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Be honest, when was the last time you bought into custom made jewellery? With the aid of Deeply Diamonds discount codes you can afford to purchase and create your own jewellery upon request. Many of us simply walk into shops or browse online and choose from a catalogue of ready made gold and diamond pieces.

But what if there was a different way? This tidy firm of jewellers are specialists at creating bespoke jewellery pieces at affordable prices. Unbeatable prices – guaranteed. Expertise, time, attention to detail, all prerequisite and as standard when you begin to build jewellery upon request. Or as they state “Just Ask!”

There are many different precious metals, cuts and clarity of diamonds, shapes, worth and colour of gemstone. This is truly an exceptional opportunity to get in on the act and gift a present that is truly from yourself. Not only that but with Deeply Diamonds voucher codes you can ensure you benefit from their lowest price promise.

In a world of conglomerates and high street chains, prices governed by headquarters and special treatment only offered to regular buyers. It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to get to know the people behind the making of your bespoke jewellery. At DD that would be Geoff and Malcolm Cooper. Jewellers extraordinary and between them 70 years of proven experience in the trade.

When you begin the process of either buying a piece already made or customising jewellery pieces, you will definitely be talking to Malcolm at some point. He’s the talker and walker. Based near Hatton Garden in London, the jeweller district of the world (aside from those little streets in Amsterdam). Mr Cooper is keen to hear from you hence the offering of Deeply Diamonds promo codes. View the latest offers below.

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Buying jewellery is not often an instant decision. It’s a process which is much different to buying a watch. Even with £1000 and £3000 watches the attraction to design and lack of personalisation required ensures it can be an on the day purchase. On the other hand, choosing jewellery for a loved one and a special occasion needs a whole different approach.

One that we believe DD understands all too well. Bespoke jewellery takes time. Even the diamond and gold jewellery you find online may take from seven to twenty one days to be finished to an exemplary standard. The wait however is offset by Deeply Diamonds voucher codes to reduce the cost. And the promise of professionalism and creativity that goes into creating your own jewellery.

Everyone diamond traders know the 4 C’s off by heart and applies this throughout their trade and personalisation of jewellery to you. Aside from leaps in grade, not many differences can be discerned by the naked eye. That said you will be informed of the cut, clarity, colour and carat weight and all parts can be tailored to deliver a custom jewellery piece within budget.

You may also wish to work in different coloured gems for an anniversary or celebration of life. Deeply Diamonds deals apply to all the gemstones when applicable also. Sapphires and Tanzanite, red Rubies and green Peridot are offered alongside Pearls, Opals and Emeralds. You also have your choice of previous metals, Palladium, Platinum and of course Gold.

The clever aspect of work with Malcolm and Geoff Cooper is as a customer you truly begin to understand how other jewellery retailers work. Their pricing, the buying practices and even the tricks of customisation. With this knowledge you know you are getting great value bespoke jewellery that suits your budget and at the same time, undercuts high street retailers by up to 40%.

Don’t take our word for it though. “Just Ask!” and create your own jewellery online. Tailor a jewellery piece by budget and design and custom it for the event or occasion it is required. Whether that be a diamond engagement ring, gold Wedding ring or simply a Valentine’s Day necklace. Save Squillions with your Deeply Diamonds discount codes April 2020 here.

We almost forgot. There’s free delivery options but be sure if making a return that you ask for a special pack to be sent for insurance purposes. Your jewellery will also be presented and contained within a free luxury piano finished hardwood box with luxury cushioned interior. Marvellous!

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