Joules boxer shorts men’s designer cotton underwear? A few of the obvious were snakes, lollipops, water hose for the summer months, bones, babies with humongous arms – you know, for those dates at the hospital and celebrating new born babies in the family.

Oh and cute pictures of elephants and their trunks. If you like men’s designer cotton underwear, then you will love Crown Joules boxer shorts! If you fancy checking for some savings, look at the Joules discount codes section for the latest deals.