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Sandwiched between Europe, Eurasia and Arabia on the path to the West and East, Cyprus has been the centre of humanity for at least 15,000 years and no doubt much longer. A proud Island nation which vaunts its history and is home to British military bases and used to have hoards of Russians enjoying the local delicacies all year round. Let’s get a Cyprus villa discount code and use it to your advantage with money off your next and cheaper villa holiday.

These islands in the Mediterranean are amazing and if you can stay at all of them in your lifetime it’s certainly an opportunity not to be missed. There are a great many villa resorts across the Southern part of Cyprus. These range from Paphos, Polis and Prataras to Argaka and Arodes. While typically marketed in English, there’s also the Aphrodite Hills – legend has it that Goddess Aphrodite was born here, not in one of the luxury villas but much earlier than that.

While many of these villas have shared and private swimming pools you’ll notice one thing in common, it being an island you’re never really too far away from the ocean, albeit when in the hills. Depending on availability and your choice you could book a cheap villa 2 miles from a beach or go slightly upmarket for an expensive villa complex that is only 200 metres away. So close you can hear the waves at night.

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I have visited the Villa Select website and instantly fell in love with one particular residence. It’s called Villa Stella, no the view caught me first not the association with beer. At the time it was approximately £1500 to rent a week. It seemed a lot but houses seven people so with cost spread an affordable villa that while a considerable distance from the beach based in Stroumpi, it has incredible views, expansive gardens and again a private swimming pool.

It does make you wonder if every property on this Island comes with swimming pool or if it’s just for the tourists. If you want to be right up close to the beach and only eighty metres away you could select Villa Turquoise, situated in Paphos it’s a close knit community with neighbours but if you’re relaxing or out all the time it’s worthy of the price tag due to locality. All of these villas and more are often discounted with either either Cyprus voucher codes or last minute deal offers.

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You can find cheaper villas in Cyprus to rent but it’s worth looking at the luxury and high end properties especially when divisible by the amount of people in a travelling party. The prices do tend to start around the £700 market for a week in comparison to those which can be found in Aphrodite Hills and £7000 a week without a Cyprus villa discount. That’s one of the most expensive villas to be found in Cyprus, the Villa Maia.

Cyprus Villas Voucher Codes For Coral Bay

Each area has its attractions and easier accessibility to tourist hot spots. It is nice to be central but day trips can work out quite well even if over ten miles away, simply for the reason that it’s nice to return to your rented Coral Bay villa to relax until the earlier hours with cheap local wine and the company you have brought with you.

Most of the agencies that deal in managing these properties have concierges and managers that will assist during your stay. They can help you find hire cars and transportation, booking visits, arranging for a chef or maid and ensuring your villa holiday is the best it can be.

While you browse the many Cyprus Villa discount codes for April 2020 on this page, keep one thing in mind. It’s not how much you spend or how big the villa is, it’s how much enjoyment you can expect from one area or just keep to yourself and family and enjoy the views and private swimming pool area in a climate meant for that exact purpose.

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