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Designer Sofas 4U discount codes are for use with the celebrity laden sofa and interior design website. Celebrity? Yes when Squillions visited, Mel B was sprawled across a Union Jack emblazoned comfortable sofa, apparently a piece for her show ‘Mel B’s Brutally Honest And Fabulous Show’ or MBBHFS for short. To have such an A list celebrity and a Spice Girl to boot, marketing your sofas is a real boost for their marketing team and perhaps for every budding Spice Mother out there seeking to furnish her two up two down home.

I have to firstly share one aspect I am disappointed with about this website. Well it isn’t directly DS4U, it is more one of the brands they feature. Antler Stag Animal Wing Chairs. I know you’re thinking the same, an arm chair that has a Stag’s Antler fixed to the back of the furniture? What. A. Cool. Idea! But no, no real antlers or fake for that matter, it is simply a catchy slogan, fantastic chairs, no wings either just antler print. Upon further inspection the designs, including Giraffe are actually quite stunning, just still a little disappointed about the lack of antlers sticking out.

Furniture, new, is not a short term thing. I know as I bought a sofa eight months ago and have just moved. It barely fit thorough the door the first time. In this respect you have to really know that the furniture will last, that you really like it and that you will have the piece for at least the next eight to ten years. That is some future telling purchase, like buying a puppy and knowing holidays will never be the same ever again. Ah ha, they will be better!

Designer Sofas 4u Discount Codes For Sofa Chairs

This furniture and home living retailer does not sell puppies, nor antlers – yet, but does help reduce the cost of what they sell via the funky Designer Sofas 4U voucher codes which can be found below. This retailer has over 20,000 products, a percentage are homewares but they really do have a whopping Burger King sized catalogue of every kind of living room furniture imaginable.

What would you like with your fries Sir? A wing chair, arm chair? A novelty chair? Wait there’s much more. Corner sofas, leather sofas, reclining sofas, Italian leather sofas, tub chairs, sofa beds and even vintage furniture. If you’re you’re into northern towns that have crooked spires, there is a whole section dedicated to Chesterfield sofas. They claim they are made in the UK – not Vietnam which has become the norm, so at this price they really are good value and quality handmade.

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Did I mention they sold other items aside from sofas and matching armchairs? I certainly did. Peruse the accessories and homewares and be prepared to take out a small loan to furnish your desires and your home. There are dining room tables to die for, some are manufactured from marble would you believe!?! Occasional tables, sideboards, more chairs than you can shake a cushion at and yes they sell cushions which if not discounted in the sale may have a Designer Sofas 4U voucher code which can be used at the basket checkout.

Are you feeling naughty? Then let’s go to the bedroom. Did you ever think buying a stand alone mirror was a waste of floor space? Yes, me too but then I found a quirky section on the Designer Sofas 4U website titled ‘Armoires’ what the devil are they I wondered. It turns out that they are wardrobes disguised as mirrors with a little storage space hidden behind. They also tout beds, mattresses and all the bedding you’ll ever need plus all the usual bedroom furniture and accessories such as, dressing tables, whips, furry hand cuffs and tickle feathers. Oh you saucy thing.

Designersofas4u Voucher Codes For Bedroom

So while this website does indeed sell designer sofas for you, there is in addition plenty of other homewares for the rest of your home too. The great aspect is the year’s guarantee on the majority of products, the quick turnaround on delivery and of course the returns period. Use your Designer Sofas 4U discount codes April 2020 here. When you visit this website please view the bedroom wave divider screens and ensure you glance over the sale section, everyone loves a last minute bargain.

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