Dormer Drill Sets And HSS Drill Bits

Who knew so much technical detail and science went into manufacturing Dormer drill sets? Well probably most tradesmen and businesses who use Dormer drill bits day in and day out do. They really are a remarkable achievement in tool technology. Everything from the flute geometry to the surface treatment matters when dealing with high tensile materials for a living.

It’s consistent with many things in life, that the small things really do count. Though steel drill bits get worn down over time, their purpose is a vital one and without high precision drills being reliable, materials would go to waste. So it is vitally important that any Dormer drill bits you buy, do the job the first time around. Saving time, money and resources.

The general public receive the majority of the products already built. Those who buy MDF furniture and other assembled goods know only far too well that a hole is not just a hole. This applies right through industry and having a Dormer drill set like the Dormer A190 No.18 Imperial HSS Drill Set to hand will allow you to to see out any home DIY activity on your own.

What appears to the laymen is an hole but to an engineer, builder and in the trade, that hole is known as a circular cross section. And who better to trust your aluminium sheets, austenitic stainless steel and chipboard parts with than a reliable brand such as Dormer Tools.

Let’s take a closer look at an item which at first glance, has a life span, can be thrown away and probably doesn’t get as much credit as it should. The Dormer drill bits are engineered specifically to aid in drilling holes through most materials. To do this they need to be able to channel air, work at speed, utilise momentum and centre themselves – with a bit of guidance of course.

Due to the way Dormer Tools are manufactured the job is made much easier. There are steel drill bits, titanium drill bits, cobalt, carbide and they can be coated in TiN (titanium nitride) and other metals to make them longer lasting and more easier to use. The parts that make up drill bits in Dormer drill sets are the flute. The spiral around a drill is what is termed the flute.

This design allows chips from the material you are drilling to fall by the way side, allows for precision drilling by way of a smooth drilling procedure that ensures momentum from start to finish. Lessening torque. In addition there is also the surface treatment. Depending on the Dormer drill bits in question and the metal or material it is specifically for use with. The drill may well be coated with another metal like Titanium Aluminium Nitride (TiAlN) or a TiN coating.

This added benefit increases fluidity between the drill and for instance, metal sheeting. There will be less friction. Due to the patented Dormer technology, the Balinit Futura Top coating ensures a higher penetration rate which is great news for those meeting specific productivity targets in factories and work shops the world over.

There is also a range of Dormer HSS drill bits, such as the Dormer A110 HSS Long Series Drill and A120 HSS Stub Drill – the HSS standing for high speed steel. These are great tools of the trade for getting through the tougher materials quickly and especially useful nay essential in the aeronautics industry where precision and self centring is an all important aspect when dealing with large sheet metal and high cost production.

The surface treatments also provide for increased stability to cutting edges, a longer drill life resulting in cost effective tools and Dormer drill sets which have high hardness properties and offer oxidation stability. Other vital ingredients that go into drill making are the shank, length for particular drilling procedures and perfection with certain materials and not forgetting, the point geometry.

Wait, there’s even more. Have you ever spotted holes in the Dormer drill bits? They act as a coolant feed. They further assist with cutting efficient and chip evacuation and clearance. Then there’s the fact that the drill bits are available to use with a wide range of power tools and drills. Dependent on the bit, that could be a shrink fit collet or a hydraulic chuck or other attachment vehicle from any number of well known brands.

Most Dormer drill bits are high performance drills enabling you to make those all important circular cross sections across a wide range of materials, but the drills are also specifically made to tackle heat resistant super alloys, high, medium and low machinabilty steels, non ferrous metals, copper, aluminium and magnesium alloys.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the Dormer steel drill bits, TiN drill sets, Dormer jobber drills and HSS drill bits that compliment the range. There are of course far more to the collection, shank drills, jobber drills, long series drills and left hand drill bits are all readily available here.

Dormer Drill Sets – TiN And High Speed Steel – Buy Here

For well over one hundred years, Dormer drill sets have been epitomised for quality and assurance and tools which can fulfil any task. Featured below are the A190, A095 but also on hand for next day delivery in the UK are the A096, A095202 and A191.

Dormer A095 No.204 HSS Tin Drill Set of 25 1.0-13.0 x 0.5mm

If you’re a budding engineer then look no further than this Dormer drill set. A fantastic array for 25 TiN coated tipped HSS jobber drills in an easy to open and portable casing. This unit contains a general puprose engineering drills with diameters ranging from 1mm to 13mm by 0.50mm.

The flute geometry is a standard helix right hand spiral. The Dormer A095 No204 is one of the most popular Dormer drill sets on the market.

Dormer A190 No.18 Imperial HSS Drill Set of 29 1/16 – 1/2in x 64ths
Contained within a strong metal casing. The Dormer HSS drill set has no less than 29 drills. Each drill bit is embossed with number for ease of identification, with sizes ranging from 1/16th to 1/2in by 64ths.

The Dormer A190 No.18 is one of several Dormer drill sets which can be compared to the No 20, No 12 and the A191 high speed steel drill set.

Dormer HSS Drill Bits, Shank Drills And Stub – Buy Here

Dormer drill bits in the UK are precision engineered and can cater for many specific jobs. There are Dormer masonry drill bits, high speed drill bits, Dormer TiN coated drill bits and long series Dormer HSS drill bits, some of which you can find below.

Dormer A170 HS 1/2in Parallel Shank Drill

This Dormer shank drill is for general purpose light duties and not for heavy work loads. Where you are lacking chuck holding capacity, the A170 parallel shank drill is just the tool for the job.

With a standard helix and right hand spiral, and a 1/2 parallel shank drill (blacksmiths drill) it is both suited for machine and hand use and comes in sizes from 25mm and 18mm down to 14mm and 15mm.

Dormer A110 HSS Long Series Drill (in) Right Hand Spiral

If you’re seeking out a general purpose long reach drill, then look no further than the Dormer HSS long series A110. It is standard helix, with a right hand spiral and can be fantastic for drilling holes in any direction, deep into any sort of material you might find yourself working with.

The Dormer drill bit is suitable for hand and machine use. The HSS long series drill is available in a range of sizes from 1mm, 2,5mm and 7mm right up to 12mm, 15mm and 18mm.

Dormer A120 HSS Stub Drill Standard Helix

The Dormer HSS stub drill A120 is excellent for thin materials or working with thin sheets of aluminium or steel and for use in tight areas with reduced flexing.

Use the HSS stub drill which has a standard helix right hand spiral, with portable drills, automatic lathes and turret.

Dormer A100 10.30mm HSS Jobber Drill General Purpose

This Dormer drill bit is known as a general purpose bit. The A100 HSS jobber drill is made of high speed steel enabling you to increase production and drill through a variety of materials from chipboard to aluminium in one run.

A reliable drill to DIN338RN standard, it is suitable for hand and machine use and fits a wide range of power tools. Measuring 10.30mm, the Dormer A100 is popular amongst trademen and is a cheap drill bit to see out many tasks.

Dormer R002 Carbide TiN Coated Jobber Drill

An expensive Dormer jobber drill bit due to the amount of productivity gained from using such a high performance and solid carbide drill which has an extended tool life thanks to the Titanium Nitride coating.

The specially treated Roo2 carbide drill piece has excellent wear resistance and allows for phenomenal increased cutting speeds. It has a 118 / 4 facet point reducing friction and is able to drill a 5 x diameter in one session from start to finish through almost any material.

To view a wider range of Dormer tools and to find the right steel drill bit or left hand drill bits for the job, to seek out Dormer cobalt drill sets or hss drill sets, look at more tools from Dormer here. Check for the latest UKToolCentre discount codes here.