Diamond Manufacturers Rebrands To Vashi Dominguez

The popular diamond jewellery online retailer Diamond Manufacturers which uses the tagline: exceptional diamonds, expert advice and unbeatable prices has finally completed its transition to a new brand and can now be found at Vashi.com.

You may recall the name Vashi Dominguez thanks to his high profile in the media with numerous appearances in the media, both on television and on the radio. Vashi has become synonymous with expert advice on diamonds and so therefore it was probably a natural progression that his online enterprise would follow suit and trade under his given name.

Vashi Dominguez who is Director and owner of the exceptional high end diamond jewellery shop is astoundingly astute and knowledgable about his area of business. His love affair of diamonds took him from his childhood home of Tenerife to worldwide esteem off the back of a passion for those shiny little diamonds.

The back story is a simple one. Just as any child who dreamed of being a fireman or doctor and finally achieved their dream career, so too did Vashi. Setting up shop with an electronics business, he sold that enterprise to start anew and invested time and what experience he had in building contacts with those in the diamond industry.


Like any entrepreneur who sees a gap in the market and an opportunity Vashi Dominguez first set up a diamond wholesale business, importing from traders in Antwerp and utilising worldwide talent to cut diamonds. The business initially sold to retailers and jewellery chains.

As with any business model, the costs to the public begin to mount the more people and the more businesses that were involved. Vashi decided to turn Diamond Manufacturers from a wholesale distributor of quality high end jewellery to a public facing internet presence.

This rid the chain from middle men like wholesalers much like his own invention, dealers who would take their percentage and then of course the high street retailers who would take a phenomenal percentage for profit, staffing, premises and basic operating costs.

Today Vashi Dominguez has over a decade of experience in delivering diamonds and diamond jewellery to the public at large. A public which demands high quality at a lower cost and they certainly receive value off of Vashi’s own experience and dealings at all levels of the diamond trade.

It sounds an easy journey but it was from all the glory he now merits. The diamond industry was a tough cookie to break, being turned away from over 200 traders because he didn’t have the right connections.

But through dispensing an inordinate amount of time and energy the end product is now Vashi.com “to offer the web’s best value on engagement rings, diamonds and fine jewellery” and still the story continues.

To date there probably isn’t a UK TV channel or western television set that hasn’t featured Vashi Dominguez at least once over the past few years. From the BBC, ITV, CNBC and Bloomberg. If a diamond expert is required then Vashi is the first to be called.

Will much change in the rebranding? Not really, if Vashi Dominguez’s words are anything to go by. Speaking about the rebrand from Diamond Manufacturers to Vashi, he himself stated that “the site will still evoke Vashi’s mission to offer the web’s lowest prices on engagement rings, diamonds and diamond stud earrings.”

And that “It makes sense for us to change the name of the brand. The name Diamond Manufacturers worked for us when I first started the company seven years ago but now we have evolved in such a way that we need to acquire a more aspirational name. With the new site we have chosen to adopt a cleaner unisex feel to engage all of our customers at every step of the consumer journey.”

“The unique points that made Diamond Manufacturers such a great company will not change. We will still be providing the best customer service in the industry as well as unbeatable prices for the market; we have simply just repackaged our offering,” Vashi Dominguez added.

In a nutshell the only change is a refreshing one, a slight change in tagline but very much the same principles. It’s a brave move to rename a company after your own name and even braver to change a business and the direction in which it moves but both have and will pay off.

Such is the name association with founder and business, it’s something the customer can easily relate to. Also the way the internet works, it is simple for a company to rebrand website URLS today, far easier than could have been conceived a decade ago.

The most important factor isn’t that Diamond Manufacturers rebranded to Vashi. It’s that the company continues to grow, to benefit from the media love in and the ability to carry on meeting demand, once which the customer thirsts and chases after.

It’s possible to take a look at jewellery and see value in just what you pay. Indeed most people value their purchases on the amount of money they spend. However when you are able to get the point across that the middle men create a huge amount for themselves and that Vashi is able to shorten that chain of events and pass on the savings, then customers soon realise the value is in the actual product they’re getting.

That’s the secret to the success of Diamond Manufacturers and Vashi.

As long as people understand the reason why their one caret diamond engagement rings complete with titanium band or 18k white gold ring is much the same in comparison to one that costs 70% more elsewhere, then the success of Vashi and their diamond engagement rings and wedding rings will continue to be in demand. Visit Vashi Dominguez and Vashi.