DeWalt DCN690M2 XR Li-ion Best Nail Gun Fight Films

There’s a great many of you who have clicked on the link to this article and gone “wow, way cool!” Alternatively your mother was Mary Whitehouse and you’re so fed up of censorship you’ve gone out and bought yourself a DeWalt DCN690M2 XR Li-ion Nail Gun 18v Kit without so much as a second thought. Which by the way, is pretty awesome for a nail gun!

Now what is it that you love about the best nail gun fight films? I don’t know about all of you, but we in the office at Squillions had a discussion over lunch after a partner, UK Tool Centre, contacted us asking if we could feature their tools.

We agreed but only if we could settle an old office argument at the same time. Which were the best nail gun fight films and which modern day nail framer would deliver the most accurate blow and make that speed aperture work the hardest?

To be honest as soon as we saw that the DeWalt DCN690M2 XR Li-ion was on sale at half the price, it didn’t take long before we chose this great hulking yellow monster – just look at it!! But then we had to place it in the films and remember all the best nail gun fight film scenes.


The most recent that comes to mind is Evil Dead. If you’re going to use any power tool in a fight then it has to be a nail gun. Yes ok so you could use a sander, it has been acted out in films before to good effect but many are used to actual gun fights.

A nail gun offers accuracy but the chance to miss. At the same time a movie scene where people are running all over the place and random nails are leaving themselves in joints, bones and fleshy bits all across the room with quite a few people shouting arrgghh and oooo and eee and ‘I have a wooden leg you soft ****”, before getting one full in the eye.

A sander power tool is pretty much in your face whichever way you look at it but the audience may get a bit fed up as the actor changes over a plunge-cutting saw blade attachment to an oscillating cutter on a Bosch PMF 250 CES Multi Tool, keyless blade change or not. Besides it’s green and not the colour of murderous intent, yes jealousy but not the sign of ‘danger, I’ve gone loco,’ no, yellow states insanity very well.

So in the vain attempt to find a decent top ten of the best nail gun fight films, we had to read boring rubbish about ‘What type of nail gun is best to install floor studs?’ and ‘How to select nail guns?’

When what we really wanted to know is which one is the lightest, offers the best precision for target accuracy and fastest release before that stunt double heads off behind that wall, where the nail pierces it and just grazes the person’s face and the audience gets all excited while the other half shout, “damn, you should have used a DeWalt DCN690M2 XR Li-ion bruv!

As he continues “It’s a cordless framing nailer featuring the very latest in brushless motor technology” and as he’s got the audience’s attention “it has the ability to shoot a 90mm ring shank into soft wood and for hard woods, a 63mm [DEEP BREATH]…

… and the sequential operating mode allows for precision placement and the bump operating mode provides the user with production speed.” Yes that’s straight from the DeWalt DCN690M2 XR Li-ion catalogue. So pretty convenient if looking to land a nail in a room full of people with pinpoint accuracy. That’s me sold then!

Yes, the DeWalt DCN690M2 XR Li-ion is a huge yellow monster that packs a powerful punch. Yes, the DeWalt nail gun has a weight of 4.1kg, jam clearing – just what you need half way through a film’s murder scene, a faulty power tool that can’t correct the loading properly. Yet another winning point goes to the DeWalt DCN690M2 nail gun power tool.


So whether you’re nailing zombies at the weekend and looking to win the best best nail gun fight films award this year or if you’re actually into DIY or a tradesman looking for a nail framer power tool that just happens to be over half price and having a sales frenzy.

Then look no further than UK Tool Centre for all your best power tools fight gear – erm and professional tradesmen, builders, plumbers etc. and buy the DeWalt DCN690M2 XR Li-ion Nail Gun 18v Kit today.

And I quite agree about glue guns being quite fun when we were at school but come on, grow up! Power tools are the in thing, just owning one gets you the most sought after bird in town and your boss gives you a pay raise, monthly.

So to those films, I bet you thought we at Squillions were just selling the DCN690M2 XR Li-ion Nail Gun 18v Kit. Well you’re wrong, we’re selling the Bosch PMF 250 CES Multi Tool also. But here’s your top ten best nail gun fight films top ten thingy. We actually do love a good nail fight scene. And remember children, the actors aren’t real and the nail guns are awesome!

Best Nail Gun Fight Films – in no particular order.

  • Lethal Weapon 2 with Mel Gibson
  • Evil Dead (2013)
  • Final Destination 3
  • Casino Royale (2006)
  • Darkman (1990)
  • Superhero Movie with Leslie Nielsen

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Battery chemistry : XR Li-Ion
Voltage : 18 V
Battery Capacity : 4.0 Ah
Nail Diameter : 2.8 – 3.3 mm
Magazine angle : 30 – 34 °
Magazine loading : Rear – load
Nail Length : 50 – 90 mm
Magazine capacity : Up to 55 Nails
Firing mode : Bump & Sequential
Length : 345 mm
Width : 125 mm
Height : 338 mm
Weight : 4.1 kg
Nailer Operating Mode : Selective
Integrated Belt Hook : Yes
Jam Clearing : Yes
Impact energy : 105 J
Temperature Range : -15 to 50°C
Fault indicator : Yes

While this article is a bit of fun. It’s important to always understand about nail gun safety. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and ensure you are wearing the right safety gear and protective clothing where necessary. We’ve also nailed it with UK Tool Centre discount codes.