TJC Elanza Jewellery Day With Anna

The Jewellery Channel auctions run all day long, every day on satellite television. One particular event is dubbed the TJC Elanza Day with Anna. It is one of many live auction programmes that go out on the air which specialise in different sections of jewellery and in this case it is based upon a selection of silver based jewellery items paired with simulated diamonds.

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First released in 2011, the TJC Elanza collection has grown in number over the years which only goes to show that these types of silver bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings with simulated diamonds have a place in society. Granted they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but much like people who go to a department store to buy own brand products, so too people buy cheaper diamond effect jewellery.

The TJC Elanza Day With Anna Auctions

When this programme goes live you will be entertained and formally introduced to the whole background behind the TJC Elanza jewellery range. The Jewellery Channel runs its events in co-ordination with a sales team on the phone and via website promotions at You can monitor the auction live on telly or via the internet and join in the TJC Elanza Day auction on the website proper.

The objective of this online retailer, which has no high street shops and can buy direct from suppliers and bulk buy, is to offer you a deal on jewellery that is beyond reproach. Auction models come in many different forms but come the end of the TJC Elanza Day with Anna there will only be winners. Why and how can this be?

In short every retailer prices their wares to make a profit, sometimes by a big margin but with TJC it is often lower, they make their numbers by shifting product. No matter whether they’re priceless gemstones, cheaper simulated diamond jewellery or gold, silver and platinum based rings and necklaces. You can also make a further killing by checking for any new TJC Elanza offers below.

The Latest TJC Elanza Day Auctions

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The Elanza Day with Anna programme, which run several times a year, is your opportunity to get a closer look at the items for sale and to understand their make up. It’s ok looking at images online with the occasional video highlights but seeing them handled and worn on live TV allows you time to consider the potential of the diamond effect Elanza bracelets, rings and necklaces.

What Kind Of TJC Elanza Jewellery Can You Buy?

The choice in simulated diamond jewellery in the Elanza range is quite sizeable with over 500 items available at any one time. The designs are both traditional and contemporary and mix in a variety of metal bases including sterling silver, platinum and gold overlays and other set simulated gemstones. All of which you can see in more detail in the TJC Elanza Day with Anna programme.

We’ll understand more about the Elanza simulated diamonds and gemstones in a moment but let’s see if what they offer as diamond effect jewellery can really pull it off. We all have different views on particular jewellery designs, but the one thing I look for is uniquely detailed. They can be simple but an item that stands out and means something is far more special than a bland looking item, no matter the price.

Just picking out a few of the Elanza collection we can see that a lot of effort goes into the detail. Take for instance the very long named Elanza Pendant with Simulated White Diamonds in Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver, a detailed nutmeg pendant embroiled in platinum overlay shaping and simulated white diamonds. At little over fifty quid, what you going to do, haggle on Elanza Day with Anna live on the phone? It would look great at twice the price!

At the other end of the scale, there’s an entire TJC Elanza Ring with Simulated Diamonds and Elanza Earrings and Pendant with Chain in Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver just begging to be worn to see if anyone notices how glamorous simulated diamonds can be. Yes we really did just write that word. With over 500 items in simulated ruby, simulated sapphire in rhodium plated, gold overlay and many items priced under £10 that’s a lot of fun to be had on TJC Elanza Day with Anna on the blower.

What Are Elanza Simulated Diamonds?

There are many types of diamonds but these days they fall into three categories, diamonds, synthetic diamonds and then there’s these TJC Elanza simulated diamonds. Believe it or not while they are diamond effect jewellery, each diamond is cut in exactly the same fashion, with the same tools and with as much care and attention. In fact due to these processes, there are no flaws, inclusions or feathers, they are the perfect diamond but simulated.

The process of creating a simulated diamond comes down to temperature and the amalgamation of different elements, which if you give it some thought, that’s how real diamonds came into effect. These are man made and may use such elemts such as Silicon Carbide, Aluminium or Zirconium Oxide to achieve the perfect effect diamond or simulated diamond, which are perfectly acceptable by Gem trade associations around the world.

The TJC Elanza diamonds have been merged together through the skull melt process, heating from the inside out. A crust forms and oxides are applied from which a hardened effect gem is realised. Then the process of adding facets, brilliance and cut just like the normal entities of the Four C’s can be achieved and then appreciated by you when you fall in love with the TJC Elanza Day jewellery.

The objective of the Jewellery Channel is to provide you with the jewellery items you wish to buy, but cheaper. It is up to you to decide. I look at some expensive jewellery in this light, celebrities and the rich do not walk around in every day life wearing their £250,000 rings and watches, when it doesn’t matter, they wear their carefully crafted lookalikes. So why shouldn’t you look like a celebrity too with carefully crafted necklaces and rings with simulated diamonds?

The majority of the collection is priced under £100 – understandably as most is silver based. At least you know what you’re buying when it comes to these type of diamonds, walk down any high street and buy a gold item and at least 50% of the time, you’ll get less than 10% at a pawn brokers. As they say in the Midlands, ‘At the end of the day’ jewellery comes down to personal taste, and even though we know this to be cheapest effect diamonds, you’ve got to hand it to them, the TJC Elanza Day and Elanza jewellery collection certainly got you interested and for good reason!

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