Emile Henry Tagine Cooking Pots And Tagine Cookware

At Squillions luxury doesn’t always come at an expense. Style, design and a different culture also lends to an air of luxurious lifestyle. Take a different avenue when cooking with the Emile Henry Tagine pots and Tagine cookware collection for an alternative way to slow cook.

Over the centuries, many cultures have found ways to cook that are more in tune with their way of living. Tajine pots or Tagine cooking pots are of Moroccan origin. While farmers tend to the fields and the women in tribes went about their daily chores, cooking was enabled by lighting fires which could cook meals all day long. With the pot placed directly on top of charcoal fires.

In the modern age we have the slow cooker but food doesn’t taste half as good as it can from an Emile Henry Tagine pot when a comparison is made. While both work similar, there is much more room in a tagine cooking pot for air to circulate.

The cone shaped top on Tagine pots exists to collect the condensation from the liquid which evaporates from the food in the tagine dish. This returns flavour full water to the mix as well as collecting the aromas back on the way down.

In the main the cone shaped lid was developed to return steam to the dish which in turn allows the community to use much less water to cook a meal. Important when water is scarce.

There are many distinct Tagine recipes that have been handed down by families within the Moroccan culture, many of which you can trial and add to yourself.  A Tajine is effectively a stew. This form of slow cooking allows you to experiment with a variety of meats and spices while throwing several vegetables into the mix also.

Emile Henry Tagine cookware is ideal for cooking large meals and a variety of dishes all at the same time. It is not unusual for a chef or Moroccan family to have three or four cooking away for several hours before serving in the evening. Indeed you can find markets in North Africa and amongst the Berbers that offer this exact art of customer facing cooking.

There are a variety of recipes to choose from, Vegetable, with lamb and mango, you can also use any number of meats from lamb, chicken and beef to fish.

Any foods which can be steamed and stewed for two to four hours works well and becomes a well flavoured dish when cooked in a Emile Henry tagine pot.

While the more traditional tagine cooking pot was made of clay, today’s offerings in the west are generally made from a flame ceramic. A material that encapsulates the whole concept of the Tagine cookware and maximises heat retainment.

The Emile Henry tagine pots and cookware can even be used in the microwave as well as on the cooker hobs. You can fast cook using the Tagine dish or slow cook for several hours on a minimum heat using the whole Tagine pot and conical lid. Taking advantage of the lid and seeing the steam returned to the dish ensuring your food doesn’t dry while being heated.

Of course it does take some getting used to. Cooking in this manner takes an avid learner from apprentice to chef quickly. You are required to use a ready supply of spices and a careful selection of vegetables to ensure taste remains after four hours of steam cooking.

The Tagine pots from Emile Henry are manufactured in France and come in several different colours and sizes. Below you can find the three sizes and see how they differ slightly in shape and appearance. With the Tagine dish differing in depth in relation to its width with each increase.

The Small tagine pot measures 17cms in heights by 25cm in width and holds 1.5 litres, the 2.5 litre medium Tagine dish and cone is 21cms by 32cms and the large tagine pot is a whopping 35cm in diameter and 23cm in height which will cook up to 3.5L on simmer.

Notice that the height expands in relation to the width to ensure steam is retained and returned to the cooking dish below. For events and parties the large Emile Henry Tagine pot is recommended as you can easily apportion ten to 12 servings from the one Moroccan dish. The small and medium versions will cook for two to four people and the latter, offers six to eight portions.

The Emile Henry Tagine Pots currently come in five different colours, olive, rouge / red, pavot / blue, figue / dark red and noir / black and in three size ranges detailed above. Immerse yourself in Moroccan style cooking and cuisine with a Tagine pot and offer more culture from your kitchen. View the range here. Check for the latest Houseology discount codes here.