Cute And Cheap Pet Clothes For Dogs: Dresses & Coats

Today we are enabling you to save Squillions on your favourite doggy fashion with cute and cheap pet clothes for dogs. For less than a tenner you can kit your little dog or large bow wow in a range of the cutest dog dresses, coats and dog hats imaginable.

As Lloyd Grossman would say “Who’s dog lives in a coat like this?” Well yours could as soon as you take a gander at these loveable rogues in their own pet clothes for dogs.

I’m sure you’ve seen poodles and terriers all wearing these funny little clothes and thought how prissy and uppity the owners must be to parade their pets around and make them wear such funny hats and hoodies for dogs.

Then low and behold some years later, you have your own miniature dog and you’re seeking out the same humiliating dress code that you once thought beneath you… or your dog for that matter.

Cheap Pet Clothes For Dogs That We All Adore

But it’s time to fess up! You’re just like any loving pet owner / friend / mum – delete as applicable. You can’t help yourself but buy cheap pet clothes for dogs and show them off to friends, family and complete strangers and scream from the dog penn how lovable your Rover or Tinkerbell can be.

The great thing is you don’t have to spend Squillions to provide a warm dog coat for winter or little sun cap for the summer. Depending on your dog, they might actually enjoy wearing the pet clothes for dogs also.

You can but try. We’re still figuring out whether the dogs in these photos are real, they must be, right!?! As the owner of a Golden Retriever, I know all too well how easy it is to get into the pet clothing craze.

During the winter he has dog boots, a dog coat and a full body harness and in the summer a dog sun visor to keep his head cool. Crazy huh? Don’t you believe it, these pet clothes are fantastic for attracting the opposite sex – especially females.

  Cute Cheap Dog Dresses For Your Pets

By far the biggest collection of cheap pet clothes for dogs is the dog dresses section. The circus it ain’t but whether your dog is female or male, dresses seem to be the in thing to take your dog out in.

Dance madam? Take your dogs to the ball with the finest and cheapest range of dog dresses. Over forty different styles to choose from. Purple with petticoat ruffles and a necklace, a white wedding dress with veil (that will last long) and a striped flower fashion dress for dogs – as pictured.

It doesn’t stop there… Polka dot ruffles, plaid turndown collar shirts / blouses and a sailor’s suit dress are all available to purchase at less than £20.00. If you want to make even more fun of your dog and get worried about seeing him at night, read on.

You can now buy cheap dog dresses that show in the dark. A polyester dog dress fitted with fibre optics will glow all night long, changing colours randomly from red to green and pink. View some of the biggest range of cheap dog dresses here.

 Cheap Dog Hoodies And T Shirts

It’s a dog’s life or is it? I’m getting a little confused. OK, so some humans go around wearing dog collars and like to be treated like a pet but cheap pet clothes for dogs? Honestly! You have to love them.

In the UK they were trying to bring in a law that prevented children from wearing hoodies. Well heads up, the local poodle patrol are now wannabe rap stars and gangsters.

Is that a gun in your rottweiler or is he pleased to see me? Cheap dog hoodies look like the real deal, tight fitting and full of warmth and comfort, these dog hoodies are a different world altogether.

 Cheap Dog Coats And Dog Hats For Winter

Brrrr, is it cold outside? While the winter weather doesn’t tend to affect canines too much, it will if they’re out for longer periods and you can’t go keeping Willie and Wowser in the house all day when there’s so much snow out there to play in.

Buy a range of cheap dog coats and let your four legged friend know you care. The great thing about these winter pet clothes for dogs is not only are they cheap but your dog instantly knows he is off out when he sees it appear.

You can take two messages from that fact, he likes the coat or just likes going out, either way he or she will be nice and cosy in these cheap dog coats. Choose from a Cosy Fur Trim Cotton Dog Winter Coat, a Shiny Leather Cotton Dog Winter Coat or an Imitated Wool Plaid Pattern Dog’s Vest – all for around ten pounds.

You could go the extra mile for an additional three squid and buy a Deluxe Casual Cotton Dog’s Coat, it’s a bit like a Beatle’s cover album and looks really smart too. View the cheap dog coats range here.

 Cheap Dog Uniforms For Your Super Hero

Is your dog a bit of an hero? Is he Lassie in disguise? I have to say I cried with laughter the first time I saw these. Who on Planet Earth would dress their miniature dog in one of these cheap pet clothes for dogs?

Well hands up, I would! They’re so adorable and cute. Cheap dog uniforms which are in the form of super hero costumes and legendary folklore. A funny Blue Cotton Dog Superman Costume Suit leads the way in guises you can feature your pet in.

Then there’s a dinosaur or Nessie if you will, dress him as a waiter in bow tie and suit or a black and orange bee. “No Duster you’re not supposed to pollinate the flowers that way!” hey, how’s he supposed to know? he might be dressed as a bee in cute and cheap pet clothes for dogs but that doesn’t mean he is a bee!!

With over 300 cheap pet clothes for dogs, you have the ultimate in doggy fashion to select from. Cheap dog dresses to dog uniforms. Inexpensive dog hats for winter to cheap dog coats with hoodies and uniforms inbetween. See more here.